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  1. Thanks....I know that I'm late to the party, but this is great news. Emailing is sooo much more convenient than faxing. Thanks again.
  2. There is but 1 answer to your multi-part question: No one knows diddly until there is a proven vaccine. Everything else is simply guesswork and supposition.
  3. When then as they were then called, RCCL, abandoned the Los Angeles market, I wrote Richard Fain a letter and he actually wrote me back. He explained that even though the ships sailed full, it was poor or sub-standard on-board sales that prompted them to leave when their contract with the Port of Los Angeles expired. It had nothing to do with previously mentioned Air Resources Board standard or anything similar. It was strictly a dollars and cents decision. We truly missed them sailing from LA as we would book last minute, be it the 4 night or the 7 night cruises and did them 3-4 times
  4. Too bad it's behind a subscription firewall.
  5. There are 2 that will always stand out for us. A 2 day tour of St. Petersburg. We were fortunate enough to be the tour organizers and thus had the opportunity to choose the itinerary ourselves as long as we gathered up a total of 10 people to go on the tour. With the help of these boards we were able to do just that and we designed the tour of our dreams. And then a combination helicopter sightseeing/dog sledding trip on a glacier in Alaska which was truly a magical experience. We were lucky enough to get there about 6 weeks after the new pups had been born and it took ever
  6. Any ship that'll get me there!
  7. Who says Princess is insolvent? Have you read somewhere that they or any portion of Carnival Corp has filed for bankruptcy protection? I certainly have not.
  8. Yep, me too. An Alaska cruise out of San Francisco in August,
  9. It's an online news article....it can hardly be called "testimony". At best it qualifies as opinion.
  10. They may want to work VERY slowly on these new builds. I wouldn't be at all surprised if they got orders from the buyers to slow WAY down or to delay delivery by months if not a year or more...at least until we know what the "new normal" looks like for our beloved cruise industry as a whole. But then again this is only a guess on my part.
  11. I'm surprised they didn't try "Boaty McBoatface"
  12. Disappointed but not in the least surprised. Perhaps we'll visit Alaska again NEXT year.
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