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  1. Yes, it appears the "Exclusive Haven Area" plan has gone by the wayside. Just spoke with an NCL rep who said even the lagoon area will not be Haven only.
  2. The Lagoon Villas are now completed! I have a friend just back who had one! However, when I just called to switch our Oceanview Villa reservation to Lagoon Villa for our 11/23 sailing, I was told not yet available for pre-sell. I was also told they are NOT Haven only as NCL had advertised for months.
  3. NCL changing the point program didn't affect anyone who was already in it. My fiance and I both became Platinum in May at 76 points. 🙂
  4. I had to call to have it booked with the dining package and was told we'd be charged for the upcharge onboard.
  5. We have it booked for November as well, and it is in Spiegel Tent. Still not much information out there yet though!
  6. We were suite guests on Dawn and were taken over on the first tender with the crew, and then taken directly to our Villa!
  7. You wouldn't need to have them send a check unless you chose to pay way early, before the expected credit came through. If the only charge on your July 5th statement is a $200 charge from July 3rd, it'll show in your balance and you'll have a minimum payment due of $xx by whatever your payment due date is (usually between 25 and 31 days later). If that $200 charge is then refunded within 7 - 10 days, your account then has a zero balance and no payment is due.
  8. Maybe the "special offer" was supposed to be $38 per day?
  9. Why would you pay it in the first place if you know it's going to be credited? Any refund/credit will come through before the payment is due.
  10. Oh bless your heart! Price for my son on our next cruise (where it's absolutely NOT cheaper to purchase a second cabin for him alone, btw). Last I knew, he's part of "everyone". Yup, facts are facts. And into the ignore bin you go. 🙂
  11. I'm not interested in arguing, thanks. Facts are facts and "NCL has been charging $138.60 per person for 7 day sailings for a long time" is an untrue statement, period. Enjoy the rest of your day. 🙂
  12. Considering the fact that perks are only for the first two guests per cabin, many people pay it. 😉 The point is, you made an untrue statement regarding the price of NCL's package.
  13. That's gratuities only on a $99 pp/pd package chosen as a booking perk, not the total package price. The total package price for 7 nights is $831.60.
  14. No, not all suites are Haven suites. I keep forgetting about the older ships. Suites do have the same access at GSC as Haven cabins though. 🙂
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