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  1. beachbride91011

    Nassau British Colonial

    There were none in February, the beach is blocked on both sides.
  2. beachbride91011

    Fascination In Jacksonville

    Thank you so much! You were right, it was freezing! Yes, you did get us on the deck. Thanks again for freezing for us! You are so generous to do this for strangers. The kids are so surprised that there really was someone taking pictures of us. Ann
  3. beachbride91011

    Fascination In Jacksonville

    Thank you so much!
  4. beachbride91011

    Fascination In Jacksonville

    APDMOM Great pictures! We are bringing the kids, who have never cruised. We will be on the Fascination Feb. 13, on the water works corner. Is there any chance you will be available that day? Thank you, Ann
  5. beachbride91011

    Dive-In Theatre Blanket

    We have a large basket in the corner of the family room full of throw blankets. Well, my favorite is the Movie Time blanket and I normally end up losing it to the five year old. But anyway, the blanket is so soft, it is great to curl up with watching a movie at home.
  6. We are taking our autistic 6 year old grandson on the Fascination in Feb. I understand how helpful Carnival special needs department is checking in and while on board. My biggest concern is what should we do in Nassau and Freeport? I know for sure there will be at least one other ship in port at both ports. TIA
  7. beachbride91011

    Embassy Suites (17th St) or Hilton Marina

    We stayed in the Embassy and loved it.
  8. beachbride91011

    Unbooked cabins

    Thank you everyone, I just didn't want it to be cancelled.
  9. beachbride91011

    Unbooked cabins

    Just checked cruise fish, 61%. So I was pretty close. Sept. 14, hopefully this means more price drops...
  10. beachbride91011

    Unbooked cabins

    I have tried that and it seems there is close to a third of the ship open.
  11. beachbride91011

    Unbooked cabins

    Is there a way other than doing mock bookings to see how many cabins are opened? If the ship is not full or almost full will they cancel the cruise completely?
  12. beachbride91011

    Is there anything to do at night in Curacao

    Who did you book the Sunset Sail with?
  13. Great review! Looking forward to the rest. We will be on her Sept. 14th. I can't wait!
  14. beachbride91011

    Ft. Lauderdale Q&A/FAQ Part 2

    Yes he does eat potatoes. I guess we will plan on one of those. Thanks again. Sent using the Cruise Critic forums app
  15. beachbride91011

    Ft. Lauderdale Q&A/FAQ Part 2

    Thank you I will check out Market 17.