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  1. Google cannot seem to help me. Where can i find a kids compass (adventure ocean) for a 5 night on Indy out of Ft Lauderdale? I found one for 2014 which wont work.
  2. I am thinking of booking a tour post cruise to see the Flamingo Gardens in Ft Lauderdale. The blurb says book flights after 4. Our flight is 3:38. Is that too tight? How much cushion do they build? We have clear and precheck so security *should* be quicker than your average guest. We are leaving from Miami and the tour drops us off at the airport.
  3. I will be traveling with my husband and my newly 5 year old twins on Indy out of FT Lauderdale. My son loves "crocagators" so I booked us one of the airboat tours through RCCL on departure day with airport drop off. The writeup says not to book a flight before 2:30. The next flight isn't till 6:47. Honestly I figure they will have us a the airport by 1:30 or so and that will be a lot of time to kill with 2 overstimulated overtired kids. My other option would be to fly in a day early and do the tour on my own (which flight wise is actually cheaper), so that makes the flight home at 1:45. I have
  4. Can i put it in the checked bags or do I have to physically carry it until the room is ready? The website implies the latter and Im hoping the former since I also have to wrangle two preschoolers. lol
  5. I tried the search and it doesnt like me! lol. I have never brought food or drinks on board, but I am bringing my 4 year old twins on their first cruise. They are going to need their familiar snacks and drinks (goldfish, juice boxes, pouches... standard kid fare). I wasn't planning on bringing more than a backpack onboard, but the rccl website says it must be in carryon. How does this work?
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