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  1. Yes, maybe that has worked... But these are different times. I wouldn't assume, or barely even hope, that Princess will have a shuttle waiting there just for you first thing in the AM. Especially if you are not booking Princess Air or Princess pre-Cruise package. You know what they say about assumptions. We wanted to to get to Whittier early... No way any Princess transport provided that. We didn't use the Princess transport.
  2. I am not sure, but I wonder that there is an open corner public balcony on both sides, next to that last Mini? Do you remember any motion or engine vibration?
  3. For now, each cruise line is coming up with their own policy. It seems that Celebrity is not requiring, but 'asking'. (is that not against the current FL legislation?) Princess seems to be requiring vaccination. I am not commenting on any one line or policy, one way or another. We are talking about the ongoing lawsuit, and any FL fines. And, it seems that this whole situation is ongoing. This is not over. If it is ruled that FL wins this lawsuit, then DeSantis will probably want to implement and enforce those laws and those fines.
  4. Again... this would not work if current FL law prevails. it is still 'asking'. It is still 'denying service'. This thing is nowhere near over!
  5. So, that would leave those who do not, or can not, show proof of Vaccination to show up at the Dock and simply HOPE that they are within the 5%, or whatever agreed percent... Could be left off the ship. And that could only be determined in real time, at boarding. And would still mean that the cruise line would have to ask 'if you would like to volunteer' the information. It would also still mean that there could be those refused service due to 'vaccine requirements'. I don't see this happening. I think that there will be some middle ground ironed out.
  6. The mini you had selected would not have the motion issues that a forward and higher deck might have. You might still want to consider that one. You would have your mini and your covered balcony. The thing about moving mid-ship. A mid-ship cabin can often mean a lot less walking! Not sure how often you would be headed FORWARD, like to the theater.
  7. How does Princess and other cruise lines get around this, and ask about or require vaccination? First, I don't this thing is anywhere near 'over'. I feel like there will have to be some kind of middle-ground agreement here. I have no knowledge and no Crystal Ball... But, if FL does win this thing in the final ruling, and Cruise Lines decide that they can and should be able to ask about vaccination, then the next step would have to be that they file their own lawsuit. Cruise Lines - vs - State of Florida. This thing is so complex... We alr
  8. I think that the motion is a bigger issue the more forward on the ship. The motion, if any, is different at the back. There is also going to be more motion on higher decks. While mid-ship is always mentioned, I don't think that motion would be a big issue on the lower Aft of a ship. I know that on some ships it is like there is a detectable vibration from the engines in the lower Aft cabins??? In cool inclement weather, that cover is what would deterrine whether you step out onto that balcony or not.
  9. I have no info or expertise. I would imagine, that conditions and lawsuits, etc... pending, the cruise lines will want to sail, with any number of passengers. Good 'test cruise' opportunity. Yes, normally, the cruise lines will do everything that they can to sail as close to capacity as possible. That is the icing on the cake, the butter on their bread. But THESE ARE NOT NORMAL TIMES. At this point, it seems that the fares I am seeing are not low, they are not being discounted, there are no big promotions out there. For me, I would absol
  10. Yes, sadly, almost EVERYTHING about cruising is left hanging right now. We can only have patience!
  11. LOVE that analogy!!! Hahaha!!! And, wow, sorry that happened. Is that agency a pretty good sized agency that is still operating?
  12. Again, if you are not using Princess Air or pre-cruise Hotel, then I do think that might be iffy. Those who book thru Princess Air or pre-cruise Hotel might be the ones accommodated. I would be watching for 'further details'. Princess will have to look at all of this, and set up new scheduling. I would guess that there will be early runs, and later runs, from each shuttle pick-up point. With the new system, they might have to schedule several rounds. As, the boarding process is being staggered out over time.
  13. It seems that the development of the APP is struggling to keep up with the current requirements/expectations.... I am sure they are aware of this. I think they are making every effort to get all of these new features and functions operating online. (and not COMIING SOON). I only hope that very soon they get it somewhat operational!!! And, about the Princess Shuttles...that is something else that I think will have to be tweaked and changed up. If it came down to it, come departure day, if my shuttle were not arranged to be there for my early boarding, I would arrange tr
  14. MerryDay has ruled... I believe it is 30 days with the current CDC guidelines, then there is an injunction. Pretty much a win for FL (DeSantis) that their lawsuit can/will continue. This thing goes on.
  15. "As Elite, I could be cavalier and say IDC, but I hope Elites and Suites do not just grab all the early arrival spots willy-nilly as we know they do not all arrive prior to general boarding, so if don't normally show up until noon, then don't pick 9:30 or 10:00am." Good point! But I don't know why they would do that if they know that they will not be getting to the port early. Hopefully not!
  16. We are also really big on early boarding! I would hope that, as you should have priority boarding, then those earliest times would show available for your booking, where non-priority bookings might only be given options for, example, noon and later??? That would make sense to me. Doesn't mean that all those morning appointments would book up really fast. It will take longer to check everyone in and board when they are only processing a limited number of socially distanced guests at a time. Also, Princess has been pretty good about sending out pre-cruise n
  17. Yes, the ever changing and evolving policies!!! And, I guess nobody knows about any exemptions for up to 5%. Darned virus!
  18. Good Luck! (even if it isn't your Princess cruise) About whether the ships will sail at 100%, or what percentage... I just checked an August cruise, it is now already the middle of June, and this cruise seems to have tons of cabins.
  19. I get the feeling, from here on CC, that many many people do want a 100%, or as close to that as possible, cruise. We know that people here who have booked with children have been cancelled from those Alaskan cruises. But, I am not sure if that is ALL children... or the number of children that would exceed that 5%???
  20. That, I do believe, will depend on the final ruling on the current Federal Law Suit....
  21. Which ship? And, yes I might consider doing this for Glacier Bay. I believe that they do charge more the 'package' on days like Glacier Bay,. My guess is that you would not get the broadcast commentary and info from the National Park Service Guide that will be onboard. But, I don't know. At this point, perhaps you could get this thru your earbuds/headphone? Perhaps somebody who has done the Sanctuary for Glacier Bay will see this and answer.
  22. Have you seen the current info... Princess has now issued their official satement that they will be requiring documentation of Vaccination. I am not sure, but I do imagine that there is the 5% leeway, if that is the current CDC guideline/requirement.
  23. Vaccines required... as opposed to current FL legislation. Princess has finally stated where they will stand. I don't think, that until now, they have not officially indicated that they would require vaccine documentation.
  24. Thank! We haven't been frequent cruisers, and then COVID... So we don't have a go-to agent. I have considered Alaska on a different ship/itinerary, and would love to see Western Europe. But, with my health considerations... these might never happen. I wonder if that one site where you request quotes and several agencies will give their quote/bid would be helpful? I don't even remember that link right now. I wonder if that would be a good bit of advice for cruisers who are thinking about using a TA?
  25. True! But I think the best discounts are few and harder to find. The people who are asking and do not have a relationship with one of these TA/agencies would probably not get the better discounted rates. If there are any out there right now. I finally booked thru a TA recommended by more than one person here on CC. Did not get a better discount. And really did not feel I got the very best service either. If you know of a TA who can beat this exclusive 'sale'. (which I assume they work with Princess on this???). Then I would would be happy to know!!!
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