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  1. Isn't that the way of the world? Businesses providing what customers want?
  2. They do. There are plenty of things those who choose not to be vaccinated can do. Taking a cruise for 100% vaccinated passengers is just not one of those things. 🤷‍♀️
  3. They're not being denied food. They're being denied service *at that business*. There are other restaurants, as well as grocery stores. It's the same premise as being denied boarding on a 100% vaccinated cruise. Those who choose not to vaccinate are being denied service *on that cruise*. There are other cruises, as well as resorts/parks/etc.
  4. What type of cruise the lines choose to offer does not control people's right to choose whether or not to be vaccinated. Even if all cruise lines chose to offer only 100% vaccinated cruises, they would never have the ability to force one to be vaccinated. If one wants to take a cruise knowing that vaccination is required, and goes to their doctor to get that vaccination, they have made that choice. It's no different than getting a required vaccination to visit a foreign country. The country isn't forcing you to get it, you're choosing to do so in order to v
  5. That is exactly where I would draw the line. Cruises are not necessary services.
  6. The people's right to choose whether or not to be vaccinated is not being threatened by the cruise lines. We all have the right to decide for ourselves whether or not to be vaccinated, just as every business has the right to decide on requirements for entry/service... provided they are not discriminatory under the Constitution. Shirts, shoes, formal wear, masks, rainbow hats, purple lizard tails... whatever... if we choose to wear or do what is required by the business, we can enter/receive service. If we choose not to, we can try another business. It really
  7. Is anyone else wondering what effect all Florida-based cruise lines choosing to continue following the CSO will have on the Florida v CDC suit? I would think Florida's argument that the CDC doesn't have the authority to enforce it is basically moot now that the cruise lines are stating that they are *choosing* to follow it.
  8. Agreed. Something as large as a slide in front of your balcony should absolutely be disclosed. We initially had one of those suites and upgraded to an aft Haven cabin when we learned of the possible slides.
  9. It's not that simple, that's why NCL has taken it to court. The issue for NCL is that they are not accepting unvaccinated passengers at all, so proof of vaccination is required no matter how or when it is collected. It's that requiring of proof that violates the Florida law. The other lines are getting around the law by allowing unvaccinated passengers (up to 5% of each sailing's capacity). When unvaccinated potential guests are turned away, they're turned away not because they're not showing proof of vaccination, but because the ship is at capacity for unva
  10. We sailed yesterday from West Palm, spent the day in Freeport today, and will be back in West Palm in the morning! Just don't board with high expectations. They appear to have brought on crew based on (low) pay levels rather than experience, and it's 100% reflected in the guest experience. 😔 If you purchased a Concierge package, and you've had it in the past and know how amazing it's been, don't expect the same level. It's just not there.
  11. Word is that BPCL is reimbursing via OBC. We're almost there.
  12. Luckily my son lives nearby and does our pet sitting. 🥰 We're on our way now, should be there about noonish! 🤞🤞🤞
  13. Looks like we're still a go - until we're not anyway! 😅🤞
  14. The stay on Merryday's order has been vacated. https://www.miamiherald.com/news/business/tourism-cruises/article252986678.html
  15. Not looking so good. Currently at 4.2 knots just off the coast and her destination is listed as Palm Beach.
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