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  1. Kathy and Susan, thank you for your wonderful joint blog. It was a delight cruising along with you! Rich
  2. Hi friends—a quick note to let you know we made it back safely to the Land of Enchantment, and that Ginny and I have already hit the road again. I can’t miss my 50th high school reunion! I’ve had a chance to revisit all of your kind comments. I appreciate every one and thank you for following along. It continues to be my pleasure to live-blog our cruises, and I hope you’ll join me next February when I crank out my maiden set of Random Notes aboard the brand-new Splendor! In closing, just because I like photo finishes, one more shot of Shauna, Regent’s newest Golden Girl.
  3. Hi Colleen—it has been a while! We’re so glad you and Allan will be joining us on the Splendor. We’ve signed up for the Meet and Mingle and are poised to finally join the Roll Call. Maybe we could continue our chat there?
  4. Bob, I've referred in the past to my first blog post as "setting the table." On Barcelona-Miami it looks like my entire blog (actually, joint blog, I hope) will be setting the table for the CC40+ on San Diego-Miami. And I'm delighted with that!
  5. Speaking of bidding adieu, look who we got to say goodbye as we were walking off the ship! Captain Ari, it was a delight cruising with you—let’s do it again!
  6. She looked beautiful when we first set our eyes on her in Montreal. She looks beautiful today as we bid adieu. Kwaj girl, Linda and John, pingpong1 and any CCers I missed, I hope your Navigator cruise is every bit as terrific as ours was!
  7. Docking in the Big Apple—a wonderful cruise comes to an end! (I was a part of the huddled mass on Deck 11 for the sail-in an hour before dawn. Lady Liberty was magnificent, my photos in the dark were’nt!)
  8. Good morning, Gerry! Just under two weeks after our stewardess— Barcelona-Miami!
  9. Packing continues apace. Shauna is amused watching mom and dad scurrying around from the comfort of the couch. She was a champ on the Cliff Walk and up and down The Breakers’ stairs this morning. Her reward was a nice long nap. We just learned that our wonderful stewardess Suzanne (Philippines, fourth Regent contract) has been assigned to the Splendor! On January 23 Regent will fly Suzanne from the Navigator in Melbourne to Ancona, Italy where she will join the Splendor in Ficantieri’s Ancona shipyard. Her and her fellow stewardesses’ charge will be setting up the furniture and preparing the cabins. “This will be my first time on the opening team,” she said said. “I’m excited!” Ginny and I look forward to catching up with Suzanne when we board the Splendor a little less than four months from now!
  10. The Amazing Grace will be assisting in our Newport tendering operation today.
  11. Gnomie and Linda, thank you for your posts about the Navigator’s NYC sail-in! We wouldn’t dare miss it and Lady Liberty! What a great cap to a wonderful cruise this will be. We’ll bundle up and savor every second! (And, gnomie, we’ll be waving back!)
  12. Good morning as we near our last port, Newport. The waning hours of a cruise may seem an odd time to go “random” with a post, but the title of this blog does give me that leeway! On the subject of officer stripes, the captain boasts the most, four and a half, followed by the Staff Captain and General Manager with four. But did you know there is a tier just under four—three and a half, the second stripe thinner than the others? The officers who qualify for the 3.5 stripes are the Doctor, Human Resources Manager, Staff Chief Engineer, Chief Electrician, Chief Purser, Food & Beverage Director, and, believe it or not, the Cruise Director. (Regent CDs are not issued uniforms, however.) F&B Director Vlad points out his three and a half stripes. Vlad has been sporting them for about a year now, since his well-deserved promotion from Restaurant Manager. Glad I could finally congratulate you in person, Vlad!
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