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  1. Thanks, Robkat. That is what we are assuming, too. We have sailed Celebrity four times in the past five years. We have always had OBC to cover our overages, but we never had to sign anything to keep track of our spending. We are leaning toward buying the upgrade, because signing little pieces of paper will drive my husband out of his mind. 🙂
  2. Here's a question I have not seen addressed. If we order over our Classic limit, do we have sign a receipt each time? Thanks!
  3. I am happy to have looked for this thread, too. I have learned so much! Our October 2021 TA was cancelled so we just booked Celebrity Beyond's 2022 TA. We have never sailed a TA before nor have we sailed on a brand new ship so it is double the fun for us. Can anyone who has sailed Celebrity TAs offer an idea of sea day activities to us? We have sailed Celebrity almost exclusively in the Caribbean and Mediterranean and are familiar with trivia, but that's about it since those sailings are port intensive. Thanks so much!
  4. These are great photos, LouTheGlue! Thank you so much! We just booked a PO on the Beyond for a 12-day TA in October 2022. If we had the choice, we would go with a regular veranda as that is what we like best, but the cost was too steep ($1500+ per cabin). Your pictures help us in knowing we made the right choice. We hope the veranda prices on the EDGE-Class will be more within our desired budget someday! 🙂
  5. Contact tracing may be more effective, but can you imagine the reaction of some of those NOT contacted? I am not someone who would care, but there are many nervous people out there who would be furious if they were not contacted even if there were "proof" that they had not been in contact with an infected person. In any case, if a private enterprise such as a cruiseline, a grocery store, or a school requires a mask or a bracelet, I would comply. Otherwise I would not patronize that entity.
  6. I was merely pointing out the difference between the two thoughts, not that someone would not have to accept the parameters of the cruise. Again, back to my initial comment, why can the cruiseline simply contact everyone on the cruise should there be a problem?
  7. There is a difference between doing something voluntarily, such as using a cell phone or credit cards, and being told you have to wear something that will trace your movements.
  8. Why can't MSC, or any cruiseline, simply assume that everyone has been in touch with everyone else on the ship? Why do they need a bracelet?
  9. I have to say I haven't seen that myself. We took a chance last week and booked a 7-Caribbean cruise on the Edge in March (fingers crossed). We have a drink package, paid gratuities, and a Sunset Veranda for about $1000 pp. We will see how it goes.
  10. We book the same way. My husband still works so the itinerary and number of days have to be planned carefully. We then try to take a shorter vacation in between the longer trips For example, we booked a transatlantic for October 2021 back in December 2019, but we sailed the Caribbean last January and (hopefully) will in March 2021 just to get away. When the price and perks are right, we go for it. We love cruising!
  11. We will see what happens, but we are to cruise to Tortola for the first time in March 2021. The beach threads are terrific. Because I am so fair, we don't usually go to Caribbean beaches, but Brewers Bay sounds so good and so Caribbean that I would like us to go. I understand that loungers are available. What about umbrellas? Or even if there might be some shade where I can be safe? Should I choose another beach? Thanks so much!
  12. Good morning, Next January, we will be sailing on Celebrity Summit round trip from San Juan. Our flight home is at 5:40pm. First, how late can we disembark? We have gone with the flow of rooms before now due to earlier flights so I am not sure how late flights can change things. Second, are there tour companies that cater to disembarkation day passengers? I have seen one tour operator recommended, but he seems to do full day excursions for those who are in port for a whole day. Thanks for any advice and for anything someone would like to add.
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