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  1. Gee, that would have been a nice reply email - back in March...! Glad we are mostly being recompensed. We are still awaiting SB for airfare, hotel refunds from our March Sojourn itinerary change and then cancellation, to add to the horror we had these and other flights with Virgin Australia air, now in administration... It is such an uncertain time, I would probably hold off any new bookings till 2022 at this stage, rather than face this again. Lets hope the cruise companies learn well from this. Thanks to JP814 et al for our combined ef
  2. Feel your pain.... As to Covepointcruiser and others who post sympathetically: NOT MANY, if not NONE are ticked off by the refund processing time as much as HAVING NO REGULAR, EVEN AUTOMATED RESPONSES FROM SEABOURN. That is my main beef. If I give $$$ for a future service or product that is NOT supplied, it is entirely proper to expect a person, corporation or other entity to act in reasonable time to communicate honestly. We are all being penalised at our level, the only income source. Killing the goose? Probably.
  3. There seem to be some refunds flowing again reading elsewhere, but overall communications are woeful. We had had more than enough by mid May and disputed via Amex. The booking was via US agent who also did little as they were also 'overwhemed'... I chose to go credit card dispute, and suddenly the refund was in after just 10 days.... Still waiting on reimbursement of air hotel costs which have to come via Intl transfer as a U$ cheque is no good in Aus....
  4. .....and those who took action by credit card disputes seem to have it actioned sooner, I believe.
  5. Hear Hear !! This was to be our FIRST Seabourn cruise, and a good long month plus itinerary... Never got timely warning or any options for a 100% total itinerary change. No option to cancel without penalties after that... After buying new air hotels was notified 10 days before new departure that its all cancelled, with a 25pc FCC to use on a cruise before 12/31/2020... Never got on board.... Never had seen such a lacklustre disregard to communicate or assist clients. bernes, you are right. It took a c card dispute to
  6. No, the SB cone of silence continues. No offer of added FCC instead of refund and no sign of refund. Dates to refund have varied from 60 days initially, to 8 to 12 weeks. IF the refund was approved as stated on 2 April, at earliest would come early June, otherwise.... who knows? Finished with SB....
  7. Apologies, I should have not risen to the bait ! It IS correct just to report on refund dates. Thank you Bobal.
  8. I disputed with Amex, immediately the disputed full payment for cruise was credited by Amex to my account, "pending response within 60 days from biller" - after about 20 days, it showed as no longer pending on April 30 but also closed and monies rem as in on my Amex account. Our agent was then called and asked to verify what has occurred re cruise and air/travel credits. Agent confirmed cruise was 'refunded' by SB to my Ax on 30th April. Other charges are pending and 5 weeks plus to go approximately. So, the refund is done, thanks to Amex dispute, (otherwise I am sure I
  9. Never boarded Seabourn, had a 90 day fight to get moneys back on a cruise that was altered 100% on 21 Feb (a month before departure) then cancelled... It took Amex recharge to get $$ back, no communication from SB to me or agent. So to 'alter my business', I realise I should not have moved from Crystal or Oceania, both of whom ARE available to call, and give honest answers to refund, cruise and future cruise matters. Sorry, but I wont be bothering to consider SB in future. CCL is a very big corporation. Even if SB is tiny part, the poor communication, ev
  10. I (justifiably), have been very critical of SB, and still think their communication in this age of bulk mailing is woeful and not considerate of their clients. At least it seems that some refunds are flowing finally, and I am hopeful that more than the handful so far will finally come through. We still await our air/hotel reimbursement, but are grateful that amex recharge lit a fire under the cruise refund. Not encouraged to revisit any CCL booking in near future. Meanwhile we await our fates from Crystal for an unlikely Sept cruise ! Holding thumbs for a
  11. Just popped in here as we have 49 day fully paid departure ATH-Med- Dubai in Sept. and wanted to see what was happening with Crystal.... Most of my time has been on the Seabourn refunds, policies forums on CC. Do not even expect to get an email or acknowledgement from SB in 60-90 days....! The pits, so if you are talking premium lines, it makes little difference. None of the SB guests have had refunds since cancellations late Feb. So for all lines, 90 days seems similar. At least, I understand, some Crystal Oceania guests are getting replied to
  12. Call this a.m. in Australia from our US Agent. SB refunded cruise ; due to Amex dispute. Amex confirms this... JPH814Could you kindly update the spreadsheet. I do not see our flight + hotel costs posted, (requested Apr9, Still no refund of our cancelled air/hotels yet). Please show Cruise refund on 10 May has been refunded after Amex dispute. The only badly worded email about the travel cost refunds was this: " Hello, We apologize for the delay. Your refunds are in the process. Please give us sometimes to complete them.
  13. Call this a.m. in Australia from our US Agent. SB refunded cruise ; due to Amex dispute. Amex confirms this... Could you kindly update the spreadsheet. Still no refund of our cancelled air/hotels yet. Please Show Cruise refunded thru Amex. The only badly worded email abour the travel cost refunds was this: " Hello, We apologize for the delay. Your refunds are in the process. Please give us sometimes to complete them. Thank you for your patient, Mimi Ayele Cash Operations and Refunds Holland America Group
  14. FYI Paulchili Still waiting for our refund reimbursement of our rebook additional costs when our B2B cruise was changed 2 weeks out from Singapore-Sydney to Perth-Auckland. Then cruise cancelled, by SB... ...so SB agreed to cover our lost air x2, hotels x3 (on about 21 April) and that it was approving reimbursement, gave Au$ value, and advised cheque would be forthcoming... Advised we are in Australia, so US cheque no good....SB advised they COULD NOT REFUND ANCILLARY TO AMEX CARD as no debit on Amex made (ie, we bought fares/ hotels ourselves).
  15. First of all, thank you - a good idea. Here's our unhappy little tale... B2B Sojourn dep March 22 Singapore Due to arrive Sydney April 29... SB altered this itinerary completely. 100% different start/end and ports... on the 23 February To: 22 March 35 days Perth to Auckland We purchased new airfares TO Perth And FROM Auckland, plus hotels. (We lost original Non-refundable Bus. AIR to Singapore, domestic air and hotel cancellation fees as could not give a free rebook date). So 1. Reimburs
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