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  1. I was looking at Northern European cruises on the MSC website. When I click on a specific cruise showing a price in the $700 range, the price per person jumps to nearly double. I would understand if one date was a loss leader, but each time I click, I can see just one date. Is anyone else experiencing higher rates on the website?
  2. Jkgourmet, do you know when the results are due?
  3. Yes, I was on that cruise. I wish you the best with your test.
  4. Sometimes I search for cruises by using *****. The site requires a free signup, but it has a very nice advanced search page.
  5. Thanks for the balanced review. We were on the Meriviglia cruise one week earlier. Sounds like you handled all the last minutes changes with grace and good humor. And congratulations on your wedding! I hope you have many happy years together.
  6. I really miss the feeling when we are checked in, through security, and walking on the bridge to the ship. It's a happy moment to be that close to the ship and then get to enter an atrium for the first time.
  7. You're welcome. We had beautiful ocean and sunset views. We did not have direct sun on us. We also did not feel like it was too windy. Only you can decide what is likely to make you happiest. The cabins on the same deck as the life boats had direct sun, but a limited view. We could look down on them from our balcony.
  8. We had our driver's licenses with us in addition to the cruise card. We were never asked to show the license in the ports. YMMV
  9. The app MSC for Me connects for free to the ship's wifi. I suggest downloading it at home before you get to the ship. Then, it is very easy to connect and use the free chat function for passengers over 18.
  10. I forgot to mention that poolside offers free ice cream. It's soft serve vanilla, chocolate, or twist. The cones are waffle cones. It's nowhere near the quality of handscooped gelato, but if you have a voracious teen with you, it is just fine!
  11. Hi Kim, I'm glad you liked the pictures. To deal with the storage issue, we brought 3 collapsible cubes: https://www.dollartree.com/home-decor/decorative-cube-storage/ This meant that I could stack a couple of them in the open shelving. It prevented socks from falling all over the floor. I also brought a set of magnetic hooks to hang up PJs, swimsuits and belts like this (not the exact set I have. mine are 80 lbs): https://smile.amazon.com/Magnetic-Strong-Neodymium-Kitchen-Workplace/dp/B081JP3VKY/ref=sr_1_14?keywords=heavy+duty+magnetic+hooks&qid=1583080149&sr=8-14 And for laundry, I brought 2 pop up hampers like this: https://smile.amazon.com/Mesh-Popup-Laundry-Hamper-Collapsible/dp/B00HZ0ION8/ref=sr_1_4?crid=2EUFMARP3ET2L&keywords=clothes+hamper&qid=1583080246&sprefix=clothes%2Caps%2C211&sr=8-4 Hope this helps!
  12. The pastry buffet was on the sea day after Costa Maya (Friday). Have a wonderful time on the ship. We would sail her again without question.
  13. No problem. I know I like to understand the costs of things so we can decide where to splurge and where to find an alternative. And here is some precruise diet motivation. On one afternoon, the MSC Meriviglia pastry chefs really excelled. It was reminiscent of the old midnight buffets where the chefs displayed there more creative food works of art.
  14. As I recall, the main pool bar (Atmosphere) combined them, and sometimes the Bamboo pool bar combined the drink & shot. We also went to the Edge bar where one time it was separate and another time (same bar tender) it was combined. So, it was not consistent.
  15. You're welcome. How did I forget the pizza? MSC has awesome pizza. Always hot and fresh without being heavy or soggy. Merviglia pizza crust is white. I did not see any whole wheat crust nor did I see the fantastic charcoal crust that they serve on other ships. I asked the pizza chef, and he told me that corporate decides the type of pizza for each ship. I can believe that it was stressful to drive around the Port of Miami. Traffic was thick, and the signs could be difficult to follow. We were glad that the shuttle driver knew his way.
  16. The DIsembarkation information was delivered to the cabin 2 nights before arrival in Miami. I suggest reading this carefully. It is jammed packed with instructions in small font. For example, if you have a credit on your account, you must get the cash from a machine near guest services before disembarkation. This was a new one for us. I thought it would be returned to our credit card, but no. Overall, the trip was exactly what we needed - a relaxing, warm getaway. Was everything perfect - no. But I don't expect perfection. We got very good service from MSC. We enjoyed many meals and savored a few drinks. We even purchased a few family pictures from Elegant night to seal the memories. 🙂 Let me know if you have any questions.
  17. Jamie's Blue Reef was all inclusive with lounge chairs, shade, drinks and food. We paid $50 per adult and $30 for the teenager. It was completely worth the money to have seats waiting for us. The staff there was fantastic. So welcoming. Our server, Manel, told us to ask her for anything we need, and she meant it! The beach was clean, and it was very calm inside of the coral reef. A nice beach if you have younger kids. We snorkeled for a bit and saw quite a few fish. It was a lovely day.
  18. In Costa Maya, we had reservations at Jamie's Blue reef. I had read about them on cruise critic. And we enjoyed our time there completely. It's a fairly long walk from the ship to the taxi stand. But it's pleasant enough with plenty of thing to view along the way.
  19. Here's a tip for port days. Take a picture of the port information in your daily planner. That way you have it with you just in case.
  20. We stayed onboard for the Roatan stop. Here are some pictures from our tender to Belize. This is a tender-only port, and we shopped for a little while. The ships have to dock fairly far out and it was maybe a half hour ride to the port. Several sized boats were serving as tenders. On the way to port, we were on a large, double decker boat. On the way back, we were on a rather small boat. We choose to sit up near the captain and were partially soaked by the time we got back to the Meriviglia. It was like a water excursion on it's own. Fun and salty!
  21. The activities on board were lively and engaging for some passengers. We really just wanted to kick back and escape the cold on this trip, and so we spent much of the days at sea reading or playing cards. The itinerary was originally two days at sea, but a third day at sea was added when we had to skip Ocean Cay. It was disappointing, but the captain made the right call. From Sunday through Friday, I barely felt the ship move. It has to be the most stable ship I can remember. Then on Friday night, I was awoken by our closet doors sliding back and forth on the track. I knew it would be too windy to dock at Ocean Cay. Each passenger received a refund of $55 in port fees.
  22. I'll mention a few things about the MSC for Me app. In general, we found the app easier to use than the cabin tv options. We found out on the first day that guests under 18 have the chat function disabled. We got around this by having our son login as one of the adults and then we could chat over the ship's wifi without using our data package. Our wifi package was included when we booked the cruise. It was 2 gig of data for only 2 devices. Once a device was registered, it was one of the sole devices and could not be changed. We found that the wifi was normally steady and fast enough for checking email. We did not attempt to stream. Here are some screen shots from the wifi towards the end of the cruise. I thought some folks would like to know about their options to buy more data.
  23. As I mentioned earlier, we ate most of our meals at the Buffet or Waves main dining room. Food temperature and quality was good. Some food was very good. I have seen some concern about how long a meal in the main dining room takes. It was our experience that 3 courses that began at 5:30 were finished at 6:45. So, it was possible to see the first of the 3 evening shows. One day for lunch, three of us ate at the sushi restaurant. It was fantastic with terrific quality. We enjoyed it on a sea day when the foot traffic near the sushi restaurant was very slow. I mention this because the restaurant is part of a walkway, and it could be distracting to have a high volume of people walking by the table. The menus for all the speciality restaurants are available with prices on the MSC for Me app. Also, the complimentary restaurants posted their menus 2-3 days ahead of time. This made it easy to decide if there was anything we wanted on a particular evening. Keep in mind that the Easy drink package does not work in speciality dining venues.
  24. While we are still discussing areas on the ship, here are some pictures of the TV Studio where karaoke and other events were held. The high-backed, curved seats were straight out of Star Trek.
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