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  1. No we never heard any noise from above or below. We did hear a little from cabins on either side.
  2. In June it was 60 during the days and 50 in the evening. rained every day.
  3. No charge for room service. We did not order in advance so I don't know if that was available. sorry
  4. I was lucky enough to get in on the $18 drink package. My first on royal. 👍🏻 My question is the freestyle machine. Do I get a cup to access this? Or I just get soda at the bar. (I’m a Diet Coke cherry fan and would like to enjoy that)
  5. We did the Skagway tours bus trip to Yukon. At the border, the Canadian customs official walked briskly thru the bus. We held our passports up. On board all of 20 seconds ( probably could have held my Chuck E Cheese pizza card ). 😜 Coming back to US they didn’t board the bus at all just waved us thru. 😡.
  6. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=512400
  7. That is tough. A full 2 hours for dinner and desert. We did 530 and had to leave before dessert to make show. I guess do early show and 8pm dinner.
  8. We were told a momma and cub hung out on a ridge as you walked into Hoonah Didn’t see any on our trip. Lots of eagles at icy Point strait Good luck!
  9. We were in a bus on Skagway tour to Yukon. Saw 4 bears. Pics taken out the window. Distance 10-15 feet. One bear walked up to bus !!?! It was amazing. Our driver turned around and parked for pics. ( a benefit of bus over train).
  10. We saw a lot of bears in dandelion fields in Skagway. Amazing.
  11. Here are some photos of our 2 inside cabins. We truly appreciated the balcony and if you can upgrade it might be worth it. Glacier day was amazing.
  12. We just sailed on Millennium Formal nights....aka “chic” nights are quite casual. Only a couple tables dressed up. ( 1 was a wedding party).
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