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  1. I don’t see a lot of adrenaline involved. Quite a bit of random cheap kicks. The most adrenaline involved was the security guy who threw his arm back and was about to punch a woman in the face. He dropped his arm before continuing further. I believe other staff around him told him not to or he saw the phone recording. The officer with the Indian accent trying to stop the filming in between his cheap kicks had a good amount of adrenaline response to try to cover his butt.


    So, you 'don't see a lot of adrenaline involved', and you came to this conclusion by watching a few snippets of video? You have a gift.....lol.

  2. The behavior of these passengers is outrageous. Not only should have been kicked off (which they were) but they should never be allowed to cruise again. Just like a "no fly" list, there should be a "no cruise" list.


    I am shocked by the comments on this board attacking the security more than the drunk animals fighting. It may have been against policy but I would not care if security beat them with a stick. It reminds me when a suspect runs over people, crashes into innocent people, tries to outrun the police and when he gets arrested the police are a little rough on him. People attack the police instead of the idiot who almost killed people with his antics. It really tells a lot about society today. Everyone being distracted by the "shiny object" instead of noticing and taking issue what is really happening.

    Security on cruise ships are not police. They really are public servant employees. They probably assist passengers with simple tasks every day that have nothing to do with security. To put them up against these thugs is outrageous.


    Well said! Some posters do NOT have a clue.

  3. What exactly was crew supposed to do instead of kicking someone to get them off of someone? What if they had them in a chokehold and that was the only way to get them off? What would you do? Suppose that person was getting strangled? What then? This was an extreme circumstance. If that was me being pinned by some psychotic drunk i would thank the crew members. Some of these reactions about the crew are ridiculous. I agree they should have all been removed at the first port for being a danger. But since they weren't and it was out of control the crew did the best they could.


    Finally, a levelled headed common sense response! Security was definitely out muscled and pretty much ineffective......clearly there is a lack of training when it comes to dealing with escalated situations like this. Hey cruise lines, hire men and women who have the proper training AND, the physical ability to clean up a mess like this.

  4. Just returned home from a 14 day cruise. We did excursions at every port, but the one we (5 of us) keep talking about is the Guided Off-Road Tour with Bonaire Cruisers. This 6 hour tour was an absolute blast. We saw parts of the island that you can't get to by car or cart. Our guide, Lee ensured that we had a great time, showing us the highlights of the island. A beach stop for snorkelling and a swim is included, but we passed on this (group decision) due to the poor weather conditions. Water, pop, juices, snacks & lunch all provided. The meeting location was easy to find, the jeeps are very clean (at the beginning...lol), staff extremely professional and personable. If you don't mind getting a bit dirty, looking for a more exciting tour & want to see the entire island including the back country....this one is for you.

  5. Hi, do you have any recollection as to how much was for the "off road tour". I'm seriously considering this with my family. We're also 5.


    I believe we paid $100 per person, they accept credit cards (except for American Express) or cash. If you do it, be prepared to get dirty/wet, personally the more mud puddles we found the better it was. But seriously, of all the excursions we did on our 14 night cruise, this one stands out as the best. Our guide, Lee was amazing. The meeting location is very easy to find, the carts are very clean (at the beginning...lol), lots of water, pop, juices, snacks and lunch provided. I believe they only have a few off-road jeeps, so it might be best to book early. If you do it, enjoy and aim for every mud puddle you see!

  6. We’re planning to rent golf carts for the day in Bonaire because we’d like to see the salt flats, etc. However we also would like to do some snorkeling. Any suggestions on good snorkeling areas accessible via golf cart? Are there any places that rent snorkel gear? We can bring our own if we have to but prefer not to tote it. Thx.



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    Are you renting the carts from 'Bonaire Cruisers'? If so, they will give you some options for the best snorkelling sites. You can also get to the salt flats and see other parts of the island by cart. We had a group of 5, so opted for the guided 'Off Road' tour with the same company. BEST decision ever....we had a blast, saw the entire island, went to areas you can't get to by car or cart, lunch, drinks & snacks all provided. The 6 hours went by too quickly. Snorkelling gear was included with this tour, but our group chose to pass on the snorkelling due to the poor weather. And yes, we returned quite wet and dirty...and loved it. Doing the same tour next January. The self guided golf cart tours are very popular, but the guided off road tour is an absolute 'must do'.

  7. First time booking the Gros Piton climb with Spencer Ambrose.....not a fan! We followed the meeting instructions only to find (by accident) that it had been changed. Even though this company states the tour leaves promptly at a certain time....it doesn't, at least not this day. There was a lot of hurry up and wait going on. We finally boarded a speed boat, only to disembark and board another boat. First stop was for a bag of ice...come on, you're a professional company....have a cooler(s) with ice ready to go before picking up guests. Anyway, we arrived at the 2nd beach drop for the climb. According to our tour guide (not affiliated with Spencer Ambrose), we arrived quite late and time probably did not allow us to climb to the top. Regardless, we made it to the 1/2 way mark, it was a difficult climb, but amazing. We descended and eventually met Spencer Ambrose in the boat who took us to Sugar Beach to join the rest of the guests who had booked the beach day only. Huge let down, beach crowded, not much sun and food so so....and all ice had turned to water......rum punch not the same without ice...lol. Speed boat ride on the way back was over crowded. Guides tried desperately to get us to stand up and dance.....hint, if you want a party boat on the return, put us on a boat where you can actually stand up and party....friggin ridiculous. So there, that's my experience. My advice, if you have an interest in climbing the Pitons, hire a private car so that you get to the Pitons early. If you are doing the beach day only,,,,,,,much better beaches than Sugar Beach.

  8. Or the recipient ;)


    While I agree that most phone conversation isn't mostly likely necessary we shouldn't assume that. We have no idea what is going on in people's lives. If I have something serious happening then I'm not being 'un nice' but am dealing with priorities.


    Most of the issues in the link aren't likely on cruises but on land.


    I agree with you....all I and my table mates ask (whether at sea or on land) is that you excuse yourself from the table to deal with your serious or not so serious matter.

  9. This will be my first cruise. Judging from the comments on here, it will be my last. I only hope the people I meet are nicer, kinder, and less judgmental than some of the people in this group.



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    I completely understand your concern. If I had read a thread like this prior to my first cruise, I would not be looking forward to it. Ignore the back and forth banter, just a bunch of nonsense....Although very entertaining....lol. Get excited about your upcoming cruise, do your research on the ports, consider a drink package, take in the shows, dress the way you like, and have a blast. You will meet some wonderful people. P.S. you can get great information from 'some' of the threads on this site.

  10. Thanks fellow cruisers for your very helpful responses. We have the same

    Stateroom for both cruises and are looking to see more of Vancouver at change over day.

    Does any one know how quickly we can go ashore on the changeover day?



    James & Kathleen


    We just returned from a B2B Caribbean on board the Equinox. You should receive a note in your stateroom with a date and location to meet for instructions on the turn-around day. We were surprised at the # of people doing the B2B, approx 100. So, on disembarkation day in Ft. Lauderdale, we met at a specified location, the staff took us off of the ship, Americans were separated from non Americans and back on ship sooner. Non Americans went through customs (Americans may have as well, but it was a much quicker process) and back on ship. The process took much longer than we expected, but you are really at the mercy of customs. You also have the option to do something at port and then return later in the day. Everything will be explained to you at your initial meeting on board. An unexpected perk was 1/2 price for specialty restaurant for the first night on 2nd cruise. Enjoy your cruise(s).

  11. In response to the OP. I cruise primarily with Celebrity and always purchase the premium drink package and have never done the math as to whether I'm getting my money worth. If I have 2 or 10 drinks a day, it really doesn't matter. What I like about the package is the fact that I don't have to think about it....peace of mind. You get top shelf drinks, unlimited water, smoothies...etc. And the best is, if I decide to have a glass of wine that is above the $13 limit, I only pay the difference......nice touch especially during dinner time. And yes, I was asked once on a prior cruise by a person in our group (who did not have a drink package) if I'd get her drinks on my card. Nope, nope, nope, it just pissed me off.

  12. Taking the itinerary into consideration and booking the itinerary only because of one destination are two very different approaches.


    Of course one can and will plan the cruise around the marketed itinerary, but one must be aware what one is actually purchasing when booking a cruise - the itinerary can change anytime for any number of reasons.


    Just like cle-guy, all I'm saying is that people need to be informed and understand their commitments.


    There have been several people advising OP that they'd be entitled to a significant refund of the cruise fare because of the missing ports etc, which is absolutely not true - just because one pays more for a cruise does not mean that they'd be entitled to anything more than people on cheaper cruises in the same accommodations.


    I can totally understand the disappointment coming from a change like this, but facts are still facts and the contract states what the passengers are entitled to.


    All major cruise lines I've researched have the same kind of contracts, so this is definitely not a Celebrity specific situation so changing cruise lines does not help either - and voicing the facts from the contract in a thread like this is not insensitive, it's only realistic.


    Well put....thank you.

  13. OMG.....we, yes we are not entitled to a refund.....please read the fine print! Celebrity has determined it unsafe (in the 11th hour) to dock in this port...for good reasons. Unless your head has been stuck in the sand during the last year, you should have known that this change in itinerary was a real possibility.....I'm very much aware that my med cruise which includes Turkey next year may very well not include Turkey next year....so be it. I'm disappointed as you are, but still going to make the best of this vacation.....get over it and enjoy the cruise, life is too short! Hope to see you at dinner.

  14. March, 2015 we went to Grande Anse Beach for a swim and nice relaxing day. We arrived at the pier by water taxi. The taxi employees will tell you to turn right when you get off the pier in order to find the cheapest beach chairs and umbrella rentals ($25 for 2 chairs and an umbrella)....they forget to mention that you also get charged $1.00 to use the facilities.


    Don't listen to them!!


    This is the second time to this beautiful beach so we knew better. If you are looking for a more quiet stretch of beach without being constantly hassled, turn left and within a short walk you will find Ann and her team in the orange shirts.


    Ann recognized us right away, even though our last visit was 4 years earlier. Ann is in my opinion, a very friendly, unassuming and gracious lady. She arranged for for beach chairs with an umbrella ($20), lunch and most importantly....great 'RUM PUNCH'....lol. BTW, no fee to use the facilities.


    Ann is very knowledgeable with regards to the history of Grenada. She answered the many questions we had during our first visit. I think Ann actually enjoyed giving us a bit of the Island's history.


    Thanks to Ann and her team for making us feel very welcomed and for a nice relaxing day with great food/drink service.


    We look forward to seeing Ann again!

  15. Just returned from our March 2015 cruise and had a blast! While in Grenada, we decided to take a water taxi to Grande Anse Beach as we had done this on previous trips. I found it interesting that the taxi guides were pushing the return tickets, telling people that if they did not have a prearranged land taxi, they would not be able to return to the port....WRONG! It is a quick bus ride back to the port at a fraction of the price of a return water taxi. Just walk to the road and wait for bus.


    The water taxi guides were really promoting certain people to go to for chairs and an umbrella. Clearly a kick back for them, but who really cares.


    If you want a quieter area of the beach and guaranteed good and honest service from a humble lady......turn left once off the pier and find Ann. You'll find her within a short walk of the pier. She charges $20 for two chairs and an umbrella and will set you up with a trusted food and drink person if you choose to indulge.


    Ann keeps the annoying sales people at bay, ensuring that you have an enjoyable and relaxing stay. Ann is the type of person you want to give business to. Will be visiting again in two years and look forward to spending time in the same spot.

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