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  1. I just looked things up. For all payments, purchases of excursions, dining packages, and any refunds to excursions, dining packages....went through Royal Caribbean International, Vancouver BC. I always phone in my booking/deposit to the Royal agent. I will make payments on-line as well as make purchases on-line. I guess they have their reasons for the difference.
  2. LOL, well that settles that. I’ve always only seen the Vancouver address on any refunds. I only deal in Canadian currency now, and deal directly with Royal. I have had a few US$ bookings, but didn’t have any refunds. I don’t like all those conversion charges that the cc charges. I must take a better look on my cc regarding payments. I believe for a payment, it does say just Royal Caribbean, but for a refund of a purchase, it says Royal Caribbean, Vancouver BC. Hmm. I’ll let you know.
  3. Okay. I would think that the main office uses US$$. Perhaps the charges through a TA first go to the main office, then get sent to the Vancouver office who deals in Canadian $$. It seems odd that the Main office deals in foreign currency....but it may.
  4. All Canadian billing goes through the Vancouver, BC office. Just another little piece of information.
  5. Thank you so much for taking the time to write such an in-depth review with pictures. I really enjoyed it. I will be sailing on Anthem in January for the first time. I’m also staying at the same Doubletree where you stayed. I’m sorry the weather wasn't so great in Canada for you. It just means you’ll have to go back another time. Halifax truly has alot to offer. St. John has some interesting features. I wanted to mention that the Government of Canada offered a sincere apology to the descendants of those on the ship St. Louis for refusing to allow the ship to land in Canada. It was a shameful decision. it’s always hard to know everything about a new-to-you ship. Your review has helped me to know what to do and where to go at certain times. I also have a balcony cabin, so your picture has given me a glimpse into what to expect. Thank you again, and try not to work so hard....stop to take a cruise more often...and enjoy the Christmas markets in Quebec City...😊 Joyce
  6. Who gets the travel docs if the TA doesn’t enter an email address? Thanks!
  7. I’ve sailed out of, and into, the Port of Miami many times...but never did the driving.... I’m travelling through Northern NY right now and the colours are marvellous. Sadly, there’s no sun to brighten them up, but it’s still pretty.
  8. It seems the electronic signs take care of directions. My documents on Page 6 say to follow the directional signs to the Pier once you’ve entered the port.
  9. Better answer. The Terminal information is contained in your travel documents. These documents arrive in your inbox about 50 days before your cruise. Detailed directions, and a map, are on Page 6, or so.....I just received my documents for my Dec. 13 cruise out of Miami. All the information is there. Hope that helps.
  10. I don’t have my documents with me, but I’m sure the terminal is listed almost on Page 1 or perhaps Page 2. They also have directions to the port. If in doubt, phone Royal and ask them.
  11. Back to the original question...🙄....I always found the internet to work fine, sometimes it’s a little slow, but for the most part, it’s working and causes no problems. I’m not in an Inside cabin....mostly OVs and balconies. I don't know if that makes a difference.
  12. I’m not you, I’m not going to be like you, what does it matter to you what I do? Get over it, move on, criticize someone else. If I wanted to buy a magnet through Amazon, then I would have...it’s my business, not your’s. I can complain as vehemently as I want, what’s it to you? Go criticize someone else....maybe they’ll care about what you’re blathering on about, ad nauseum.
  13. I don’t know what you expect from me? I’m not you, I’m not going to be like you, I don’t even know you. All I wanted was a cheap magnet. I’m smart enough to know that it probably was not made in Russia, so what, big deal. I paid enough for the book, which was probably overpriced. Should that bother you? No it shouldn’t. It was my choice, not your’s. Go criticize someone else. Your comments are boring.
  14. One more time....I signed up for a tour, on-line, with a tour company. Their groups total about 15 people, no one knows each other, unless they’re together. So, we all meet outside the ship at a designated spot. We have a tour description and that is all. I had contacted the company re:souvenir shopping and they said to ask the tour guide. Our group established the time to be back to the ship, the tour guide agreed and we went on our merry way. She decided where we went and what we saw. I asked about dropping into a souvenir shop, as did others ask. She wouldn’t answer the question, she would just look away and talk about the next stop. She wasn't the most pleasant of people, but seemed to know her job. There was no ‘no shopping rule’ established. Really, she should have warned us at the beginning. Perhaps she hated shopping too. We were only asking for 20 minutes out of a 10-hour day. I didnt think that was unreasonable. Sure, if you organize ‘no shopping rules’ for your tours and everyone is fine with that....then everyone will be happy. Not everyone feels the same. I showed my displeasure by the size of the tip...as did about 4 or 5 others. I wasn't nasty or outspoken about it. She did her tour guide duties in a professional manner. The 5 of us who asked her were disappointed in her non-response, but we all behaved like an adult. I was able to buy a book on Moscow in St.P, in the Museum, of all places. 😊
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