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  1. Actually, the Fantasy is currently on her way to Europe: https://www.cruisemapper.com/?imo=9445590 She is apparently headed to a shipyard in Brest, France for a drydock. I haven't read any confirmed information on what changes are planned. Since she is not taking guests for several more months, at least, Disney Cruise may be decided to move up the drydock.
  2. Think of it this way: How many cruise ship sailings have there been in the Caribbean in the past 2 months? (Many) How many sailings have run into any problems with COVID-19? (Just a few, none of which actually had cases of COVID-19) How many passengers in the Caribbean have had their cruises cut short after departure due to COVID-19? (None -- 1 cruise had a late departure while previous passengers were tested, but that was before restrictions on who could board) Some ports have expressed concern about letting ships dock, so it is possible that ports could be missed,
  3. Disney Cruise Line does not automatically organize programs for Cruise Critic members. However, some cruise planning groups may plan their own informal meet-and-greets or book private events. The event you saw on the vlog sounds like a privately-organized program, which the organizer paid to book through Disney Cruise and charged people to attend. It used to be possible to book an event and funnel payments directly to Disney Cruise, but I think that stopped and organizers now need to pay in advance. You do not need to dress up for Star Wars Day at Sea, although some guests will. Th
  4. Yes, you can purchase WiFi plans only once your are onboard. As getmetros said, for the past few years there has been an offer of 50 mb at no cost if you log onto the purchase site on the first night. Then, when that is used up, you can decide which plan, if any, to purchase. Note that the onboard Disney Cruise app, which provides information about ship activities and allows texting between passengers, does not require a WiFi purchase. Also, note that many Apply iOS users have reported been able to text other iOS users (even those not on the ship) without a WiFi package.
  5. Bookings for onboard activities typically open at midnight ET, although they are sometimes delayed. In the past, online check-in has opened a few hours earlier, but I'm not sure if that's still happening. It's worth checking starting around 9 pm ET. As Shmoo mentioned above, you need to fill in all of the online check-in information (including passport/ID info, transportation info, and onboard account payment information) but you can update all of that information later if you're in a hurry to select a Port Arrival Time. Note that the Port Arrival Time is just that -- t
  6. If your friend has her passport number (even in the wrong name), she can just put in the information from that passport, then update the information when the passport arrives. As Shmoo pointed out, even if she doesn't have the correct number, she can probably put in an incorrect number for now too. Since official IDs must be presented at the port, my guess is that the online check-in asks for information to make sure passengers recognize they will need it in order to cruise. If she is a US citizen on a cruise that departs from and returns to the same US port, she can just use her d
  7. Your assigned time is a Port Arrival time. Once you arrive and check in, you will be given a boarding group number. I haven't been on the Wonder recently, but boarding for the Magic typically starts around 12 noon. Concierge guests will board first, then other guests starting with boarding group number 1. New groups will be called every 5 minutes or so. You can arrive at the port earlier, but your boarding group number will still be based on your assigned Port Arrival time. By 1 pm, the ship may have moved to open boarding, though.
  8. It is unlikely that standard rates will drop. It is possible that if the cruise doesn't fill up Disney Cruise will offer a *GT rate that is lower than the current rate but with some restrictions. For one, you would book an Inside (IGT), Oceanview (OGT) or Verenda (VGT) cabin but wouldn't get your exact cabin assignment until close to your sailing date, and the cabin could be any room within that category. *GT rates also require full payment at time of booking and do not allow changes or cancellations. If you want a last minute cruise deal, keeping your eyes out for announcements
  9. Disney does not offer post-cruise excursions from Port Canaveral. However, I did find a listing on the DCL website for a bus tour in Miami that can bring guests to the airport: https://disneycruise.disney.go.com/port-adventures/miami-florida-hop-on-hop-off-city-tour-with-airport-transfer-onboard-bookings-only/ This excursion can be booked only onboard. I am not sure whether it will show up on your list of excursions when your booking window opens. If it doesn't, you will need to have a back-up plan in case it isn't actually available on your cruise.
  10. A family of 5 on the Wonder can be in a Deluxe Family Oceanview Stateroom with Veranda (Category 4) or in a concierge suite. All of the Concierge Family Oceanview Staterooms with Veranda (Category V) sleep 5, and all of the 1-Bedroom (Category T) suites sleep 5, except, as DFMW mentioned, the Handicapped-accessible suites. To my knowledge, it is not possible to have 5 people in a room that sleeps 4, even if one is a baby, but as suggested, you could call and ask.
  11. Disney Cruise Line accepts Disney gift cards as payment for the cruise. If you're using a travel agent, you would need to check with that agency to see whether they can handle payments using gift cards and if they have any limitations as to the number or value of cards that can be used. I have never done this, but I have read that it is possible to combine gift cards at https://disneygiftcard.com/ so that you or your travel agent don't need to read off several dozens of digits when making a payment.
  12. As Shmoo describes above, if you are sailing with children ages 3-12, you can do most of the check-in (including listing people who are authorized to pick up your child, and the password they must use to do so) online before your cruise begins. Then, either while waiting in the terminal before boarding or by going to an open house onboard the ship, you will need to verify that information and pick up a wrist band for each child. Throughout the cruise, at any time during operating hours, you can bring your children to the Oceaneer's Club or Lab and sign them in. (If one of the spaces is having
  13. When our cruise stopped in Salerno last month, we booked a gastronomic tour through Joe Banana Tours that took us to an olive oil farm (with tastings of at least 20 types of olive oil), a limoncello factory (with tastings of 3 kinds), and a restaurant where we prepared our own pizzas with our choice of fresh toppings. We also stopped at Pompeii, but Joe Banana has a similar tour from Naples that goes to a mozzerella farm instead. There was very little walking, except during a 1/2 hour free-time stop in Sorrento (and of course at Pompeii). We had great views of the area while being driven from
  14. When my kids were young (3 and 7) they enjoyed the Ardastra Gardens zoo. It's not large, but it has a cute "marching flamingoes" show. We visited as part of an excursion that included a stop at the Queen's Staircase (during which I stayed on the bus with my sleeping daughter) but you could probably get to the zoo on your own.
  15. As you can see from the menu above, Palo has many vegetarian and fish options on the menu. (The same is true for brunch -- many meatless options, especially if you eat fish and shellfish.) The Remy menus may look less accomodating, but you can get a meal made just for you. If you choose to dine at Remy, it wouldn't hurt to stop by before your meal (such as the evening of embarkation day) and make sure that your dietery restrictions are noted on your reservation. That will give the chef time to think about what to make you. My husband and I don't eat meat or shellfish, he is allergi
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