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  1. The law will decide. If there is negligence then they pay up, if not then so be it. Cruise companies have been a little dismissive when it came to passenger rights so perhaps no harm having some rebalancing.
  2. This is a hugely important post. We will get a vaccine and drugs will be found to help fight the virus, but I agree with you that it is not worth the risk. Plus we have to think about spreading the virus to countries visited.
  3. Will Cruising ever be the same again? Will ports who do not have a major dependence on cruises be willing to take any risks before there is a vaccine? Will ships need to retrofit to give more space to crew accommodation? Will RCCL continue to run the three brands or will there be some downsizing/focus on the core brands?
  4. Which was probably a good decision by the Chilean authorities in terms of protecting their own citizens.
  5. This is extraordinary. Was this just coincidence or was the flight a charter/arranged by the cruise line?
  6. An important aspect to remember in respect to nursing homes is that it was visitors and staff in those homes who introduced the virus in. All valid points on the spread of the virus within.
  7. I think this is a relevant point. People who were on planes brought the virus from Europe to the US. International travel linked to the globalised economy helped spread the virus. However, most infections have been community based. Cruise ships had (and indeed are having) community based transmissions. One aspect in all this is the density of crew accommodation - no possibility for isolating until it is too late. I wonder will this aspect be considered when cruising returns.
  8. This is the current state of play in Europe. There is very little “green” And while there is some movement from “red” to “yellow” in Spain and Germany the process for “normalising” will be taken very slowly. Other countries have quarantining in place already with an expectation that this will be more institutionalised as restrictions are eased and there may still be bans on travel from jurisdictions which are still experiencing a high number of cases (this will not be a negotiation given unilateral actions and non conciliation in the early part of the pandemic). There is still a massive amount of uncertainty with tensions arising between the public health advice which is ultra cautious (having more in-depth knowledge of how lethal this virus is) and politicians who are getting it in the neck from people and business weary with the lock-down. Many Europeans are at the point whether they are hopeful of a late summer vacation (in hope rather than expectation). Countries like Spain and Greece are trying to ascertain what parts of the land holiday season can be salvaged even with domestic tourism (these are critical for their economies). Meetings/conferences scheduled for the Autumn are already being deferred to December. Maybe (just maybe) there could be cruises in Europe in the Autumn but perhaps these will be limited to one country only e.g. Greece but not at the risk to either citizens or to broader freedom of movement.
  9. Even if European ports are not open, hopefully there will be some element of tourism to support those many hotels, restaurants and small shops over the period ahead. although I wonder will Venice open up at all for cruise ships.
  10. that is what I would have thought. I am wondering even on land holidays - Spain does not expect a tourism season this year.
  11. What is interesting is that the bonus FCC is increasing prices. Had been watching some cruises in the Adriatic which in previous years had reduced in price around now and they are either static or increasing. While Greece is expected to re-open to a degree (I have not seen specific info on cruise ships) we may find that there are still restrictions on trans Atlantic flights if the US is not under control. If Adriatic sailings happens (doubtful) but there are no US guests, will prices drop or will they sail sub capacity?
  12. Maybe all the happy customers can come together to get a retirement gift for Larry? How would this work in practice?
  13. I think the person was referring to the refurbishments but no guarantee the cruises will happen either.
  14. Someone suggested an online funding campaign. Anyone know if this was set up?
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