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  1. Thanks! I see what happened. The title of the original post threw me off. My husband and I are sailing the same day on BEYOND on its transatlantic journey to New York from Barcelona, and we have a one-day stop in Lisbon. The itinerary above is on INFINITY. I would have liked two days in Lisbon!
  2. With the overnight in Aruba, this is in my top three favorite itineraries. I hope you have a wonderful time, Jim!
  3. Hi, Zitsky, My husband and I are on this cruise, and we do not have it as having an overnight in Lisbon. Did the itinerary change? I didn't see anything new on our reservation. Thanks!
  4. My post was not not meant to dissuade CC members from entering. It was meant to help them enter with correctly completed entries.
  5. Please be sure to read the entire "Official Rules" page before posting. Otherwise, your posts may be disqualified. https://www.celebritycruises.com/captains-club/exclusive-offers/loyalty-contest For example, if someone other than/is in the picture with the entrant, the entry will be disqualified. See the second point under "Content Restrictions." I just want to prevent anyone from wasting time when entering. Good luck to all who are entering!
  6. You're welcome! No, but I will be on Reflection at the end of November. I hope to get back to the ABC islands someday soon. 😊
  7. We loved Woodwinds! We sailed on her in January 2020 The crew, the snorkeling site, the delicious food all added up to my most favorite island excursion ever. I hadn't been that physically active for a steady period of time in forever. I fell asleep as soon as we arrived back on the ship and fell asleep again at dinner. Have fun!!!
  8. Thankfully, we will not be taking the TA on Beyond until October 2022. 😁
  9. You aren't being a downer, baggal. 😊 I should clarify that the Beyond TA we are taking is next year, October 2022. Hopefully, all will be well by then.
  10. Thanks so much, Dani! I have heard of the company, but I haven't started my research on that port yet. I will go and bookmark the site now.
  11. I will definitely write this down in my notebook of "Oh, the places you'll go!" These look amazing especially when accompanied by a fabulous cup of coffee.
  12. Those sound like wonderful temps for me!. My husband would like it a little warmer, but it will have to do. He has no interest in an Alaska cruise whereas I would love to go. Cruising to Joe means warm weather. This is a good compromise. LOL We have been to Bermuda, and I have been to Cadiz. Lisbon and Ponta Delgada are new to us. Thank you for the endorsement of the Canaries. We are so looking forward to going there.
  13. We are going to sail on the Beyond for 12 days from Barcelona on October 12. The ports include Cadiz, Lisbon, Ponta Delgada, and Bermuda before arriving at Cape Liberty. We could have taken a longer cruise into Florida, but the idea of sailing on a brand ship, something we haven't done before, and arriving home without having to catch a flight was too much to pass up. We will simply rent a car and drive the 2.5 hours home to Connecticut. We also enjoy Barcelona as an embarkation port as opposed to Rome or Southampton. Much thought went into our choice. That is all part of the fun of planning for me.
  14. We love sea days, and, because I read these boards, the idea of longer days in warmer weather (compared to spring crossings) appealed to my husband. We will try an eastbound at some point, too. I think we, too, will become addicted. 🙂 I did not think about the crew. Good for them as they work so hard!
  15. I haven't followed this blog since last Wednesday - just busy. I just spent the last couple of hours catching up. Thank you for all you do for us, Jim, as we all come back to cruising. Everything has been so helpful. You're the best!
  16. Same here plus I thought being out of sight of land would unnerve. SO WRONG! LOL! We have sailed plenty of times out of sight of land and had a blast with onboard activities. We have our first TA booked on Beyond next October. Can't wait!
  17. I made it to the profile, but there is not anything at the bottom except a sign-out option. I will just have to wait. Thanks again!
  18. Any hint for me where you were able to complete the contract? I have been stumbling around since reading you answer. I still may not be able to check in, but since two different customer reps gave me two different answers, it is worth a try. Thanks, Oceansaway17! 😁
  19. I just called Celebrity to check on what might be happening. They have turned off check in for my cruise. The rep said they are only offering check in for September. I had read somewhere on the boards that this was happening, but, when the check in light came on for this cruise, I thought things had changed. Oh, well!
  20. November 27 on Reflection.
  21. I did go to the app, but I was stopped at the same place. I just have to be patient! 🙄😁❤️
  22. I hope that's it. We are scheduled to stop in Nassau, DR, San Juan, and St. Thomas. Nothing has shown up on the website in terms of one or more of these ports being changed, but as you mentioned, being flexible is the key. I have no problem with changes and will wait patiently! Thanks!
  23. November 27 on Reflection. I wonder why you cannot. I hope you can soon.
  24. That helps me. I will try the app. I usually use my laptop for forms simply for ease of reading and filling in the info. 😁
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