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  1. I sailed out of Baltimore on the Pride to the Bahamas leaving on February 16, 2020 and Returning March 1, 2020 it was my first B2B. It was great. We did have some weather on the first leg so we arrived super late in Baltimore which was terrible for many that had flights etc. But since I wasn't leaving the ship I had no worries and even more time to spend the the wonderful people I met on Leg 1 of the sailing. Praying things settle and we win this fight with Corvid19 so I can head out on Carnival again
  2. I did my first B2B in February out of Baltimore on the Pride. I had the same room so I didn't have to pack but everything else they mentioned is true but I would like to add a couple of things They offer Champagne but you can get whatever you like really. I prefer Beer to bubbles and they easily accommodated my request and my IPA preference as well.. Two others that were in the group didn't drink alcohol so they request sparking water. They also give you a B2B picture with all the folks that are staying on. It was nice a couple of days into sailing 2 I had two very nice complimentary pictures of the group including a nice Carnival B2B backdrop. You have your choice of going off and right back on - That took the five of us all of 7 or 8 minutes. Or as others stated you can do some shopping whatever at Port and then board later. I had a fantastic time and I look forward to doing a B2B again once the crazy situation we are in right now is resolved. Hoping everyone is staying well and practicing social distancing
  3. i bring my insulated mug with me everywhere i hate lukewarm beverages and i have never had an issue
  4. Thanks so much the link was very useful. I can't wait to have my first B2B and excited that I will be able to bring a bottle of wine for each leg :)😀
  5. Hi All, I decided to do my first Back to Back trip on the Pride in February. I'm super excited and a little unsure of the experience as I have never done one before and I am doing it solo. I'd love any suggestions or advice folks have but in particular I am hoping to know the following 1.) Can I bring 2 bottles of wine one for each leg (I would be more than happy for them to hold my second bottle for week two but not sure if that would be possible) 2.) I have the same cabin for both legs so I want to confirm I can leave everything in my room between including the Safe??? I don't travel with that many valuable or cash but should I take that stuff with me for the transfer 3.) How long should I expect it to take to "get back on when we get back to Baltimore?" Will I be ahead of the wedding parties etc or will I have to wait to board? 4.) What else do I need to be aware of? Help/suggestions/advice is appreciated
  6. I am hoping for Ken again he is the best in the fleet
  7. Fantastic thanks folks. My fingers are crossed that everything works out. I like the picture idea just as a nice first experience
  8. Thanks I never thought about linking the bookings - great advice. Now all I need to know is if I actually have the time - finger crossed on that but I am excited Do they do anything special other than help you move rooms? Will I have to exit the ship and reboard?
  9. Ok I have been booked on a 7 day cruise for about 6 month and I sail on February 16th. I have never taken a Back to Back Cruise but have always wanted to try one as I think it would be great fun. It looks as if my work schedule may be flexible enough that I could book an add on sailing for Feb 23rd (and there are still slots available). I won't know for sure I can get the time until next week and will be sailing Solo. I'd like some advice from those who have done Back to Back sailings before. What do you think
  10. I have done the Chef's table on three occasions throughout the years. The first time about 8 years ago just an amazing experience, the second was very good with food and service very nice and wine being poured throughout the experience. My third experience the food was ok but portions very small so you could hardly determine if you even liked the dishes and wine rationed to a couple of short pours - just a disappointment all the way around How was your experience in December? Would you recommend it?
  11. The theatre shows are fun. If I am not mistake the two major production shows are "Island Gateway" and "88 Keys" both have wonderful music and fun dancing. They have eliminated the live orchestra a while back but still nice. Each of these are shown twice in the course of the evening to accommodate both the early and late dinner seating On the first night they have a fun little show hosted the the Cruise Director with songs and dancing BUT there is only one show time that first night and it's rather late (maybe 10:30PM) All of the above are in the Taj Mahal When we pull out of port there is also a Sail Away Party on the upper Lido deck to wave out of Baltimore
  12. David's is excellent Red Frog Pub and Piano Bar both have great music The Serenity Area is very nice
  13. Coffee and hot water for tea is available 24/7. I usually bring a travel mug with me so that I can keep my coffee extra hot and bring it back to my room. Another idea if you want a pot of coffee you could either bring a thermal pot with you in your luggage then just get the coffee and cups from the Lido. Im sure you would be a hit with your traveling companions or if you travel so like me just save yourself a couple of trips Also I love to hang out on the upper deck sipping coffee and or going for a walk on the track (travel cup in hand). There a usually a few other folks out but it is one of those times you can almost feel like you have the ship to yourself. Very relaxing and lots of fun Enjoy your trip.
  14. I had all three on tap on the Pride in both February and August. I could always get it in the Red Frog Lounge. IN the Atrium I think they only had one on tap - the amber and the other two in cans. ON the Lido deck the private brew was only available in cans and yes they did run out one day. They will let you taste them and also have a flight of all of them with small pours. I am a draft beef fan and love IPA so I was very happy Looking forward to enjoying them again with the winter break cruise out of Baltimore in Baltimore
  15. I have sailed solo 12 times on the Carnival the last 5 on the Pride out of Baltimore. I have also sailed with friends on 5 times all have been amazing. I always get assigned seating so I at least am guaranteed to meet folks in the dining room. i have to say my table mate who usually fellow single travelers or small groups of friends have all been just amazing. Interesting backgrounds and experiences. I find it a next balance I don't have to worry about anyones schedule but I get to enjoy interesting conversations and fellowship for a couple of hours. Whatever you decide to do you do what makes you happy and relaxes you.
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