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  1. I want to log out of cruise critic and change my passwords, because I received information that my login was compromised. I want to create a stronger password, but I can't remember my old password!
  2. No; and since I'm 84 and my Spouse is 80, there's an excellent chance that 2021 will be "Now or Never" for our cruise continuation.
  3. Coronavirus cases in the Caribbean to date: 60,828 LOOP NEWS CREATED : 9 JULY 2020CORONAVIRUS Share to FacebookShare to TwitterShare to LinkedInShare to WhatsAppShare to MessengerShare to EmailShare to TelegramShare to More390 Confirmed Caribbean coronavirus cases as of today, July 9: Dominican Republic- 40,790 cases, 842 deaths, 20,426 recovered Haiti- 6486 cases, 123 deaths, 2181 recovered Frenc
  4. Thank you. I've been humbled! It doesn't get me more interested in an "all Private Island" cruise, but it's good information. we very seldom get off the ship to visit the private islands, but it's nice to know that they're there.
  5. My Spouse and I usually book cruises which start at 10 day and go up to about 25 days. If someone is taking a 3 or 4 day cruise the private islands my be an option, but I don't know of a cruise line with more than one private island. Would the cruise just circle the private island for 10 days? Obviously not, so the idea makes no sense except for very short cruises.
  6. I'm confused about how the Celebrity "Non-Refundable Fare works. Here's what I don't understand: Assume that I book a cruise that is Non-refundable for two people. My Deposit is $900. A few weeks later, because of an illness, we need to cancel the cruise. We're still six months before the normal cruise ship penalty kicks in. Do we have to pay $200 because of the "Non Refundable" booking and receive a refund of $700, or do we forfeit the entire $900?
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