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  1. The thing about this link and the status of green etc is that it is for allowing the crew to fly back to wherever through commercial travel. Has nothing to do with passengers, so it doesn’t really help in figuring out when we will get to cruise again with Carnival, since they just shipped their employees back via boat.
  2. We have Aug 28th magic booked (booked and paid for long before coved-19) i feel like this is me now....lol
  3. So just looked and doesn't look like early saver is available for this sailing, so come the 4th your locked in. But it may not matter if your sailing get cancelled. But we all are hoping that cruises will be sailing by June!
  4. Hello, so first you for sure have 48hrs to apply for a price drop! Although it will need to be for the same category or higher for the room your booked in. (So find out what your cabin number is and look up one of the deck plans for your ship. There it will be color coded by category.) if you find a lower price you will have to contact your TA and have them apply for the price reduction. I recommend taking screenshots! Your TA will need to be on the ball. Now price reductions after the 48 hour window, when you are past final payment, you can only get those when booked under the early saver rate. If you are booked under early saver you have up until 2 days before sailing to price match. If you aren't booked early saver than after the 48hrs or final payment timeframe you are locked in. Hope this helps
  5. Following 👀 curious about this too.
  6. So I figured I would post my "fix" I figured out for the problem I was having, incase anyone else runs into this issue and finds this post. Since it would let me be able to click place order if i put my credit card number in, yet would give me an error. I decided to use part of one of my gift cards to pay down my cruise, I used just enough so that I would be $2. shy of being able to pay for cheers. So then went back to purchasing cheers, entered all the information as before. Only difference is this time I was $2 short so my credit card would need to be charged that in order to go through.... needless to say it worked. I can't explain why it wasn't happy with my 2 gift cards alone, but it wasn't. Anyway, hope this helps someone in the future... Now I can't wait to get on the ship and enjoy the cheers pkg!
  7. I'm using safari. I'll try private and see if that works. Also yes I have clicked and I clicked cart summary, its correct and didn't help. I will probably just have to break down and call.. 🤦🏼‍♀️ I appreciate all the help thou
  8. Ok so I have tried again, and I still can't get this to work! I entered the gift card info asked for, address too just didn't make it on the screen shot, as you can see my gift cards cover the amount needed but won't let me purchase. I have even tried adding my credit card info , that allows the purchase button but then I get an error message that it couldn't complete the transaction. So frustrating, and now looking at having to call to see if I can find someone there that knows what they are doing 🙄, if I can even get to talk to someone.
  9. Thanks everyone's. Not urgent, just wanted to get it done. I did enter the address info. I didn't see anywhere to specify how much but when I added them it took out the correct amount. I even went ahead and added my cc on there and got an error message. So who knows, I guess I will try again in a couple days. Thanks again everyone
  10. Sorry if this has been asked and answered before, but I couldn't find the answer and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. So have the cheers pkg in my cart and on the payment details page, entered both my gift cards says applied but it won't let me place order.... wth. The only thing I can think of is it wants a credit card, but I don't want them to charge on my credit card when I have given enough in gift cards to cover the cost. So is this the problem? Do I have to put in a cc number? Anyone else have this problem, and if so how did you fix it? thank you in advance.. btw tried calling and naturally was left on hold... I get it probably lots of people canceling cruises right now.
  11. Please let us know what you find out. 😃
  12. ABC islands are part of the Netherlands. Although they are located north of Venezuela, Aruba is considered one of the safest Caribbean islands. So not really thinking safety is a factor.
  13. Not really... Carnival can't know there is a national disaster a year out. If it was just 1 island you could throw in possibly of problems with the pier or something but 2 or 3 islands.... no that isn't a problem with the pier... So that leaves money or politics... you can call it assumptions if you want, I call it common sense.
  14. We are booked in Aug too on magic, and picked this cruise because of Aruba and Bonaire , if they change it I'm gonna be super mad! I understand in august you run the chance of hurricanes, that's different then hooking people w a cruise to certain islands than, wham, guess what now you don't get to go there! You can go to these islands that no one is booking to go to. And we have you cause you signed up for a cruise to wherever the h*ll we want to take you. When you book a cruise and spend your hard earned money, vacation time, you expect to receive what you were told you would have! Whatever this is, it's not a natural disaster, it's money or politics. And we the paying customers shouldn't suffer cause carnival wants to pay less 😤
  15. Did anyone ever find the funtimes for magic southern 8 day? It still seems to be hard to find. Anyone that could post them it would be awesome. Thank You
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