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  1. The paper straws on the Eurodam last month were strong enough to suck up a Mudslide at the aft pool bar last month. (Verified several times in fact.) I eagerly look forward to doing another paper straw quality control test on the Nieuw Amsterdam next month with the milkshakes.
  2. DW just received separate notices on her cell phone from Navigator for maj jong today, the magician tonight on the main stage and a sail away party later today. We have been off the Eurodam for 2 weeks now. Should we request an additional cruise day credit? 😁
  3. We were told last week by our dining steward that there is always steak, chicken and salmon available in the MDR for dinner even if not shown on the menu. Oh, and Creme Brule', too. 👍
  4. Just got off the Eurodam yesterday and there was signage for milkshakes at the order queue at the Dive-In. And for those interested in DIY ice cream floats..... Take a large plastic cup from the Lido to the dessert area in the Lido. Ask for three scoops of ice cream and a spoon. Then go to any of the bars and order a Coke and a straw. (paper straws were on board for drinks) And Walla Walla! A delicious float!
  5. Try this... Clear browser cache and cookies. Close and then reopen browser.
  6. I spoke with a HAL representative today who conferred with two resolution specialists. They all agreed that a MyIR certificate ( https://myirmobile.com/ ) is classified as a government ISS record and would be accepted by HAL as proof of COVID-19 vaccination. They were all aware this information was going to be posted here. As to being accepted by other cruise lines or countries I make no such claim.
  7. HAL on their website states, Travel Well "BRING REQUIRED PROOF OF COVID-19 VACCINATION Bring proof of COVID-19 vaccination to the cruise terminal. Acceptable proofs of full vaccination include: COVID-19 vaccination card (original card only; no photocopies accepted); digital COVID-19 certificate (QR code acceptable); or record of COVID-19 vaccination from a healthcare provider including original digital email notification, personal electronic health record, or government Immunization information system (IIS) record." I've just spoken with someone at the Washington State Dept of Health about the MyIRmobile site. According to the WA DOH the MyIR certificate is considered an ISS record as the information provided comes directly from the State database. Still need verification from HAL on their part.
  8. Hopefully someone will contact HAL and ask them and let us know.
  9. According to the Washington State Dept of Health website, "You can get official, verified proof of your COVID-19 vaccination online, for free. The MyIR website is an official state pathway to access proof of vaccination in Washington state. To get your copy, visit MyIRMobile to sign up for free." The following states participate in this... Arizona, DC, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Dakota, Puerto Rico, Tennessee, Washington, West Virginia, & SAFE (whatever that is.) It correctly shows both of my doses, "Vaccine Type", "Date Received", and "manufacturer, Lot Number"
  10. Here. You can borrow mine. https://digital.cenveomobile.com/publication/?m=45926&i=606175&view=contentsBrowser&ver=html5
  11. If occupancy is presently at 50% are they operating with less than a 100% crew?
  12. @cruisebruceAugust 2018 https://www.seattletimes.com/business/cruise-turnaround-feature/
  13. Downloaded the app yesterday onto my iphone6. Works as intended. No issues. It tells me, "Your journey starts in 77 days." Woo-hoo!
  14. I paid a good $15 for my designer mask and have no intention to stop wearing it until I wear it out like I do with all of my other clothing.
  15. When looking at the Marghera dockyards on google earth there is what appears to be a ghost cruise ship docked along the Banchina Canale Industriale Nord. 😵
  16. I'll be riding the Amtrak rails back and forth across the country this spring/summer just to go somewhere until HAL ships start sailing again. (hopefully by August 31st. 😁)
  17. Just for the sake of discussion...let's say a cruise ship leaves Seattle and stops at the Makah Indian Reservation at Neah Bay in northwest Washington on the Straight of Juan de Fuca (tender only.) Could the tribe potentially claim their tribal sovereignty allows them to be considered a foreign port?
  18. Just as an FYI to all, N95 masks are required to have that configuration otherwise it is a counterfeit and not NIOSH approved. Counterfeit Respirators
  19. That appears to have recently changed. Florida Launches Statewide Preregistration for Covid 19 Vaccinations
  20. Personally, I would go to the Maglite website and contact them to see if is still under warranty. Let them know in no uncertain terms you will not take "no" for an answer. On another note you might consider a game camera in the kitchen. Keep us posted as to your progress.
  21. 1417 hrs. PST- All's well using Firefox 83.0 64-bit version. 👍
  22. https://www.ftlauderdalewebcam.com/ Still there as of this post. (11/12/20, 1150 PST)
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