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  1. I would love to but unless the Government give the all clear ref holidaying in this country I’m concerned about the insurance implications. I would have probably booked the P & O yesterday if we were going to book. Obviously there was lots of interest in the cruises yesterday judging by the way the prices shot up though out the day. The entertainment on P & O and Princess are very similar but I think the food on P & O is just slightly better especially if you ask for a diabetic menu.
  2. The original posts were about P & O so I’m surprised it has been moved.
  3. It’s not worth it for us either as we won’t be drinking and have the Elite included wi-if minutes. Ref the tips I normally leave them on but next time we sail was going to take them off as we have loads of unused US Dollars to use ( thanks to our cancelled Hawaii cruise) so was going to use them to tip the crew. I can’t see us travelling out of Europe for at least a few years so might as well use them up.
  4. We had an e-mail from Princess this morning Regal Princess 31st July to 23rd September Sky Princess 30th August to. 28th September On sale from 24th March. UK vaccinated guests only I think I will wait and see how the P & O ones pan out first as they are starting a month earlier. http://movableink.princesscruises.co.uk/p/ap/8fc892a8c3ad771b/landing.html?mi_u=8571196067&cid=brand_email_info_internal_190321-summerseacationsmoreinfo_brand
  5. We had an e-mail this morning about Princess as well Regal Princess 31st July to 23rd September Sky Princess 30th August to. 28th September On sale from 24th March. UK vaccinated guests only. Slightly more expensive than P & O but I think the prices quoted include the drinks package and internet. I think I will wait and see how the P & O ones pan out.
  6. They haven’t confirmed yet if being vaccinated also means you can’t still spread the virus. Until that is confirmed they are working on being safe rather than sorry. I’m sure more data will be available on this in the next month or so. Both myself and my Husband have been vaccinated but we are still social distancing for the sake of others we might be on contact with.
  7. We are in the UK and booked though a TA but the e-mail came from Princess. Over here the cruise in August 22 on the Crown is more than twice as much as we paid for the Cruise in August 21 on the Sky. It’s a cruise around the British Isles and the price was for a balcony cabin. So it’s a good deal for us to take the replacement cruise .
  8. So how many ships, and which ones, have Princess got rid of during this pandemic? How many are left now.
  9. We have just had our Princess British Isles cruise cancelled for August as well now. Princess are giving us the option of moving to the equivalent cruise in 2022 for the same price. Sounds like a deal to me as the price for next year is currently showing as double this year’s price.
  10. I like her. She is great on the Travel Programs she has been on recently. I will certainly watch if Susan does it, it will make a change from seeing an experienced cruiser doing the show.
  11. Has anyone stayed in a Larger Inside Cabin, if so are they larger? Everywhere I can find seem to list them as the same size as the ordinary inside
  12. Not keen but I suppose we will get used to it. I saw an R in the video so thought it was going to be Regina.
  13. But aren’t they saying we will probably have to get a top up jab every year now the same as the flu vaccine. To not only top up your antibodies but also to take into account any new variants.
  14. Sky Princess is Series 4 episode 8 https://www.radiotimes.com/tv-programme/e/m4fwg4/mighty-cruise-ships--s4-e8-sky-princess/
  15. The other cruising programs we get over here are Cruising with Jane MacDonald . Jane has done loads of series cruising on all sorts of cruise lines and destinations. Jane originally came to fame on a reality show over 20 years ago about the crew on a cruise ship and she was the resident singer.. The Public took to her. She did her last series in 2019 and Susan Calman, a complete cruising novice, is supposed to be taking over but of course she hasn’t had the chance yet. If you can get any of her programs over in The States/ Canada it may be worth a watch.
  16. Haha yes I was just going to say I’m surprised no one else commented on the actual program. I’m looking forward to sailing on her now. I think she is a similar design as The Britannia which we like ( except the no promenade deck) Sorry can’t help you on US channels, we watched it on Quest here.
  17. Thanks, I was thinking more about all the other things it’s suppose to do which presumably require you to have it about your person rather than about someone else’s person.
  18. Thanks everyone. The reason I was asking was I never carry a bag onboard and if hot might not even have any pockets as might be wearing a sun dress or similar. My Husband always carries both our cards in his shirt pocket and if on the rare occasions I need to pop up to the cabin on my own I just carry it, so presumably that wouldn’t work with the medallion.
  19. Haha yes thanks, I was watching the program at the same time and think I had a senior moment there forgetting what it’s called. Do they issue them or do you have to buy them?
  20. Just watched this, recorded from last night. Especially good for us as hopefully our first cruise after Covid will be on this ship. After 5 cancelled cruises, fingers crossed for this one sailing at the end of August and fingers crossed that we have had the vaccine by then. 🇬🇧🛳🚢🛳🚢🇬🇧 We’ve never been on a medallion ship before and it looked good although it seemed to encourage people to be stuck on their mobiles more, something you don’t normally see much onboard except when in port. I have a question though, where do you keep the medallion, do you have to put in your pocket, on a belt or do you get a necklace type thing to put it on? Stay safe everyone
  21. Oh sorry, shouldn’t I have answered then if the comment wasn’t directed at me? Best I keep out of the conversation then.
  22. I guess most over 80s don’t work anymore so it’s presumably mainly front line workers that have this problem. Hopefully anyone on the front line will get their second jab soon.
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