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  1. Really enjoying your posts Jim. I too loved Eden during the day, such a peaceful area. Be sure to try Eden Cafe for lunch - the potato salad there was one of my favorites!
  2. I am absolutely in love with the Edge and can't wait to cruise on her again, but if you've only done one other cruise (Disney) a long time ago you're not going to know the difference. The Solstice class ships (including Equinox) are all fabulous and they are what sold us on Celebrity. I would go for the Equinox and the balcony - you will love it. For me having a balcony is worth it's weight in GOLD. Then you can save up and do the Edge a few years from now. I think the food is great on all Celebrity ships. But I would also save a bit of money and don't waste it on Concierge - the only thing extra you get is some snacks delivered to your cabin each afternoon that (to us) are not good and not even close to worth it, and a lunch in the main dining room the day you board which has a very limited menu. Save your money and go to a specialty restaurant one night. There's a lot to do on the Equinox too, we are in the same age group as you and had a ton of fun. Have a great cruise whatever you decide!
  3. They were used for our Edge cruise in June 2019. And I believe I read they were used the few weeks after that as well. Perhaps they are being used more regularly now?
  4. Thanks for sharing; you gave me some ideas if we ever do a similar itinerary again. Glad you enjoyed the Edge as much as we did! 🙂
  5. Thanks! Enjoy your cruise, you will have plenty of time to plan which is good! 🙂
  6. There are spots in the El Raval neighborhood than can be a little sketchy at night. We did not experience this as long as we stuck with the main route from Las Ramblas to our hotel (less than 5 minutes). But I had researched quite a bit before our trip and we were careful to not roam around too much at night and risk getting lost. Barcelona (especially the main Las Ramblas drag) has often been referred to the as "pickpocketing capital of the world", making it extremely important to be aware of your surroundings and pay attention to anyone invading your space - for whatever reason, innocent or not. Your experience is not uncommon, and kudos to you for being aware and catching someone in the act. Unfortunately from what I have read your experience is not limited to the El Raval area. Thank you for sharing your story, it's stories like these that help to remind me to be extra vigilant when traveling.
  7. Thanks for the kind words. Yes, the HOHO #1 stop (Placa de Catalunya) is a stop for both the red and blue lines and was an easy 10 minute walk from the hotel.
  8. Another vote for Casa Camper. We stayed there in June of this year and loved it. Convenient location, free full breakfast (not just continental), free beverages and snacks throughout the day. I don't remember free beer and wine but I could of just missed it. There's an honesty bar on the top floor and a nice rooftop terrace as well. They also provide you with a complimentary portable wi-fi hotspot to carry around which really came in handy for us. Keep in mind the street is accessible by car, but only taxis or cars with specific transport permits to my knowledge. Lots of pictures in my review here:
  9. Thanks! I'm so happy this was helpful and entertaining to come! These types of reviews are what keep me over while waiting for my next cruise 🙂
  10. 07/01/2019 – Rome Airport Our hotel had arranged for a driver to pick us up this next morning and bring us to the airport. I am a stickler for being on time and always fretting about traffic or long security lines so we planned for the driver to arrive four hours before our flight. Probably too much time, but you can never be too careful. Our driver was prompt and friendly. I’m not going to go into too much detail because this review is probably much too long already, but needless to say we looked at our tickets wrong and were completely off on our departing time. Long story short we missed our flight. I have never missed a flight in my life before and I was just sick about it. We couldn’t get on another flight until the next morning so we ended up getting a room at the Hilton connected to the airport. It was convenient, but NOT recommended. Dingy, dark, and some areas dirty. This place really needs a facelift. But the worst was the service at the front desk. When we arrived I was quoted a price that was 65 euros higher than a price we had found online. I showed her this price on my phone screen and she rudely said she couldn’t go any lower. So I had to step aside, book the room online, and then wait in line again to check in. I thought this was pretty ridiculous. And evidently I must have aggravated the woman at the front desk because she put us in a room directly above the gym with techno music that blasted non-stop until 10pm that night. Any question we asked of the front desk was met with an unfriendly face and no help. I would never stay here again. But we had an extra day in Italy and made the best of it. This was a wonderful vacation, and the Celebrity Edge to me was the best part. We LOVED the ship and can’t wait to book another cruise on the Edge, or perhaps the Apex! If anyone has question please feel free to ask, I'm more than willing to share what I remember. Thanks everyone for following along!
  11. 06/30/19 – Rome, Italy This was our last night in Rome, and we had no plans. To be honest we were pretty exhausted from 4 days straight of tours and 100 degree heat. After freshening up and relaxing in the room for a bit we headed out to talk a walk and finish buying gifts for friends and family. Later we grabbed dinner at a small restaurant not far from our hotel and headed back to the room to pack. Boo, that’s the worst part of vacation in my opinion. The last photos I took were as we walked around that afternoon/early evening.
  12. 06/30/19 – Rome Food Tour (cont.) Our final stop was for gelato. At this point I think we were all stuffed, but no one passed up the opportunity for gelato! We each got to select two scoops of any flavor. I don’t remember what I ended up with, it was a hard decision. But it was good! After enjoying our gelato we said goodbye to our guide and our newfound friends and headed back to the hotel.
  13. 06/30/19 – Rome Food Tour (cont.) We left the restaurant with full bellies, and headed to our final stop. I took a few pictures along the way…
  14. 06/30/19 – Rome Food Tour (cont.) Our next stop was at a restaurant to taste pasta, or more like eat some plates of pasta, this was more than just a tasting. If you do this food tour in Rome, be sure to bring your appetite! We were all seated at one long table and had the choice of white or red wine (with plenty of refills). Two large platters of pasta were brought to the table and our guide served all of us healthy portions of each (one with red sauce and the other a white peppery sauce). Both were good, but to be honest not amazing. We stayed here a while, eating and toasting and having much fun.
  15. 06/30/19 – Rome Food Tour (cont.) We left the bakery and headed for our next stop, and once again I was snapping pics. Our guide stopped at one of the water fountains and showed us how to stop one side and the water will come out up top, making it easy to take a drink. These water fountains are plentiful and can be found all over the city. The water is delicious and ice cold!
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