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  1. Thanks guys! We have always liked Hampton Inns. I will take a look at the Brickell one. I'll also take a look at the others. Appreciate the recommendations. I know things can change in two years, but I like to have a plan and back ups ready! I wondered if the seafood would be too expensive. I'll take a look at some of the place you listed BlueHerons, thanks!
  2. Depends on the ship. Our was cancelled for this October and I saw that the Horizon is up for all of 2022. We booked it for Halloween 2022. That is the furthest out I have ever been able to book.
  3. 'Yeah! We are the ones already doing our planning for a cruise 2 years away! LOL
  4. Interesting about the pricing on RCL as I before I posted I went in and checked pricing for a balcony (not on Lido as I like) for October cruise in 2021 and it was still over $1K more than the one we have booked on CCL for October 2022. And, we are in a balcony on the Lido deck. I've looked several times, but it just seems that they don't have as many in the homeports we like and they're always more expensive.
  5. I did get the FCC for a cancelled cruise (we had ours booked this October). However, we have rebooked for October 2022. I would love to have one for my birthday. I've gotten an email from them just telling me Happy Birthday (as has my husband), but never the OBC. Keeping fingers crossed that this will be the year!
  6. They had the mints when we first cruised and yes, I missed it, but didn't really like that chocolate that much. We always get both services for the room (ask for it) and have never had an issue getting both. I love the fact that even the restaurants that are pay at night, have free lunch. I think Carnival offers more free options than others. I don't care at all about the tablecloths in the MDR. They are there for elegant night and the table tops are really nice for regular nights. I can't imagine people that stop cruising one line because of tablecloths. Agreed about Guys & BBQ. Johnny Rockets costs on RCL. No charge for regular room service, but the option of other things if you wish to pay. I really do miss my Carnival pen though! LOL What cruise line isn't a very different product than years ago? I have researched a lot of lines and priced a lot. From what I can tell, Carnival has be best prices and I like everything I get from Carnival for that price. Plus, more convenient ports for me. All I know is that everytime I check on RCL compared to CCL, RCL is easily $1K more for two people in a balcony (and that is in October). We drive to port from Atlanta and Carnival has Jacksonville, Port Canaveral, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, Tampa, Mobile, New Orleans & Charleston. More choices. I feel that we get our money's worth from Carnival.
  7. What's excluded? I have always thought that other lines did more nickle & diming you than Carnival. I am curious as to what was previously included that isn't now? And, how far back are we going? We started cruising in 2011.
  8. Mine is this Wednesday! Happy birthday to all of us! Now, where is my email? I've never gotten a birthday email like that either!
  9. Normally, around a year and a half. However, when our cruise in October this year was cancelled, they already had some fall of 2022 up and we booked the Horizon for Halloween 2022. I was very happy to see that already.
  10. So, our cruise this October was cancelled and since we only cruise every other year, we are now booked for October 2022. I'm feeling a need to be on a cruise, so I am in really, really, really early planning. (Don't judge!😁) We (just hubby and I) are looking for a hotel under $200 and that has a free breakfast. We will be driving in and will be driving to port ourselves, so no worries about shuttles. We'll be coming in a day or two early. Hopefully two. It would be nice to see the ships, but not a requirement. I would also like your recommendations for a great place for dinner. Reasonable, not too fancy. Seafood, of course. I would love to hear your recommendations and what you like about the hotel and the breakfast. Thanks in advance for any and all advice. And thanks for feeding my need to plan for a cruise!
  11. I already booked the Horizon for us in October 2022. I was really surprised to already see it up this far in advance. Possibly just a few ships are up for that far in advance.
  12. Yes, I do mean that the public health emergency will continue throughout this year. With cases surging as well as deaths, especially in Florida, Texas & California (3 home port states), it just won't be safe. We have a cruise booked for the end of October and have no illusions that it will happen. I am just waiting on Carnival to cancel and I will rebook for 2022. As long as there are people who are ignoring the warnings to wear a mask, this isn't going down in any discernible way.
  13. Not sure how they could limit the passengers when these cruises already have bookings. You cannot pick and choose who sails and who doesn't. Do they make money on half full ships? What is the break even number?
  14. I agree. However, think about these cups that have lids and people are using a straw. If you take off the lid, then nothing you have put your mouth on is being held against the public fountain. I've wondered because I see people using the cup they got from the stack and refilling it over and over again. To me, that is worse that taking the lid off your cup and filling it.
  15. Thank you! That is pretty much what I was looking for. That part of the Hub App wasn't available on our last cruise. We've never had an issue getting the wait team we want, but wasn't sure if it would be different if we used the app.
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