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  1. Thanks! I have learned a bit. The one seaplane excursion from Ketchikan to Anan Creek is one that I had remembered hearing about. That is the one/only place where you can see both Black and Brown Grizzly bears. I am thinking that that on a Princess cruise, this would be the one opportunity to see Alaskan Brown Bears from port. It is VERY pricey!!!
  2. When we cruised Alaska a few years ago, I remember A Wolf Called Romeo. I believe it is all true and very real to Alaska recent times. (not history) The Author of the book spoke and did a presentation on our sailing. He was really great!
  3. Have you pulled up the Deck Plans for Caribbean Princess on cruise deck plans . com? they will show a little sideways red triangle on the wall between two adjoining cabins. I don't see these on any Mini's on Emerald Deck. On Dolphin Deck, I see that symbol between d204-d206. same on port side d203-d205. I think that when you look at the Mini's on the Princess deck plans, this seems to be true. These show up when you click that little box for 'connecting cabins'.
  4. I know this is general, and not specific to Princess, but I am just curious, if we ever cruise Alaska again, Where are the best bear viewing excursions? I wasn't sure if there was any better forum to post this? I know there are excursions from Ketchican. But I also see that this is Black Bear habitat. I just happened across amazing video from Brooks Falls at Katmai Preserve. And, these seem to be Alaskan Grizzly/Brown bears. We have Black bears nearby where we live, so I would really want to see Alaskan Grizzly/Brown bears. Any good tips? Thanks!
  5. So, it seems that the reason here is the 95% vaccinated policy. Princess will be going with that policy. This pandemic, cruising, everything, all of it is just heartbreaking!!! But, at least it seem that Princess is trying to sail and follow protocols with as many passengers as possible.
  6. Still wondering if it might pay off to get the standard Allstate membership, if that would get you that Princess discount?
  7. Okay, just went and looked... The COVID-19 Protection is still there. I am thinking this would be in effect and supersede that language in the standard contract that was quoted? The complete info is right there on the front page of the Princess web-site. This is what is states: This new policy within our Cruise with Confidence program provides reassurance if you are within 30 days of sailing, all the way through to disembarking from your cruise. It is designed to assist you if, as a result of being suspected of having or testing positive for COVID-19 or as a result
  8. Thank you for that info about the new Princess Contract!!! Many of these very first cruises. (which are not Princess) have tried to get guests onboard with the agreement of coverage of any COVID related issue. Didn't Princess have that type of thing right on the front of their web-site for quite a while? I wonder if passengers, no matter when their cruise sails, would have that in their contract, as that was there at the time they booked?
  9. About using these Princess cards... Yes, with any of these, I think you should be able to use them, like to buy OBC, and then use them for anything that you might pay for with OBC.
  10. Assuming you do have to be a current Allstate customer? I see you can get a Membership Plan for $79.00, or 149.00 for the Elite Plan.
  11. There are three... Celebrity, MSC, and RCI. Right? Anyhow, we know that fake VAX records are out there. We know that some number of people do not want to get the vaccination, for different personal reasons. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wondering about that. And, I do not know that the CDC has ANY authority, or anyone else here for that matter, to verify the vaccination records of these passengers. The passengers could be from, or have recently traveled to/from, any other country. (yes, that is the reality when one cruises) The ships did not sa
  12. Don't know about the possible fake Vaccination documents. Possible!!! I don't think all of these cases are 'VAX Required' cruises. But, doubt the authorities will be able to investigate and verify if the Vaccination Records were legit.
  13. Ohhhh My..... Yes, it begins..... Everyone is behind, here. Isn't t his now three current sailings with COVID onboard. NOT looking good.
  14. Yes, this does sound very frustrating! I believe that Princess has been working hard at all of their IT stuff. And, there have been problems! Maybe we all need to have a lot of patience right now. Are you looking at your cruise coming Jan. 22? If so, they should be able to get this ironed out. It looks like they are not purposefully discontinuing this service. I don't think they would do that, if they are able to make any money off it!!! Right now, I would just be happy to think that I were going to be able to sail again anytime soon! Hoping for an
  15. I am thinking maybe you are kind of a Princess or Sanctuary newbie??? Anyhow, in the Caribbean, where many people are on board for the cruising and the warmer weather, maybe more than the Ports even... Yes, I would think that you need to try to arrive and board and go up to the Sanctuary ASAP. Of course, any days at sea will be the first to fill up. If this ship is alternating an Eastern and Western Caribbean week, then there are those that have been mentioned that might book these Back-2-Back. So there could be Back-2-Back cruisers on the sailing right before yours that do ha
  16. oooops... Started to post without double-checking! I don't think that there are any good photos or video or info out on the Enchanted yet?
  17. No need for snark on either side! We know the APP has been iffy... I have sometimes seen issues with web-sites (data windows in specific) when using certain browsers. So, maybe that??? We know that there are cruisers who are cruising under different options from different countries. I guess, other than that there isn't much of a guess about what the problem might be? So, if it persists, at some point, yes I would contact Princess. The 1/2 sized bottles of liquor do show without any problem for me, online. We would consider these if we wa
  18. Okay, then as Platinum, we should be able to book even before Paid In Full... That would be nice.
  19. Everything seems to be showing up well online on computer. I think the APP still has a few things to be ironed out. So, yes, the spirits should be still available.
  20. I haven't sailed RCI or Carnival, but have done a LOT of consideration of itineraries other than Princess. From that, my pick would be the newer Carnival ship. Their new ships do seem very nice! While I would probably agree that the alternative food offerings on Carnival are great, I notice on videos of Carnival ships that visit Princess Cay, that the food buffet does not look good compared to when we've been there on Princess. So, not sure the main Buffet would compare the the Buffets on Princess Royal class newer ships.
  21. Not a bribe! I believe it is common policy to give those onboard first chance to book the next leg. We can only swing one cruise at a time, so we just hope you guys leave a few good loungers for us!!!🙂
  22. I am not sure by this Posters cruising history in their siggie, but they might not have the Princess Loyalty Status level to get any good priority boarding. That can make the difference.
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