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  1. We have stayed in cabins that our neighbors smoked cigars the entire cruise and guest services didn't care! Not even a little bit . Even after we continued to complain the entire cruise they did it . As far as vaping weed , I do it legally and you would never know I did it or am doing it 😉. Zero smell and minimal smoke. I wouldn't take it or smoke it onboard though because I'm legal in my home state but it's still federally banned for now so not worth the risk for me
  2. Check your offers everyone I just got a free balcony for up to two cruises today in my email and snagged a nice cruise for March for port charges and tax. It's $200 deposit with $200 on board credit
  3. Everyone 21 and older in the room must buy it
  4. I love how now gambler's love to put us down 😉. Most of us know we likely won't walk away winners and it's our entertainment just like people like to sit at the piano bar we love the casino games. With that being said .... My thoughts on the drinks on us card and the drink package is I'd rather have the $500 or $600 whatever it is now since it went up to gamble with and have a nice head start on our gambling. Sometimes we win and that lasts awhile and we get free drinks. Sure not as convenient as going to any bar or by the pool but when my wife wants a wine it's available. And usually the casino takes care of us as well. Our cruise on the horizon in a few days was $1350 with port fees and taxes. We get $1100 casino cash. Can't beat a $250 cruise 😉
  5. Thank you very much for the great information. I asked my uncle Google lol and couldn't find much on the subject. I'm sure we'll wander around town and look around
  6. Hi all Was hoping to get some help if anyone knows of anything going on for day of the dead in Cozumel . We will be there Nov. 1st and love to see a parade or celebration Thanks
  7. The matre'd is now a salaried position so no need to tip unless they do something special for you. But years ago they were much more present and walked around and interacted with passengers more because they relied on the last night envelope 😉. As far as tipping you will find many of us passionate about the subject. Some of us work or worked for tips at some point in our lives and some have not so will never understand the struggle 😂
  8. I would not get the drink package if I were you. We've been on many casino cruises with DOU in the casino and many many times we go various times day and night and they will get us a drink playing or not. I'm going to be honest I'm a bartender and take care of the servers pretty well so we are never thirsty. Often I've went down for wine before dinner and took it with us. Save your cheers money for winning some jackpots 😉
  9. I get it. I guess I'm just hopeful some day they will just be all inclusive with grats built into the cruise fare.
  10. I bet that's to combat all the losers that remove grats. Hopefully next we'll see that they cannot be removed or adjusted except for certain documented circumstances
  11. Sorry I don't know we never asked about additional people cruising Sent from my ZTE A2017U using Forums mobile app
  12. We got a lot of free offers from urcomped and especially on MSC the host told me free is really free no charges at all ,they even pay the port charges/ taxes for you. I may use them our next cruise and not even use this certificate. Sent from my ZTE A2017U using Forums mobile app
  13. We just got one from Golden Nugget AC Saturday and we have exactly 2 months to book and one year to sail .I bet each casino is different Sent from my ZTE A2017U using Forums mobile app
  14. They call them that because 99 percent of the cruisers don't know they are there. Not everyone reads cruise critic Sent from my ZTE A2017U using Forums mobile app
  15. There were a couple loungers outside of ours Sent from my ZTE A2017U using Forums mobile app
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