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  1. WooHoo! cruise date: April 20 cancelled and refund requested: March 30 final refund recieved by bank: June 18 So SB has now refunded 100% of all we paid, including our FCD. And they still seem to be offering a 5% discount on future cruises.
  2. Like Mauzac, we have been refunded $900 Of our deposit for our April 20 TA cruise. It was credited to our cc account yesterday. Seabourn appears to have kept the $1000 portion of our deposit which we had made with a Future Cruise Deposit made during a previous cruise. Let’s hope the balance of our payments will be refunded in the next few days. FYI, we have been waiting patiently and quietly.
  3. Could be a hunch, just like the basis for our national COVID 19 response.
  4. I love a slice of pizza for lunch at the Patio Grill. And I’m fasting for Lent. If it works I’ll be able to get into my tux on formal nights. Look for the guy with the straining cummerbund.
  5. I’m not at my computer just now, but try this: go to “Booked Guest.” (Found where there are about three short horizontal lines). Then after logging in, scroll up to My Reservations. (It’s hidden until you scroll up). Then go down to “Manage My Booking”. Then click on the picture on the left, I believe it’s called “Itinerary”. Click on it and you should be able cancel and/or book tours for each day. Also reservations for the TK Grill, etc. Hope this helps.
  6. If your cruise is to be on the Quest, sailing from Miami on April 20, there is a roll call for it which you ought to join: QUEST...TA CROSSING 4/20/20. We hope to see you on board (and hear from you before then). I think you will enjoy it a lot.
  7. As I recall, formal night is often the 2nd or 3rd night of the cruise, then again on the next to last night, or the night before. It may depend on where the ship is docked on those days, and when passengers are expected to return from tours, etc. It’s never on the first or last night. Sorry I can’t tell you more specifically. Maybe someone else has a better fix on it.
  8. Sorry, but I don’t understand your question.
  9. We usually take Seabourn's tours and find them to be very good. The buses are seldom more than about 1/2 tp 3/4 full, and the guides are generally fine, although we have had some dullards. They are always well organized with very little waiting. I know this isn't very specific, but your enjoyment is so dependent on your fellow passengers, the weather, etc. In summary, unless you have some reason not to book Seabourn's tours, do it.
  10. Yes, it’s there. On the Guest Registration site, the option 2nd from the last, is Preferences. Scroll way down to the bottom and you will see a place to input your dietary information. Hope this helps.
  11. There are also some good white noise apps for your iPhone or iPad at little or no cost. I use one on my iPad to make my snoring tolerable for my poor wife.
  12. Seatrial, To answer your original question, I usually wear my tux on formal nights. I feel a little more comfortable when I do, but lots of men don’t. So you will not feel out of place either way. Concerning the welcome bottle of champagne which will be iced down in your suite upon arrival, don’t rush to open it right away. Your stewardess will bring you a glass of champagne also. With all of the commotion on the first afternoon aboard, we drink her offering and save the bottle in the minibar until a more opportune moment. Of course, you can always order another bottle if you “squander” the first. The trick is not how to get enough, it’s how not to get too much. Have fun.
  13. This wine was served on the Quest in July,
  14. Tried it just now on my iPhone. Worked perfectly. Went to early church, so maybe that’s a factor?
  15. Mrspie, I just now tried, and got the same result as you. I know this doesn’t help, but it does indicate that the problem is with Seabourn, not with you or your computer. BTW I’m using an iPad with Safari.
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