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  1. This is a bit off topic, but related to the mini-bar. Has anyone requested a particular brand of beer for the refrigerator (one that is served at the bars on ship but not normally in the in-room mini-bar)? We are staying in a Pinnacle suite so maybe this makes it more likely to get this kind of custom service?
  2. Our sons ate in the MDR once by themselves when my wife and I were at the Pinnacle Grill from an Explore 4. They were probably 17/15 at the time. They said they didn't like it and felt weird about it; but they are a bit shy in a public setting like that. Maybe your kids would do fine and 3 people at a table is more than 2 so it might feel less awkward. Since then, they eat in our suite with room service when my wife and I go to a specialty restaurant once a cruise. Here's an interesting story when we were on another cruise line. My wife and I had the top-level suite on the ship, but unlike the Pinnacle Suites on HAL that sleep 4, this one only slept two, so we got our sons an interior room down the hall to sleep, but they spent all the days in our huge suite. When my wife and I went to a specialty restaurant one night, our sons ordered room service to eat at the dining room table in our suite. When the butler arrived with the food, he wasn't thrilled to see it was for just our sons and not for my wife and I. This is despite the fact he saw all four of us in the suite all the time and delivered lunch for the four of us several times in our suite. I guess he thought he shouldn't have to serve people who weren't paying for the top suite and didn't have a butler for their room. Oh well.
  3. I'm the OP and just wanted to give an update. We picked out 6 cruises in 2019 that had some interest for us and gave them to our TA. Low and behold, the Pinnacle Suite was indeed available to be booked on 2 of those cruises, despite the fact the HAL website still says it is sold out. This really makes no sense to me why HAL would do this, unless it is a simple programming bug on their website. I wonder how many times they have had to do an upsell from a Neptune Suite to PS, because no one booked it because they thought it was not available. BTW, some people replied to my post on why we were looking at HAL's website instead of going to our TA first. Well, since the the PS is always in high demand, we have always looked on the HAL website first to see if there is availability; if not, we can just rule out that cruise. It seems like a perfectly reasonable approach, but now we see that apparently it doesn't work that way...oh well.
  4. We have been on quite a few HAL cruises and always been fortunate enough to be able to stay in the Pinnacle Suite; we got a good deal on our first cruise and after that we could never go to a lesser suite. So we have been looking for our next HAL cruise, but have not been able to find a Pinnacle Suite that is not sold out on any cruise we were interested in. So then I just started picking cruises at random in 2019 and 2020. In the 30+ cruises I randomly checked, the Pinnacle Suite is not available. This seems really strange. I know there are only 1-4 per ship and they are popular but this just doesn't seem to make sense and I wonder if there is something wrong. The other cruise line we cruise with has their top suite available on quite a number of future cruises. One thing that makes me wonder if there is a bug in the HAL website is sometimes when you click on the Neptune Suite (that is the only way to check for the Pinnacle Suite availability), there is then no button to even click to check for a Pinnacle Suite even though the ship has 1 or more. Other times, the option for the Pinnacle Suite does show up but it says "Sold Out". So I wonder if there is a glitch on the ones where it doesn't show up at all. I also wonder if HAL holds the Pinnacle Suites for certain customers and you can't normally book them through their website? We called HAL and they were useless in trying to help us, except to say the Pinnacle Suites are very popular. We asked if they could provide a list of all future cruises that have Pinnacle Suites available and maybe we could find a cruise we like from that list, but they said that was impossible to do. Does anyone have any insights on booking a Pinnacle Suite within the last few months, on any future cruise?
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