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  1. We will be spending 3 days in San Juan in Jan 2020 would like to do a rain forest tour. Has any one done one in the last few months. Has the rainforest recovered from the Hurricane 2 years ago. What tour company to you recommend and is there different places in the rainforest you would recommend
  2. I wonder if they would get the cruise at the same price that they originally paid
  3. We did this excursion. It was a long day and hot in Jan 2019. I very much enjoyed it. We were about an hour late getting back to the boat. This smaller boats are at the mercy of the larger boats going thru the many locks.
  4. We have done two tours with Dora and have been very happy both times the last one in Jan of 2019, First time there was 4 us the second 8. We requested a private tour each time.
  5. would he be able to handle a tour of 4 people all adults.
  6. Are you sitting on the ground for the movie or do they have chairs
  7. I dont think there big screen will be a hit. For one Im not sitting on ground, dont know if I could get back up and 10:15 is too late for this senior Sent from my SM-G930T using Forums mobile app
  8. CaptCrunch did you have to sit on the ground when watching movies on the Reflection
  9. We book on Silhouette two adjoining cabins with 2 people in each one. We had the room for 3 or 4 people. We decided to book the cruise before us for a b2b and our room for 3 or 4 was available so we stayed in the same room for 19 days. I heard we could possibly be bumped but we were not.
  10. We were on this ship for 19 days in Jan. Loved most everything. We ate our meals in the buffet as we dont like 2 hr meals. The staff was great! We were so impressed book another cruise on celebrity Sent from my SM-G930T using Forums mobile app
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