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  1. We will be on board this ship this December and we were thinking of doing some swimming to pass some time on the sea days. As my wife is not a very good swimmer, so naturally she would like to stand and rest after swimming some distance in the pool. So I asked Princess for the depth of the pools, and to my horror, besides the mini splash pool, both the fountain pool and the Hollywood pool have the depths of at least 6ft+, and we were also told that these pools have the same depth throughout. So assuming this is true, that means not many people could actually stand inside the pool and yet could still breathe normally. I really fail to understand why they have designed their pools this way in a family friendly cruise ship, especially when there are no lifeguards on duty and shouldn't they make the pools shallower or at least shallower on one end? Unless these were designed for people to dive into the pools, otherwise I really do not understand the rationale behind this. So my question is, can people that have been to the ship (and has swum) confirm this? And could we use floats/inflatable swimming aids in these pools? Or do they expect us to bring and make good use of the life jackets found inside the room? Thanks.
  2. ok thanks! oh i always got the port and starboard side wrong! I meant the right side, thanks for pointing out!
  3. cool. I will fire up some questions in the roll call thread if you don't mind... Thanks! and Thanks everyone for your wisdom and insights! Great to learn from the experienced 🙂
  4. Just saw you in the roll call on 7th Dec... thanks for your help and good to know someone who knows the way 😎
  5. No i meant when choosing the side balcony cabins, why choose mid-aft before mid-forward? anyway at the end i had to go with a side starboard at the forward, that was the only room available that is not under the buffet deck... 😅
  6. Thanks all for the suggestion, it probably seems i can save around AU$250 for not deliberately taking a port side balcony. You guys are right, just go up to the deck to see it if required. And now that reminds me, most of the time we were not even up when the ship approached and docked in a port 🤣 Btw, why choose aft first before forward? is it because of the engine/vibration?
  7. We are looking to book a tour from Sydney to Tasmania (sydney, melbourne, great oyster bay (scenic cruise), port arthur, hobart, and back to sydney) on majestic princess but it seems that most of the balconies on the port side are already taken. From the map it seems there will be more to see if i book a room on the port side but the only ones available are either very expensive (or under the buffet restaurant) so I want to know from people who have done this route before whether it is worth to pay the premium or it does not matter as most of the time it is too far away from the shore to see anything? Any comments will be much appreciated. Thanks
  8. It seems the only rooms available for picking at the port side (right side) at a resonable rate in majestic princess are at deck 15 under the world refresh (buffet area) (M601-M611) So will that be noisy at night or in early morning? So this is not the pool area that everyone is warning about, so is it worth it? Also we are departing from sydney to melbourne to tasmina and back. Seems the majority of the route there will be more to see on the port side, or does it not matter?
  9. Thanks. Will like to snorkel GBR so want to try it this way. Never taken a cruise in Australia before. The other option to melbourne/Tasmina is even shorter (total duration) or go to NZ which is way too long for my vacation. Still considering. After all, majestic princess is one of the newer ships comparatively.
  10. We are tempted to jump into Majestic Princess cruising from Sydney on 27/11 to Brisbane, Cairns (Airlie Beach, Yorkey Knobs, Port Dogulas and Willie Island).. We want to know if it is worthwhile to go there at that time of the year if it rains a lot as I believe most of the "excursions" will be outdoor based. In fact i think most of them are water related activities like snorkeling or scuba diving... Or if it rains, does it only rain for an hour or two or will it rain for the whole day? The other option is to go to Melbourne and Tasmania later in the month (around mid-Dec) but the period is shorter with half of the trip on sea days. Any suggestions welcome? Cruised before in the Mediterranean but never cruised before down under.
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