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  1. Sounds like it would be a CLR post 😀 other than the not drinking part
  2. Suites Lounge is for Grand Suites and above. It includes Hors d'oeuvres and snacks as well as drinks for suites passengers. It does not apply to Jr Suites. Radiance does have a Suites Lounge according to the RC website although current deck plans say it is still called the Concierge Lounge/Club
  3. Well excuse me, it's been a long week. Don't think the all caps were necessary, but I'll follow your lead. I'll edit the post to say TRADEMARK. Either way, doesn't change the discussion.
  4. Royal Caribbean filed a trademark application today for "EMUSTER". Seems as though they may be trying to move towards electronic muster drills. No information is given beyond the name. https://uspto.report/TM/88881222 Thoughts on how this will be accomplished? How will compliance be assured? Personally, I think they'll probably move towards the prerecorded video procedure that is in place on Oasis class ships, except they possibly make everyone watch it in their stateroom.
  5. When checking in at Canaveral a few months ago in June, they checked us in before even going through security screening. When we went up the escalator to the seating area, we were already checked in and they had maybe 3-5 check in stations for the "old" way of checking in. Very fast, but very different from the "old way" of getting Seapasses at the desk, filling out the health screening form, showing passports etc.
  6. We used the digital set sail passes available in the app on our most recent trip on Mariner back in June. When buying drinks before the room was ready, bar staff just asked for our cabin number after showing the digital set sail pass.
  7. Just echoing everyone else here. I've sailed solo numerous times and always been allowed to use the BOGO on 2 nights. Just spoke to the manager ahead of the meal so they'd know in advance what I wanted to do.
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