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  1. Which ship?

    And, yes I might consider doing this for Glacier Bay.  

    I believe that they do charge more the 'package' on days like Glacier Bay,.

    My guess is that you would not get the broadcast commentary and info from the National Park Service Guide that will be onboard.  But, I don't know.

    At this point, perhaps you could get this thru your earbuds/headphone?

    Perhaps somebody who has done the Sanctuary for Glacier Bay will see this and answer.

  2. Thank!

    We haven't been frequent cruisers, and then COVID...  So we don't have a go-to agent.

    I have considered Alaska on a different ship/itinerary, and would love to see Western Europe.  But, with my health considerations...  these might never happen.


    I wonder if that one site where you request quotes and several agencies will give their quote/bid would be helpful?    I don't even remember that link right now.

    I wonder if that would be a good bit of advice for cruisers who are thinking about using a TA?


  3. True!  But I think the best discounts are few and harder to find.

    The people who are asking and do not have a relationship with one of these TA/agencies would probably not get the better discounted rates.  If there are any out there right now.


    I finally booked thru a TA recommended by more than one person here on CC.  Did not get a better discount.  And really did not feel I got the very best service either.


    If you know of a TA who can beat this exclusive 'sale'. (which I assume they work with Princess on this???). Then I would would be happy to know!!!


    Before COVID, we booked thru a better TA that I finally found out about.  I think that might have been thru this board too. I think they did offer a good discount.   (Different Cruise Line) But, sadly, all cruises got cancelled.  I don't think our agent is back to work with this agency.  But, we have reached out to another agent there!

  4. I believe that now, TAs cannot actually discount a fare.  So, the discount that you would see will be some $$$ taken off a part of their commission.  So, the discounts are not usually that great.  Depending on the total price of the Princess Cruise.  (for example a 2000. fare might be quoted with a $100.00 discount,  this would be  more significant on a more expensive booking.)

    TAs are able to add a bit of OBC, and things like bottle of wine, dinner at specialty restaurant, etc.


    I do not know how much this unique 3 Day sale will offer this year.

    People in the know are saying it will be an OBC type thing.

    I will def. be checking soon to see what quotes we get.

  5. The biggie for me is that they have closed in the Adult Retreat pool area on the Sky, with cabins.

    We, too, really enjoy the Retreat Pool and Sanctuary, great on Regal.


    They changed this up on the Majestic, and it is a wonderful covered solarium Retreat pool area.  If they would change that forward area to a Sanctuary, than that would be GREAT!  (there have been 'whispers'.)


    Many love Crooners.   It depends, sometimes, on the talent of the singer/pianist.

    Some are wonderful singers and entertainers....  Some are, well...  not.

    Saw one years ago who was a Rodney Dangerfield type guy, how can we put down the guests type act...  With comedic type songs performed.

    Last cruise...  the guy just could not sing that well, and did not have any audience connection involvement.



    All ships will have Piazza bars and entertainment in the Piazza.   On ships with Crooners, they will alternate the time slots.  For example, 45 min or one hour for Crooners, then there will be other musical entertainers/singers for 45 min on the main floor of the Piazza.  Like a trio, an ensemble, steel drum tropical take on music on a Caribbean cruise, etc...  (Of course, cant have both going on at once in the same area.)

  6. Your first time on the Regal!   We love the Regal.   It has the open Retreat adult pool, not closed in by cabins, the Sanctuary, which, perhaps has not been totally redone in the more modern-minimalistic style that the new ships have, Crooners for those who love that, and Alfredo's... etc.

    You should enjoy!!!


    I would love to sail the Majestic, if they were to change the front of the Adult Pool area to a Sanctuary.  I have heard whispers, since she is not cruising Asia and is being brought over to the West Coast.

  7. I would also try to avoid a connecting cabin.

    I just do not even like that door there.   And we always make sure it is locked and put a roll up towel across the bottom of the door, etc.   Last time we ended up in a hotel adjoining, before I didi the towel thing, I could actually feel the cool air-conditioned air just flowing thru that bottom gap.

    With only a very few connecting Mini's, would there be another one available you might consider?

  8. Nobody can pick the best cruise for the two of you... except the two of you!  : )

    You have been here on CC for a while, so what kind of cruises have you been on before?

    If your wife wants to narrow it down to two, then what you think she would like the best?


    If you do want to cruise Alaska, then would you consider the Majestic Princess, especially if they change the Hollywood area to a Sanctuary?  I think that would be the absolute BEST inside enclosed area for cruising those Alaskan waters and Glaciers.  ( I don't like that the other new ships have closed in the Retreat adult pool area with those added cabins.)

  9. On the Princess web-site, this cabin shows the little black triangle symbol that means Third Pullman bed Available.  It shows an occupancy of up to 3, but not 4.


    I wonder, that Pullman would have to be pulled down from the ceiling, right?

    I know that you don't want an Inside cabin with extra occupancy, because these fold out from the wall.  they are hanging there in your room.

  10. Yes, these cabins in that category have that Special Note???

    Not sure what that might mean?  I believe I have seen photos of these cabins with the beds as one queen/king, and separated as two twins?

    Perhaps you could chat with or contact Princess and ask about that.


    I see that there are some good photos from a Mini in this area, on cruise line.com.   These also show the view looking down over that extended open mid-ship deck below, and up at the skywalk area.


    We have been In a so-called obstructed view mini, in that area, down on deck 8.

    It was great!  But, down on deck 8 that was too close to that deck below, and the lights that seemed to shine onto our balcony from there.

    I think on Caribe, you would be fine !


  11. Yes,  checking to see if your cabin is adjoining might be another good tip if you are not familiar.

    You can click on each cabin on the Princess deck plans, and it will either show Adjoins with either of the next door cabins, or it will say N/A which would indicate no adjoining door.

  12. Great links!


    And, just one other little note.  Mini's will have the table on the balcony.  If you want to think about breakfast, coffee, room service, etc...  


    (Ohhhh, I remember the days when we had one of the deeper balconies on caribe deck that some Princess ships have.  I brought a nice white vinyl tablecloth that wouldn't blow, and had that table set up so beautifully, with battery candles and all !)   

  13. Yes,  the above comments are spot on.

    We were on the Regal...   (LOVE the Regal!) a high deck, forward, balcony deluxe...  and boy could you tell there was motion.  (We were also booking a nearby cabin, and booking late made availability limited, as well as the cost)


    Another thought....   perhaps this would be a bigger thing for your mom...

    But, a high deck forward will probably be a LOT more walking...   Dinner,  Theater, etc...


    I don't know what all the other factors might be.  Maybe budget?

    I wonder how much that mid-ship deluxe balcony would save over, for example, a mid-forward or mid-aft Mini?  Are there any mid-forward or mid-aft Mini's available that are close to mid ship?

    For me, with the toddler I would go for a mini. if were at all possible.  A Deluxe balcony is def. nicer than a regular balcony.  But I think it would be a big step up in space and comfort with two different adults and a toddler.  As compared to a couple.   

  14. Thanks!

    I did contact the Cruise Center closest to me in my State, and they answered right away.

    So, that's good!


    You never know how you will end up the deal.   And, honestly, I don't know of we will actually do this cruise or not.   I don't think Princess is going to do anything to offer any big deals or promos or price reductions on this itinerary.  Right now the fares seem high.  And, you can always cancel or re-fare in advance of final payment.  


    We did put a deposit on a cruise while Princess has had a good Promo.

    We shall see if that ship sails!

  15. If they are adding a bit more OBC, I am not sure it will be as great as a deal as what they have offered before???

    Anyhow, can anybody give me a first name of a good agent, or the city, where they have booked this 3-Day Sale?

    I did contact one agency, out of Florida, and sadly, did not get a decent agent, and haven't really heard back.


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