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  1. Thats what the airlines like to call it these days. "Delayed Luggage" may make it sound like less of a problem for the traveler considering it will make it in on the next flight from where ever the screw up happened. Great if you're not going anywhere for the next couple of days but a major headache for someone boarding a cruise ship. The luggage has to catch up to the ship and although HAL understands the dilemma there's not much they can do except ask you to wait until they get to a viable port?? So, FYI, the carelessness happened with Lufthansa/Dolomiti in Munich for what its worth. Its the first time its happened to us in many many cruises. That being said, and being a pilot, I can't subscribe to the idea that "sh$t happens", but rather a series of events leads to the screw up. So, minimize the risk is all you can do. Always use a carry-on with at least a days change of clothes. Divide half of your wardrobe between the two suitcases. What else can you do except at dream of getting your hands around the neck of the careless baggage handler with the barcode scanner which he considers another technological extravaganza .
  2. The BinaxNow covid 19 AG Card test is medically observed. Thats why a forward facing camera on a smart phone or a computer with a camera is required
  3. anyway I put the question to emed and wait for an answer about the need for a smart phone.
  4. Go to "emed.com" and give it a try. I believe you can do it without a smart phone. Your computer needs a camera so they can watch you perform the test and confirm the results. After the test they will send you an email that you can copy. I under stand Italy is into paper
  5. Correction: You do not need a computer. A smart phone with the app is all you need
  6. People have suggested holding onto a spare in the event you have an inconclusive result. Also my wait time for a proctor was 20 mins much better than when they first started. I'm not sure everyone realizes that you need a computer as well as a smart phone to do this. Correct me if Im wrong.
  7. I got this review from Trip Advisor this morning. Re: Abbott BinaxNOW™ COVID-19 Ag Card Home Test "me Test 31 Aug 2021, 3:08 AM My mom and I just used this test for travel to Italy. They checked it at JFK Saturday night and when we landed in Milan yesterday morning, they reviewed it, as well. All was good! We will be using it upon return to the US, too."
  8. No. you have everything you need in the kit. You are observed by a certified proctor via your computer camera. He verifys the results on the test card and sends you a Certificate via email and on the navica app you downloaded prior to taking the test. . here's the link to a demonstration and review Abbott’s BinaxNOW COVID-19 Home Test
  9. You can print the results of your BinaxNow test. If at the hotel use the hotel printer or stop at a Fedex/Kinko in town. Of course you have it in the NAVICA app. on your phone
  10. BinaxNow AG supervise at home or on the road testing. It takes 15 mins once the test starts and two test kits run about 70 bucks or a 6 pack for 1 $150. You'll need an app for your smart phone and a laptop or desktop computer for the guided test.
  11. Why not BinaxNow AG by Abbott Labs? Two tests for about 70 bucks. If you do it at at the hotel you'll need a laptop.
  12. That's interesting. ZZU is an airport in Africa. You might want to call Hal
  13. Try calling to make sure they have your departure airport on file. if they don't you will never be able to access flightease flight options online.
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