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  1. We were on the same cruise and enjoyed Jeff all week. He was very entertaining!!
  2. Do these strategies still apply if the OBC is funded via a gift card?
  3. I leave on Friday. Can I cancel and rebook under the promo? I know the only risk is if the excursion is full or close to full, but that is not indicated on the website. I would prefer to double book then cancel, but that doesn't let you do that.
  4. Does anybody know the hours of the coffee bar? I'm specifically asking about the sunshine if that matters. Thank you.
  5. We have a 1pm call on Aruba. What will the breakfast and lunch options be on board? I'm assuming no sea day brunch and it will just be standard main dining room sit down. Is that correct?
  6. I am getting ready to print my boarding pass and cruise docs. How will I be able to get a drink with cheers without my S&S card? It doesn't mention anywhere on the docs that we have pre-purchased CHEERS. Do you just give room number? I would like nothing more than walking on and going right to the atrium bar for a cocktail.
  7. Did they have to implement the CHEERS program? No, they didn't have to. It comes down to their analysis that creating such a program would increase revenue and profit. More than likely, they evaluated the program from a financial risk point. They, and I, probably see that a program like CHEERS is a cash cow and some, if not most, people do not get their monies worth. The ones that do offset the ones that don't. And they are never losing money on alcohol based on their cost. So, it would be interesting to ask the following: If you were a Carnival financial exec, do you think offering a "Refresh" Package would increase your profit? Would the average guest pay more if they got this than paying a la carte? Carnival, or any cruise line for that matter, doesn't have to do anything.
  8. Won't you still be able to pay out of pocket for the buckets of beer and souvenir cups? I was unaware that carnival will completely forbid you from buying these if you have cheers. I thought you just had to pay out of pocket. If that's the case, if the majority of your alcohol consumption is via buckets of beer rather just getting 1 beer at a time, cheers probably wouldn't make sense. I personally would just get a good server and tell him to refill your beer when done. Or you could go order 4 beers (waiting 5 mins) in between (10 min total with your wife) and ask for a bucket of ice.
  9. I am also interested in this. I read the thread on this board about the day pass. Has anybody done this recently? All the reviews seem positive.
  10. Do you know where the Port Cam is located? Very Cool! Also-do you know if the bars have Bud Light Lime? Another poster answered this for me before, I'm just hoping things maybe changed... Thanks and great thread! We sail her in 39 Days!
  11. I am also considering using this. Can I ask just a few "dumb" questions: 1. If I get the cruise talk plan, I can call and send and receive texts (0 fee for my normal texting) for no charge while connected to cellular at sea. 2. If all my ports are included in the list, I can also make calls and send texts while in port for no charge. I also don't have to worry about turning off roaming and turning the phone off 12-15 miles out of port so as not to roam when cellular at sea is disconnected. 3. I don't plan on getting the data option. So my best bet is to turn off cellular data. So no email, no internet, but what about text messages like imessage? Will I still get these? maybe just as text messages. 4. Without data, video calling will not work (unless on ship or other wifi). We have a 2 year old and a 5 year old that we are leaving for 8 days and just want to make sure everything is ok and maybe say goodnight to them. Thanks
  12. Any feedback from your recent trip? Did they have the bud light lime by chance? Fingers crossed...
  13. This calculator is great. I have used it before when you or somebody else posted it. I updated it for the 18% gratuity now. But I did have a question. If you buy drinks a la carte, don't you get charged the 18% gratuity? If that's the case, I don't believe the spreadsheet takes that into account. It counts the gratuity in the cheers cost, but not in the a la carte drink costs. Is my logic here correct? I was lucky enough to purchase for my upcoming cruise prior to the price increase. Therefore, I'm seeing an addition 3% savings based on if I would have gone a la carte (15% vs 18%). Unfortunately, that ship has sailed.
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