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  1. Any neighbours with an 8 or 9 yr old, LOL. Miraculously, I was able to load ( don’t know if it was up or down) the QR code info into an icon on phone called Drive. It’s still there too! As a back up, I made a few paper copies.
  2. Or even stop cruising until herd immunity is reached and Covid becomes yet a bad memory.
  3. The answer is under the question..’will I be considered fully vaccinated if one vaccine is from one manufacturer and the second vaccine is from a different one?’
  4. It’s great that one doesn’t need a membership to use the Pharmacy services, their dispensing fee is the best and used Costco for years. Hearing tests as well are for anyone and free! i know nothing about how tests are administered. Being a mixed vaccine person, I didn’t think I would be able to leave Canada again. If the pharmacist administers it, then it must be within the pharmacy area. Thanks for the info!
  5. Does anyone know if the Covid test at Costco is located behind the counter in the Pharmacy area, or out on the shelves in the general merchandise area? I’m not a Costco member and don’t want to join just to buy a test. One doesn’t have to be a member to use the Pharmacy services. Thank you.
  6. Thank you! I did receive $600 OBC for rebooking a cancelled cruise and another $50 that was attached to that particular booking. I don’t seem to have trouble spending money..🤣..just want to do it wisely..😉
  7. Interesting development…now the FDA is saying that Americans can mix and match their booster vaccines. They haven’t voted on it or made an official announcement but alot of indications are showing this to be true. They didn’t mention AstraZeneca because it wasn’t used as an initial vaccine. I find this to be amusing after all the hoopla about other countries using mixed vaccines. Celebrity has updated their ‘approved’ vaccine mixes to be considered fully vaccinated. Someone on SM showed the table. I haven’t gone to the X website to verify it.
  8. Just a little confusing…so I can use some of the rebooking OBC in the Casino? Download about $100 of it and play the slots? If I won $20, could I cash out $120…..or would they only give me $20? I didn’t rebook with an FCC I don’t think. When advised that my cruise had been cancelled, I simply phoned and booked another cruise. I didn’t have an FCC . Thanks for helping to straighten out this old brain, LOL.
  9. I don’t know about Covid testing, but just for reference, one does not have to a member to use the pharmacy for prescription service, or to have one’s hearing tested. These services are not owned by Costco. Unless their policy changed, of course. They changed their policy about buying the fast food..ice cream cones, hot dogs, etc…..one has to be a member…unless they’ve changed that policy back to what it was.
  10. Could someone mail you a kit from Alberta or Ontario? Would that be allowed? Or does an Ontario or Alberta kit have to be processed in its respective Province?
  11. Thanks. I am fully vaccinated, was just wondering about those few who wouldn’t be.
  12. I agree that what you did was safer. Maybe you were a bit too close to all the filled glasses. Taking a few glasses to the table might have been better for their comfort. Also, once seated, you could have asked for multiple glasses for your water bottle. I did that too.
  13. My last cruise ended at the end of Feb 2020. One wasn’t allowed to fill your own water bottles. What I would do is take one of the plastic glasses at the water or lemonade machines, fill up the glass and then fill up my water bottle. If the glass touched my bottle, then I use a new glass. I felt that satisfied their policy and no one stopped me. I understand their need for health and safety.
  14. Are people with letters excusing a person from being vaccinated due to medical conditions allowed to sail? Or, when the rules say fully vaccinated it means fully vaccinated? Thank you.
  15. I’m happy to hear this. I hope it still works in Nov 2022. 😊
  16. You predicted a world-wide pandemic? I guess it would depend on your travel plans as to whether they’d be disturbed. It didn’t bother any of mine either.
  17. It sounds like a great time you’ll have!
  18. Canada has nearly 4 million people vaxxed with a mix of vaccines. I don’t know how many are cruisers, or how many even travel outside Canada…but having the freedom to do so is a big relief.
  19. I’m happy too. And good luck on your future good lucks. I’m lucky when it’s important to be lucky…like getting out of Ottawa in the Winter without a hassle. 😁
  20. I hope so, that’s what I have. The Annex part in the CDC guidelines is fairly, to very, specific about what constitutes ‘fully vaccinated’ . I think the cruiselines will be quick to update their policies. Would be nice if they put the policy in a banner across the top of their web site like they do with hurricane updates. This has been a good Ides of October. I’m holding off getting too excited until I see it on a cruise site.
  21. I’m surprised mine was available to print since I have a Fall birthday. It shouldn’t have been available until Sunday or Monday.
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