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  1. This also tells me there's no need for the wonky walls, since they're focused on giving space, not conserving it.
  2. No, it is per excursion, for the first passenger, applicable to multiple excursions per port provided they do not overlap in time.
  3. I don't think so. The blueprints showing The Drop slides' ends say "dry slide landing."
  4. It's actually confusing, because while the deck plans don't show balconies there for the SJ suites, they do show sliding doors to where the balconies are(n't)!
  5. And there they are: one slide port, two slides Starboard. THE FASTEST SLIDES AT SEA The Drop & The Rush Be the first to slide this fast. At 10-stories tall, Norwegian Prima’s newest slides are the fastest at sea. Dare to experience The Drop, the first free-fall slide in the world. Or race a friend on The Rush, our dueling slides.
  6. Nope, we had booked one. I think the slide rumors made everyone think twice.
  7. Here's both renders together; showers in foreground by the pools, slide fencing in background.
  8. Except that it's the same type of enclosure as this one.
  9. I see my cabin and the balcony doesn't look anywhere near the advertised size. 🤨
  10. These corner cabins look rather awkward. Looks like clear site lines from balconies directly into neighboring cabins! 😲
  11. Hmmm, looks like maybe two slides starboard and one port?
  12. Likely not, considering there were no cruises in November 2020. 🙃
  13. I know. We're most likely not interested. Will wait and see if the low bid drops enough to interest us.
  14. Yes, and most likely staying there. 🙂
  15. We have an offer for duplex. Meraviglia 9/18.
  16. Agreed. Something as large as a slide in front of your balcony should absolutely be disclosed. We initially had one of those suites and upgraded to an aft Haven cabin when we learned of the possible slides.
  17. We sailed yesterday from West Palm, spent the day in Freeport today, and will be back in West Palm in the morning! Just don't board with high expectations. They appear to have brought on crew based on (low) pay levels rather than experience, and it's 100% reflected in the guest experience. 😔 If you purchased a Concierge package, and you've had it in the past and know how amazing it's been, don't expect the same level. It's just not there.
  18. Word is that BPCL is reimbursing via OBC. We're almost there.
  19. Luckily my son lives nearby and does our pet sitting. 🥰 We're on our way now, should be there about noonish! 🤞🤞🤞
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