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  1. Oh my what nasty people there are around. Good job most people aren’t like that
  2. It is actually Iona we are on first. But I didn’t realise the app hadn’t been rolled out for the whole fleet yet.
  3. It’s been changed to the app now which is where the problem is arising. I sent P & O a message on Messenger about this and they said as the app is now up and running you had to book via the app on boarding. Judging from the posts on Facebook lots are now missing out completely. I don’t understand why they don’t make it to book daily.
  4. I know you used to be able to book theatre slots online but P& O are either charging soon or have already done so to booking on boarding via the app. My question is have people on here managed to book the theatres they want or have they been disappointed? The theatre shows are the main thing we love about cruising and would be gutted if we miss the shows. As I understand it from Facebook etc those boarding early are booking up for the whole cruise and those unfortunate enough to get a late boarding time are completely missing out for the whole cruise. That seems ridiculously unfair, they could at least make it so you have to book daily giving everyone a fair chance of seeing the shows. I am seriously thinking of cancelling our cruise in January because of this as to be honest there would be no point in going if we are going to miss out on the best part of the cruise.
  5. P & O should have gone over the poor chaps head and chucked them off the ship and charged her with assault. If she did that to an elderly gent just think what she is doing elsewhere in the community. Not a good example to any kids she might have. Pity the papers didn’t pick up on it and named and shamed her. - or did they?
  6. amajaa

    Tennis final

    My Husband thinks she looks like a Pop Star. The glossy magazines are going to love her. Well done Emma
  7. Yes I think people trying to book the Specialty Restaurants are saying the same about things being fully booked. We aren’t fussed about booking Specialty Restaurants but I do hope we manage to get seats in the MDR every night and also for Breakfast. The Waiter Service and the Theatre Shows are probably the main reason we enjoy cruising so much. Also of course meeting new people, we love that
  8. I’m sorry I don’t know either what has to be booked and what doesn’t. I am hoping someone who has already traveled will let us know. Although according to the message I received from P & O it is changing from booking before you board to using the app when you board. We love the Theatre Shows and the daytime talks so will be very disappointed if when we board the early boarders have already booked all the slots. So, as I said earlier, they need to make it so you have to book daily for everything and not let people that have been lucky enough to get an early boarding time take all the slots for the whole cruise. That doesn’t make sense to me.
  9. Or of course have it so entertainment, dining etc for each day has to be booked on that day or at least the night before and not being able to book the whole cruise as soon as you board. That would solve 2 problems 1) people who get early boarding wouldn't be able to book all the spaces and 2) it would allow slightly more spontaneity which is what I think most people want from a cruise and not having to quickly make decisions about the whole cruise on boarding because otherwise you might miss out.
  10. Oh well, that’s a shame the last 2 posters, both deck 9 on Iona and not the same times. So obviously they aren’t doing what they used to do and stick to same time boarding decks per ship for every cruise.
  11. Has anyone else got a boarding times yet and if so which deck on which ship please? So we can see if a pattern is emerging.
  12. I messaged P & O and they have just answered saying that now the onboard app is working you won’t be able to book shows etc before you sail you will have to do it on the app when you board. I have replied to them saying what happens if you have a late boarding time as all the early boarders will have already booked all the slots, how are they going to rectify that. I await a reply, it could be a week or so. What is everyone else’s opinion on this one?
  13. Hi all. So it says you can book entertainment 2 weeks before you sail, has everyone managed to do that and do you get notification from P & O when you can book or is it just keep looking to see when it comes up? Can you book for a couple ( or family ) in one booking or do you each have to log in individually to book, if that is the case one person might get a seat and the other not. Thanks for any insight into this
  14. Thanks all for replies to my question about not being able to start a new thread. Yes, I was doing it on my I-pad, so it looks like we all had same problem. Will try again later. Take care all
  15. it normally just shows straight away. Perhaps someone might be able to throw some light on this problem.
  16. Hiya , does anyone know why I just started a new thread but it’s not showing up. I clicked again and was then worried it would post twice, but alas hasn’t posted at all.
  17. Other than they seem to not be boarding decks near each other at the same or nearly same times. Which is exactly what they did before if you look at the boarding times for all the ships someone posted on here about 2016 or 2017 I think it was.
  18. Thanks all great info. For some reason I just assumed the fish and chips would be in the pub which was marked as chargeable. Will have to give the fish and chips a try at least once. 🍽
  19. I have looked through the info on the P & O site and on our Cruise Personaliser and it isn’t clear at all which venues are free and which you pay for. Thanks for that. I guess we will have to wait in until we get on board to see what exactly is served in each free venue ( except MDR’s and Buffet which we all know about) Is the Fish and Chip place free does any one know as I thought you would get that in the Pub which I assume is The Keel and Cow which is listed as a fee, but I’m sure someone on Facebook said the fish and chips were great and they were free.
  20. Is that Britannia please? We were on 2017 or 2018 and there were only 2 shows a night, but it was a Strictly cruise.
  21. Thanks for your replies. What times were the Theatre Shows please, on Iona and on Britannia. Of course we don’t know if these will be the same times going forward after the Seacations have finished and we get back to ‘normal’ cruising again. Whatever normal is going to be like now.
  22. How did you get on booking Theatre Shows and MDR as I am very concerned all the early boarders will bag all the theatre shows for the whole cruise before we even board. Also MDR, I need to eat early as can’t eat late due to medical reasons. Would absolutely hate to eat in the buffet every night.
  23. Has anyone got any more times and deck numbers ( plus which ship please) so we can see if any pattern forming.
  24. I was trying to post on one browser in a thread I had started in that same browser, every time I clicked Submit Reply it just disappeared. This happened a few days ago in a different thread. I just logged into a different browser and it let me post, very strange. Although the other day it wouldn’t let me post anywhere. I haven’t posted anything controversial or anything so no reason to get blocked. Any ideas anyone??
  25. I think we will have to wait for a few more replies and different sailings to see if a pattern is forming.
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