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  1. Here is a photo of the official HAL card that is usually in the Pinnacle Suite room (at least in the last few years). Here are some things listed on that card for the Pinnacle Suite that Neptune Suite guests do not get: Private behind the scenes tour Complimentary bottled water and soda drinks throughout the cruise - this is the free non-alcoholic drinks in the mini-bar that I mentioned above Professional binoculars - you actually get two pair: 1) a huge one mounted on a tripod. We didn't like these but the tripod is nice for taking photos using your SLR camera. 2)
  2. We have been fortunate that all of our cruises on HAL have been in the Pinnacle Suite. Although it does vary a bit by a particular ship and cruise, here are some of the perks we have usually found. Personal escort on-board at embarkation, and you are usually the first to board. On a couple cruises we have had a lineup waiting to greet us in our suite consisting of the hotel director, a ship officer, the concierges, etc. Free behind the scenes ships tour - bridge tour and personally meet the captain, engine control room, laundry room (the one staffed by the crew that does p
  3. There is another cruise going on, that unfortunately, is not fairing as well with numerous crew members having Covid-19. https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/cruises/2020/08/01/hurtigruten-cruise-line-33-crew-infected-covid-19-norway/5562151002/
  4. To nitpick on your math, it is 1.9%, not 0.019%.
  5. It is a large tiled shower in the Nieuw Statendam, easily large enough for two people (if you and your SO like that). This is much better than the Pinnacle Suite shower on other HAL ships, which are ridiculously small, given the overall large size of those bathrooms. In general, the bathroom on the Nieuw Statendam is better than other ships' PS. It is larger and has a brighter feeling to it, including two ways in and out (directly from the bedroom, or from the walk-in closet/make-up table), a towel warmer, two separate sink/vanities. The only thing we missed from other PS bathr
  6. We just bought 100 shares of CCL at $15.74 to get the OBC on future cruises. Although it is quite possible the share price will sink even lower, I am totally confident that one year from now, the price will be significantly higher than what we paid today. As a bonus, the dividend yield is outstanding at current share prices.
  7. We have a cruise booked leaving Venice in September, and due current conditions we would like as much flexibility as possible in changing/cancelling our flights. We have never used Flight Ease before, but now it looks very attractive. In the past few weeks, the price of flights on other websites (Orbitz, Kayak, etc.) have dropped incredibly. For business class on major airlines, the price is half of what it was. So we would like to book our plane tickets and lock in these low fares. Flight Ease is even a couple hundred dollars cheaper and has the free change/cancellation which
  8. This is a bit off topic, but related to the mini-bar. Has anyone requested a particular brand of beer for the refrigerator (one that is served at the bars on ship but not normally in the in-room mini-bar)? We are staying in a Pinnacle suite so maybe this makes it more likely to get this kind of custom service?
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