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  1. When I look at Worldometers, I see that Florida ranks #27 in cases per million and #25 in deaths per million. Also remember that Texas and Florida are the number 2 and 3 states for population in the USA, so having a higher absolute number of cases/deaths is expected, due to having higher populations. Try sorting the data on the million cases/population tab of Worldometers. By the way, lets not forget that California is Number 1 in total deaths and total cases (if we want to pick on a specific state, and that is not even counting the issue of New York and their reporting ills).
  2. Mr. L, where are you getting your data? When I look at the US CDC website, Florida's data is by no means the worst (for either death or cases) among the US states when comparing rates per 100,000.
  3. In response to the difference in square footage, for the Odyssey/Sojourn/Quest, rooms 745/746 have the smaller footprint. These suites can be combined with Wintergarden suites to form the Grand Wintergarden suites. For the Encore/Ovation, the equivalent rooms are 848/851. We have stayed in one of these rooms on the Odyssey class ships. The square footage difference is noticible, but not really bothersome as we did not spend a lot of time in the room. The small balcony is a real issue, there is really only enough space for one person on the balcony (and I can't remember if there was a chair or not). However, we only booked a balcony guarantee for that trip, and were assigned that cabin, which we found to be very convenient to the Seabourn Square, especially for the all important morning coffee. We tend to think of that suite as the "nanny suite", as it connects to the Wintergarden suite via a connecting door. (To be honest, the last time we saw a nanny or any very young children on board was around 2004.) You can explore the deck plans and see that the rest of the suites are about the 300 square foot size.
  4. From the CDC Conditional Sail Order (page 32) (2) The cruise ship operator must not sail or offer to sail on an itinerary longer than 7 days. CDC may shorten or lengthen the number of days permitted to sail based on public health considerations and as set forth in technical instructions or orders. Seabourn (or any other cruise ship operator) does not have a choice in the matter until the CDC changes their Conditional Sail Order.
  5. Copied from the email - Patagonia, Antarctica & Atlantic Isles A Ventures by Seabourn® team adds expert insights and adventures in the Chilean Fjords and your five unforgettable days exploring the breathtaking White Continent. Visit two isolated wildlife havens in South Georgia and two windswept Falkland Islands enroute to Buenos Aires.
  6. There is a 14 day cruise that leaves Lisbon and sails to the Canary Islands and arrives in Barcelona with a departure date of April 8, 2020. This way you could avoid Barcelona beforehand. Upon arrival into Barcelona you could go immediately to the airport, hopefully missing any problems/issues in Barcelona as Seabourn usually offers a shuttle to local airports.
  7. US citizens no longer need a visa to enter Brazil.
  8. Cruises are now showing on the US, Australian, and UK websites.
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