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  1. The process was clear - FCC was automatic for everyone initially, and those who did not want it had to submit the form for a refund *and not use the FCC*. I seriously doubt any "slime balls" "tricked" your wife into anything. It sounds to me more like you failed to keep her in the loop. And no, even if your exaggerations were reality, it's not materially different. Per the contract, this is all that your fare includes: 3. Terms of Fare: (a) Items Included in Fare: The fare paid by the Guest for this ticket includes transportation on the vessel named herein, full board
  2. It actually does, since it's refundable OBC. 🤦‍♀️
  3. We had actually booked to check out the concierge class, just because it was offered. lol The Suite amenities are great though, especially for those who are getting them as a free upgrade! https://www.ncl.com/why-cruise-norwegian/cruise-accommodations/cruise-suites-and-penthouses
  4. I get the same for Joy. The 80 was referring to Breakaway. 🙃
  5. We're considering upgrading. We were in Breakaway Haven last Thanksgiving, and Joy's seems to be larger. I think there's about 80 Haven cabins there (?) and I don't believe we ever saw the lounge or restaurant even half full, so I'm thinking it'll be ok. 😎
  6. Nope. We booked a CC ages ago and it is now an SC. Only CA & CB are now Haven; CC & CF are Suites.
  7. Not all of them. Some are only suites. See above. 😊
  8. Oh give it up. You know that you said exactly what you meant: "You can not help yourself being rude. You live in USA" Not only will there be no apology, you have lost ALL respect too. Disgusting.
  9. Wow. Right here. Is it really so ingrained that you don't even recognize it?
  10. As am I. 🤷‍♀️ I, just like millions of others, have no underlying conditions that make me high risk. And last I checked, I was a full grown adult capable of making, and taking responsibility for, my own decisions.
  11. Sure it is. That's why the videos of the same beaches show the same crowds and the official Bournemouth Instagram posted it while begging people to stay away. 😉 The fact is that there are ignorant people everywhere, the world over. Not sure why you're so insistent on claiming there aren't. Except that you clearly want to stick with your negative position on Americans while ignoring the rudeness and ignorance in your own yard. 🙄
  12. This does. And the only one I see being rude here is you. This was posted on the official Bournemouth Instagram on June 1st.
  13. So you're saying this is not accurate either? 🤔 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/uk-england-dorset-52875612
  14. I'm not scared or stupid. 🤷‍♀️ I am, however, intelligent enough to understand the risk to those with underlying conditions that put them more at risk, and take the steps I can to minimize their risk within my community. Social distancing, masks, etc. My personal opinion is that those who are more at risk should refrain from anything that exposes them to large numbers of people in small spaces... cruising, visiting amusement parks, going to concerts, etc... until there is much better protection for them.
  15. I see so many saying these *must* be crew return dates because they don't match up with scheduled sailings. Y'all do realize sailing schedules can be changed, not just cancelled, right? 😉
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