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  1. Just off Anthem and was told they are no longer reusable. They must have your current muster station on them.
  2. Just curious if anyone has stayed at the Crowne Plaza Newark Airport? It's in Elizabeth as well.
  3. Ok was just curious as we are booked on a B2B on Feb. As a TA I check prices regularly and I was going to offer to notify you. As as far as June goes...it looks like there are still group rates. Not sure if you booked direct or not, but this could help lower the price a bit.
  4. For Brilliance 9/27/20: I show a 6D Balcony is $2909.54. A guarantee balcony is $2780.54.
  5. As a TA we often have group rates, added amenities, and personalized service...but either way you can still book items through your cruise planner. (Excursions, drink & dining packages, etc.)
  6. You would just want to avoid Miami (and Ft Lauderdale) the first weekend in February because of the Super Bowl.
  7. You should be fine. They all state to book directly but they will apply them either way. If you book onboard they may have you pay the $100 deposit per person then you can get them applied.
  8. It depends on which Harmony Sailing you’re looking at for next February. The 16th Sailing has the Rockin’ The Caribbean group. (50’s, 60’s, & 70’s Music) so prices are a little higher than they normally are.
  9. Are they virtual gift cards? (Long number with a pin?) If so you can have them applied to an existing booking. If you’re wanting to do a new booking you’ll need to pay the deposit first then request the gift cards be applied and you’ll be refunded any excess. An email will need to be sent to shared services and it takes about 10 - 14 days to be applied. I’ve done this for clients a couple of times. If your gift cards do not say “virtual” gift cards then they can be applied by calling. Let me know now if you have any questions.
  10. Thanks for the help. We really loved the promenade room on Explorer so maybe we will book that. Thanks again. You're welcome!!
  11. I'm actually a TA. I see 2 cabins available - 7203 and 7603. Another option is the Central Park view - just 1 available (9179) right now for $2373.06. You should be able to call Royal Caribbean directly.
  12. Would you consider a Promenade View cabin? I'm showing for 3 it's $2313.06.
  13. It looks like there’s still 4 available!! Sure wish we could take advantage of it. 🤔
  14. We are on the 8/29 Anthem Sailing and received the same Royal Up offer. We currently have a D1 Balcony.
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