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  1. SusieQft,  Thank you again for doing this spreadsheet.  It is a huge help.  For all of those still waiting for refunds, yesterday we received $30,000+ from Crystal via AMEX as a check.  After a number of emails and calls to Crystal and with the wonderful assistance of our travel agent and AMEX, we finally received a refund for our deposit toward the 2021 World Cruise.  We also now have the $1000 (for 2) administrative fee as a FCC in our account.  Two suggestions to others still waiting:  First, file immediately with your credit card if you can.  It seems to help, although I cancelled May 11; disputed the charge with my credit card on July 15th ; and AMEX got Crystal's money August 26.  It took another 2 weeks to get the refund from AMEX. Crystal had my deposit for 14 months (which was an AMEX charge) but AMEX honored the 14-month-old charge in the dispute. Second, be a  bit of a squeaky wheel.  Elevate this matter with your travel agent.  Some of the agencies place a lot of cruises with Crystal and have some clout.  Don't overdo it, but email and call Crystal now and then.  Good luck to all!


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  2. 3 hours ago, SusieQft said:

    You certainly can apply a pending refund to a future booking.  Crystal would love that.  But keep in mind that if you do, and eventually that booking is cancelled for any reason, you could be back in line for a refund.  And this could all be long after it is too late to dispute on your credit card.  Just another factor to keep in mind.


    I applied part of my refund for April/May to a booking in January.  Now I have cancelled the January booking and as a result, I added an extra 130+ days to the  time line for that part of my refund.  Fortunately, I will still have the option to dispute it on my Citi Visa card for at least a few more months.  From what I hear here, it would already be too late if I had used Chase.

    I booked the 2021 full World Cruise on March 1, 2019, using my AMEX card.  I cancelled well before the deadline for the balance due date.  I've been trying to get my large deposit back from Crystal and finally contacted AMEX last month.  They immediately started processing it as a disputed charge, even though it is well over a year since I made the charge.  I suspect I will now hear from Crystal.  Nice service from AMEX.

  3. 16 hours ago, nancygp said:

    Made several attempts to complete the survey.  I’m having issues, completing question 12.  It won’t allow to complete each item.  Anyone else having this problem?


    YES. Same issue with #12.  Crystal needs to fix this and reissue the survey.  After 8 attempts to complete the survey, I finally gave up. What happens:  you complete the survey, click "Submit" and an error message comes up that you must answer each part of #12.  You go back, make sure each section is ranked, and get the same error message because one or two answers to #12 have now been dropped again.


  4. We are in a similar situation.  We are booked on the 2021 World Cruise and have paid the substantial deposit.  We decided to wait rather than pay now the full amount due and get the 2.5% savings.  Instead, we'll see where we are in July and either cancel and get a refund (minus $500 per person administrative fee) or go forward.  I'm not sure if the Covid-19 will be gone by January when we are supposed to leave.  I've spoken to several friends who were planning on the 2021 WC and they have cancelled.  This is such a good itinerary.  We still have several cruise ships off the coast of Florida that haven't been able to disembark and I don't want to get into that situation in 2021.  


  5. 6 minutes ago, Stickman1990 said:

    Yes - just get your TA to arrange it once you sail the 2019 voyage 


    I doubt you will have paid in full for the 2021 WC by then (unless you’re really keen to give Crystal your hard earned cash) so you will be issued with a revised booking confirmation with a lower final payment amount due 

    Thanks, also, Stickman.  I won't have paid the whole bill until April, so I'll just get the revised (lower) bill.

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  6. I have paid my deposit for booking the 2021 World Cruise.  I hope to take a holiday cruise this year (2019).  While on this holiday cruise, am I able to "retroactively" book and receive the on-board booking credit of 2.5%, since I haven't taken the 2021 WC yet?  Has anyone done this?  Thanks in advance for your advice.

  7. We leave in about 2 weeks for Quest's Boston to Montreal cruise. We plan to stay overnight in Montreal on October 1 before flying home on Oct. 2. I have read that the usual cruise passenger terminal is closed for 2016 for restoration work. If someone has recently gone from the temporary terminal to a downtown Montreal hotel, could you please let me know the best way to do this. We will have 2 suitcases each, so walking or a bus seems difficult. We could use the Seabourn transfer, but it is hundreds of dollars for a short trip. Thanks!

  8. Lido1,

    There is more! We took the 2015 World Cruise and had an AMEX Platinum card that we used for payment. Our TA was affiliated with AMEX but we did not use AMEX's travel department. My husband and I got $3000 from AMEX, which was added as OBC on the first day of the trip. Yes, the $500 per stateroom is PER LEG, not per cruise. (From this thread, it appears that may have been reduced this year by $50). But there are MORE goodies.


    We also got an excellent free excursion arranged by AMEX on each leg, which included either a 1/2 day or full day excursion led by wonderful AMEX hosts, Kathy and Bob. These excursions always included a great meal (usually lunch) at a top restaurant, comfortable air-conditioned transport, and unique things to see or do. They were great trips and usually things I wouldn't have planned myself.


    In addition, Kathy and Bob hosted 6 cocktail parties (one per leg), which gave our "Amex group" a chance to meet each other and bond, and we received small gifts, too (leather-bound stationery sets, travel journals, tote bags, etc).


    We got double points for paying with our AMEX card (that's a lot of points!), and we could pay for part of the cruise with accumulated points. We also didn't have to pay any currency exchange fees if we charged on AMEX while we traveled.


    There is also a free insurance benefit: $3000 for lost baggage, $250 for lost jewelry, and $500,000 travel accident insurance.


    Kathy and Bob, the AMEX hosts on board, hosted a number of special group lunches and individual dinners. They also were trouble-shooters. I think most of us felt they became good friends, too.


    My travel agent didn't even know that the cash OBC was per leg, and told me otherwise. We were pleasantly surprised to find the card in our cabin when we arrived telling us we had $3000 OBC from AMEX. Note that this was in addition to anything from our travel agent or Crystal.


    It is definitely worthwhile to use the AMEX platinum card for a longer cruise like the WC, and it would almost pay for the yearly fee if you take one cruise per year.



  9. Thanks Ricki, Nancy and Koko's Mom. It was an amazing journey for us as first-time world cruisers. I'll be posting a review once I get unpacked, but in short, Crystal did many things extraordinarily well on this cruise. Yes, there were occasional glitches, but everything in life has bumps. Overall, it exceeded my expectations. What a ride!


  10. Scott,

    This was the best one yet. I was openly laughing in many places, and yet, like a great director, you brought us all back to reality with some other sections. SO glad we got to see you. You are just adorable! Thank you, thank you, for showing us what travel videos can be. I've loved the whole series and can't wait for your next trip. Until then, hug Gooch for me.


  11. Scott,

    Since people are starting to recognize the others from the videos, it is time to leave the lens and move in front of the camera so you can be recognized for the wonderful talent you have. Your heart is so beautiful, and I'm sure it will shine through when we see you. This was a lovely segment. There is just something about Gooch holding that china cup - it just fits him! Thank you for making my morning so fun.


  12. I laughed out loud at your comment toward the end! You're a naughty boy, Scott. So fun! Of course we had food, Gooch, beautiful scenery, drinks, and Lucy to enjoy, too. And the music was lovely, as always. I think Crystal is missing a strong market if they don't design their next ship with facilities for pets. So many people say they can't go on long cruises because they can't be away from their 4-legged friends. So why not bring them! Thanks, Scott, for another great video.


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