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  1. Hi Marty! You're just one state north of us. 🙂 My husband and I loved to cruise, I will be learning how to cruise solo at some point. (he passed very unexpected just before Thanksgiving). The Getaway and the Bliss are my favorites. We're sailing on the Bliss again (HOPEFULLY) in May. I am almost sure it will be canceled, but I haven't given up yet. It will be my daughter, SIL and me this time. We have splurged for a Haven suite for us, instead of the two balconies we had originally booked. I know they did this hoping it will take some of the sting of missing my husband on my first cruise without him. I will always love the Getaway, and the western Caribbean. If you have any questions about her, I will help if I can!
  2. Thanks to all who posted here. My husband of 4 years died unexpectedly just before Thanksgiving. We loved to cruise, and this is the first I have been back on CC since his passing. All of your posts give me hope that I will be able to cruise again solo and still be able to enjoy it.
  3. Correct, the angled balconies will accommodate one lounger, but you have to grab those cabins pretty quickly, they're ones that sell out fast. (we've booked those before too) I didn't think about that when I answered!
  4. I've sailed on the Getaway 4 or 5 times now. She is my favorite. I agree with the above posts, decks 8, 9 and 10 are the ones we usually book. I have had the large and regular balconies. If you want to use your balcony to lay in the sun, book either a large or an aft, the regular ones only have room for 2 chairs NOT a lounger. We've never had a problem with the elevators being crowded, but I am not on any specific time crunch when I am cruising. Enjoy her, she is a wonderful ship!
  5. We've been on an aft balcony on the Bliss, deck 11. There is sometimes soot, it wasn't horrible, but I did use a towel to wipe the chairs down before setting on them, and always wore something on my feet when going out on the balcony. That being said, I would book an aft balcony every cruise if I could, I LOVED it.
  6. Just read this entire post. We'll be (hopefully) in an aft Haven suite in May to Alaska on the Bliss. I agree with valleyvillage, it was nice to read this. Everything looks so amazing!
  7. Well, I have binge read this tonight, and stayed up well past my bedtime. I just couldn't stop reading, and laughing and hoping that your next cruise was one I have booked. I will now go to find you in your new home Ms. Mary. Thank you for being such a delight, and for sharing your *glass half full* stories with all of us! 💗
  8. Just a quick addition to this subject. We are just off the Getaway, were approached in the MDR, and talked briefly with the two that stopped at our table, they asked for out cabin number. Later that night we had a dozen chocolate chip cookies delivered to our cabin (no note saying who they were from this time though!). I am assuming they were from the gentlemen who stopped at our table and asked how our cruise was. Once again, we got a *treat*. 🙂
  9. I would eat at Q over Moderno any day. (and I agree with the above poster regarding the banana pudding - AAHMAZING!)
  10. We have ALWAYS just WASHED our hands for at least 20 seconds (say the ABC's, sing Happy Birthday to yourself, that's how to make sure you have washed long enough)! I love the sinks outside the buffets, I wish all the ships had them. Use common sense, but unfortunately, a lot of people don't have that anymore.
  11. NOLA is my favorite cruise port. 8 hours down the Mississippi, and then into the Gulf. The gulf is usually smooth sailing (NOT always though!) We love being able to see the oil rigs out in gulf too. It's cool to be on the Mississippi and look DOWN on some of the houses! (the river is higher than the land some of the houses are on!) We'll be boarding the Getaway soon, and I can't wait!
  12. When we were on our TA, there were 2 of our *specialty* dinners that we never got to use because we could never get in to any of the restaurants. (and yes, we were polite!) We didn't care for Maderno's so we didn't try that one. I didn't know to make sure to book ahead of time, so it was my own fault. No biggie, but I learned to always book when the date opens up!
  13. You wouldn't probably know how many there were if you didn't frequent the areas that the smokers are allowed in. There were always people looking in the windows of the humidor and making faces - LOL!
  14. I think there are more smokers on the TA cruise, lots of Europeans smoke. The smoking areas were always full on the sailing we were on. Doing another in Oct., and I expect it to be the same.
  15. We're dong another TA in Oct. (our first was in 2016 - Barcelona to Cape Canaveral) There are different things to do on the TA's - and yes, there were lectures on the NCL ship we were on (Epic). It was a 4 day series, and was very interesting. There was a *knitting* club for folks who liked to craft everyday, it was nice to just go and chat. I met several women in there that I am friends with to this day. On our sailing, the waters were like glass everyday. Hoping we have the same calm seas for the one we'll be on in Oct. (on the Escape) I enjoy not having a bunch of children running around, it's just a more laid back, relaxed cruise. Lots of Irish, and British citizens, again, we made some really good friends from across the pond! I personally love them, and would do them more often if I could. You can have your laundry done halfway through the cruise so you don't have to pack as much.
  16. Thank you! I haven't checked to see how many ships will be in port that day. I was really surprised at the changes to the port there. (it looks like they filled in that *lagoon* area - at least a good portion of it)
  17. LOL, well, I stand by if you're nice to others, they'll be nice to you. 🙂 And BTW, the hot sauce was AMAZING.
  18. I was checking here to see what additional travel medical insurance's are recommended. The couple that was brought up in this thread were family friends of our daughter - we even donated to the ***** to get them back home. YES they were held *hostage* when they tried to leave the hospital, the Mexican police Did stop them from leaving the hospital. NO, they didn't have travel insurance. Yes, the asked if they could sign a promissory note saying they would pay it, they weren't trying to stiff anyone. So, just so you all know, they were held against their will. This is NOT America, they could do as they wanted. It was terrifying for them. They're very, very lucky that Tyler Perry stepped in and paid the bill for them. I don't know how it would have ended otherwise. Long story short - ALWAYS HAVE TRAVEL INSURANCE.
  19. On most of the ships, there are coffee stations close by the Humidor, and there are paper cups then. That is the only place I have seen them. They're not at any of the other coffee stations. (that I remember).
  20. Just checking, we'll be going in a couple of weeks. We've always docked previously, but I read today that they're having some ships tender there now? Does anyone have current information regarding this? Thanks!
  21. After reading through the comments, I can guess why some folks got *treats* and others didn't! LOL!! We have been asked on several occasions about our experiences on the ship we're on. We must be the odd ones out, we got treats (with the card from the person who spoke with us) each and every time. Once our son in law was even given a bottle of homemade hot sauce from the maitre'd on the Pearl - his mother made the sauce. It pays to be nice, and gracious even when you do have complaints or concerns. (at least in our case!)
  22. Grandfather lied the entire time. RCL has footage of him leaning out the open window for 8 seconds while granddaughter is standing nearby. He KNEW that window was open, and has been lying about it. Tragic accident that should never have happened. IF the parents had not tried to sue the cruiseline, he more than likely would not have been charged. Sad all the way around, but NOT the cruise lines fault. Here is the link: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/granddad-toddler-who-died-cruise-ship-fall-knew-window-was-n1117796?fbclid=IwAR0Y7ILJEbxpbvLw_1e_bPMHQNVon-Tw1YcgoIDWlLcoNNe8abUz53X9jZ4
  23. We're sailing the week before Mardi Gras, and doing the park and cruise from Maison St. Charles. We've always taken a taxi to the port. I was wondering if they raise the prices for the taxi's during the Mardi Gras event weeks?
  24. I used my app exclusively on the Bliss at Starbucks. I took my gold card with me just in case, but they were able to scan my app just fine. Be sure to load it before you board though, just in case the Wifi doesn't let you reload it.
  25. I honestly have tried searching for the answer for the last half an hour, I call uncle. I KNOW I read it on here, but I cannot find the posts about it to save my life. We were on deck 11 for the PC cruise this past spring, and we're looking to book one for Alaska - I just want to try to get the largest balcony I can for the money!
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