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  1. Is that the regular medical coverage, which I would expect? Cancel for any reason, if one paid the big premium increase for that, should still apply. I do have some Cancel For Any Reason on the one cruise deposit we have down. True, these are not 100%. And, the cruise line knows this. That is a big hit. But, anyhow... Part of what the one poster above said is right. Many people besides those of us here who are lucky enough to have planned to cruise are being affected by this. I still see a lot of excuses and attempts to absolve or justify. Do those of you h
  2. I only know for sure that the Grand Princess has recently finally disembarked all passengers. And the ship had the COVID coronavirus. I am not aware of any other ships arriving and disembarking recently. If this is true, I would have to assume that she passed the temperature, or whatever, screening and flew home. Now she is very sick, and getting tested. She is elderly. Ohhh My!!!!
  3. I know somebody here just off the Sirena. Not sure when exactly.. Today? Is anybody here keeping up with any ships that are just recently arriving back and disembarking? I know of somebody who just got back from a cruise, and is not well. But, I am hoping to find out which cruise without going and asking.
  4. This is really not even making sense. If those FCC's become worthless, no, you are not 'made whole'. That is what I would call being ripped off. An FCC that may or not ever be realized is in no way compensation or making one whole. Hopefully, if any bankruptcy / reorganization happens, and yes it is very possible, the vulnerable customers who are now out good cash money will be the first to get consideration. No amount of promises or double-talk or wishful thinking here can justify.
  5. The only problem is with the CDC, and their failure to come up with the promised testing. Government controlled medicine. Thank goodness that is being corrected.
  6. What a very negative and loaded question... Wow. I would say to anyone who has that question directed at them that I simply wouldn't even go there. IMHO, it is not always that simple. And, as for myself, I might possibly decide to NOT cruise with Oceania. I have been witnessed saying, before I had ever considered O, or knew that O was with NCL, that I did not care to ever cruise with NCL. For these very kinds of reasons. It is not like this is something new or some kind of knee-jerk emotional reaction. Not at all. Somebody said that this seemed like a game o
  7. I will add that pointing fingers at others over things that were not under their control helps nobody. It is the decisions and policies that are now being made/changed that are fair grounds for discussion. I base my thoughts and feelings on current facts and actions. I agree with your last post, Paulchili.
  8. I am not so sure that they would make the responsible decision and not risk my well being when deciding that a cruise would “go” or not. In fact, quite the opposite. They did did not cancel anything, did they, until forced by Presidential Order. Shouldn’t a company have more concern than the President. Having to force him to step in. It really is that simple. It it is not appropriate to place concerned customers with bookings in that position and then play these policy games. Even more more especially with the usual older demographic.
  9. I think Jan is right. “A bird in the hand....” Still pretty bad and IMHO unfair to dangle that carrot. Especially in these dangerous and trying circumstances. I will I’ll just refrain from using words worse than bad or awful here. Even though that is what is going thru my mind. This is not something a fair or reputable company with any good will would do.
  10. This is NOT changing pricing and normal conditions. ALL passengers who are affected by the fact that Oceania, or any line, cancels a cruise and suspends operations should be compensated equally and fairly. That should mean that every passenger should be fully refunded at whatever price point they paid. This shouldn’t be some kind of psychological mind game with policies that change by day. The more I hear about Oceania / NCL the worse it sounds.
  11. Those are all good observations! All good things! I would wonder, however, if Oceania is continuing to live up to the Four Season's standard or description. Seems the line is not getting the reviews and ratings that it was?
  12. I think it really is personal and subjective. We have sailed Princess, and I have really liked the Regal. It is not a huge floating city / amusement park. It is def. and adult geared cruise line. But, it isn't quiet/stuffy either. (I don't mind a larger ship, would probably have to be an O class for us). They have more activities than lectures. Just as much time with the party band or jazz band as with the strings. We enjoy the Sanctuary on Regal Princess. It is indulgent and amazing. (not sure I remember what this would be called on Celebrity) We have been planning on
  13. Also, well said HawaiiDan on that one last post!
  14. Any line that did not suspend operations before the Presidential Order knowingly risked this situation with either mass infection, no available ports, or both. The cruise line execs know all of this very well. That is what they are paid to know. It is not like this situation appeared yesterday. They based their policies on profit at the risk of customer well being. Not okay
  15. Me..... No, maybe not. The reason is not the current situation. The reason is the changes and cutbacks that have been made that I feel are mistakes. Changes that take away the things that I have loved about Princess. The cutbacks in menus and nicer food and seafood offerings. The loss of the nice Retreat adult pool area on the new ships. The minimalistic instead of welcoming redesign of some areas. Etc. Etc. We have really enjoyed the Regal. Took forever for them to replace the old beds. And it will be repositioned to the West Coast. We we have been int
  16. If Disney is almost ten times the cost per share, no real leverage there... 100 shares of DIS would be a huge investment and would have to go up that many times more dollars per share to net the same return.
  17. I wonder how much SBC would be on a 7 day cruise on Marina?
  18. Susie, what other destinations are you considering? I know that I have been looking at a getaway, from back before this thing got bad, and rates have not dropped. Quite the opposite.
  19. PS: If Oceania has cancelled and ended cruises, that is on them. Nobody should be out of any money. Of course, there is the possibility of some kind of bankruptcy / reorganization measures. But I would hope that individual cruisers affected would be the first to be protected and receive refunds. Shouldn't they come first?
  20. I am so sorry for everyone that has had disrupted long-awaited plans!!! We actually have a bucket list cruise booked for months in the future. I know I would be upset. Susie, I do believe that the cruise industry will survive! But, back to the original topic. I am not happy to hear that, finally, after everything else imaginable has shut down, Oceania calls off right now. It is way to little, way too late. And, I believe they only did it because of the Presidential order of Trump, as he tries to help get a handle on this awful virus. Other lin
  21. Yes Kathy, great advice for everyone. Everyone stay safe and healthy!
  22. I agree with EmmaBeale above. The cruise market has been, and is, huge. looking for more ports and building new ships, etc. I don't think that will change. It might take some time. But I don't think that there has been irreparable harm to the cruise and travel industry. People and companies can be very resourceful and rebound. And, I believe that is what will happen here. This is not a case of a changing industry, times, demographic, etc.. (such as the internet putting retail on the brink). This is temporary factor. Not an evolving and progressing factor. I saw one a
  23. I do know that it is exclusive. I think we all do. And we all also know that there are very few children on Oceania. If you re-read my comments, this is very clear. Never said otherwise. (the confusion is unnecessary) I am thinking about more than some shade/umbrellas. Big differences. No real comparison. Carry on!!!!
  24. Well, no matter what the name. I do hope for a wonderful new ship for Oceania, without delays! Anyhow, if there are those who do know anyone with any insight or influence, please tell them to consider the exclusive Spa Terrace area, and take a look at these areas like the Sanctuary, the Haven, and other exclusive and adult areas that are now on other lines!
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