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  1. Yes, there is priority boarding. They have lines for haven. Just tell them when you walk in past security
  2. 1.5 hour for the last 10 miles blows. I hope it is smooth sailing for you tomorrow.
  3. I will be on this cruise as well. Harvest Caye does have a nice pool, but I think I read your plans wrong on that port. Enjoy drinking at the pool, as what I should have read. And that can be done on the small pool on the ship. I am with you on this port. I spend little time on the island and get back to the ship for eating and drinking. I didn't realize we leave that early on Costa Maya. Wow. 1:30
  4. Please install the plugin for Tapatalk to work with the new boards. You will lose the majority of those users everyday use of the boards, which helps promote these boards. Tapatalk users like myself will not struggle with your new site without Tapatalk It’s painful. You willl be losing the word of mouth advertisement for this site, as we all recommend others here. So, if you feel this is a business decision not to use Tapatalk to not lose on advertising, you would be wrong. You will still be losing, as we won’t be here and we won’t bring in more new users, who could look at your ads.
  5. That would be a no. I did the NYE cruise the last two years and didn’t see one college game. People were resorting to Facebook streaming the playoff game from somebody at home.
  6. From someone who actually watches the NFL games on the ship. You will get to see the Monday night NFL game. The NFL games are shown as follows. When there is one prime time NFL game going on, it will be on the one sports channel. You can see it in your cabin, possibly at a bar area, and sometimes on a big projector screen somewhere on the ship (depending on scheduled events). Sunday night. Monday night. Thursday night. Thanksgiving day games. Etc. these are times when there is only one nfl game on at that time. Sunday afternoon, they pick from one of the many games in the early and one from the late game. That is the luck of the draw. And for the college football fans, we are just SOL.
  7. I will be doing the barrier reef snorkel in late Nov/early Dec on the Breakaway. I did a private make your own tour the last time I was there during New Years cruise. Took the ferry as an excursion, and they gave you a time to return. However, you could take a later ferry, but you had to get in line after those people originally assigned that ferry time. That private make your tour was by happenstance. I showed up at palencia pier after the tours left and guys on the pier were asking what I wanted to do. Snorkel. He tried to see if there was anyone around to take me out. He thought it would be tough with just me. Another guy showed up wanting to scuba. When it was apparent that he could not scuba alone, he decided to snorkel. Lucky for me. So, we now had two people and they would take us out. We got a boat captain and a private snorkel guide. It was kind of choppy, so we were limited on where we could go. Was a little worried about the success of this private tour. Until we saw a nurse shark he located in a lobster hideout. We saw huge crabs. Huge starfish. Various fish. The snorkel guide went all out. We got to see two lobsters up close and personal. Took us back to the pier to a restaurant right near, and we were served a fresh lobster each for lunch. That was a great snorkel trip that just kind of happened. I don’t have that captains name. Just go to the Palencia pier and see if you can get lucky. Not the best snorkel tour I have ever had, that would be sharks and rays Belize city. That is hands down the best snorkel trip. Sharks, stingrays, mana rays, turtles
  8. My 7* status gets me nothing on the ship. My platinum latitude or CAS card status would. Your TR status probably got you on the ship though. So, no need to flash your TR card on the ship. Btw, depending on what and how much you play on the ship, you can call CAS for future cruise offers that can be better than you got from TR.
  9. Well, if you have a good history with Cas they will not care if you have more than a couple booked. I have also done some land casino certs along with straight Cas bookings at the same time. So, you can have multiple ones booked in different ways.
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