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  1. 06/26/19 – Marseilles, France (cont.) After the boat ride we met up with our guide and headed back to Marseille. It was a full day and we were happy to get back to the ship. Once the ship left port I snapped a few photos as the sun was beginning to set. So pretty! We ate dinner in the main dining room Cyprus (Greek theme) that night. I must have been exhausted because I did not take any pictures of food for the rest of the night. I don’t think the dinner was too memorable.
  2. 06/26/19 – Cassis, France (cont.) There are boat tours offered from the harbor to view the stunning scenery and calanques (limestone cliffs). You can choose from multiple durations; we selected the 3 calanque tour which was 45 minutes and 16 euros each. There was a ticket office right along the water and they were easy to purchase. The boat ride offered amazing views and we were very happy we chose to do this, but beware that if it is really hot it might not be too comfortable. Our boat offered little shade, and those seats filled up quickly. We got stuck in the beating down sun waiting for 20 minutes to load the rest of the boat before we left. This was not ideal. However, once we got going I felt sorry for the people in the shade because the only pictures they could take were through windows. So not sure what was worse. Perhaps we came out on top because once we were moving the breeze made the heat more tolerable. I’m not sure if that was the case inside the shaded area.
  3. 06/26/19 – Cassis, France Cassis is a small fishing port known for its pebble beaches and calanques (steep limestone cliffs). I think we were given 3 hours free time here and we loved every minute of it. There was an outdoor market set up that I believe closed about an hour after we arrived. We bought a bunch of items for friends and family here at (what we felt) were fair prices. This village is charming and we loved the laid back atmosphere. There are a ton of cafes along the harbor; we selected one at random and enjoyed a leisurely lunch.
  4. 06/26/19 – Marseille, France (cont.) Next we began our 45 min drive to Cassis along the Route des Crêtes in the mountains. To say the views were stunning would be an understatement. We stopped at a lookout point for pictures, and saw some mountain climbers here as well!
  5. 06/26/19 – Marseille, France (cont.) We then drove through parts of Marseille, oogling the many beaches, churches, shops, etc. and slowly started climbing up to Marseille’s highest point at the Basilique Notre-Dome de la Garde. This Neo-Byzantine Catholic church was stunning and offered some incredible views. We had about an hour to roam around.
  6. 06/26/19 – Marseille, France (cont.) From the bakery we walked about a block to the Abbey of St. Victor, an 11th century monastery built upon ancient Roman ruins.
  7. 06/26/19 – Marseille, France (cont.) She then brought us to a bakery that I THINK she said may be the oldest bakery in Marseille. But please don’t quote me on that, as I may have misunderstood or remember that incorrectly. Either way, you could tell the place had been around for a while (according to the sign since 1781). It smelled delicious and we were able to taste some fresh bread. There was a pretty view from this bakery as well.
  8. 06/26/19 – Marseille, France The first of our four-day excursion spree and the first day of the massive heat wave that hit southern Europe. I believe the high ended up being 96 degrees, and cumulatively worsened throughout the week. But we made the best of it. Out tour today we booked through Viator. I do not typically book excursions through the cruise company because the groups are too large for my taste. Although this cruise we did end up on two Celebrity excursions. More to come on that later. Anyway, today we booked the “Marseille and Cassis Tour” through Viator. This was a 7 hour tour and we were picked up and dropped off at the cruise port. We ended up with two other couples, so six of us and our guide in a wonderfully air-conditioned mini-van. The tour description on Viator’s website is as follows: https://www.viator.com/tours/Marseille/Marseille-Shore-Excursion-Marseille-and-Cassis-Tour/d485-3547PRTMRSPTM10 See the highlights of the French Riviera on this 7-hour shore excursion through Marseille and Cassis! This guided excursion takes you from Marseille port through the beautiful Marseille-Cassis calanques for panoramic views of the Côte d’Azur from Cape Canaille. Explore the ancient seaside village of Cassis or enjoy a cruise to view the ‘fjords of the French Riviera’ before returning to Marseille to tour the city’s main sights like Notre-Dame de la Garde and the Abbey of St Victor. · Marseille and Cassis full-day shore excursion from the Marseille cruise port · Travel along the beautiful Route des Crêtes for panoramic views over the Côte d'Azur · Tour the coastal village of Cassis, famous for its cliffs and inlets · Take an optional sightseeing cruise to see France's version of fjords · Visit top Marseille attractions including Basilique Notre Dame de la Garde, looming over the Vieux Port · Covered by Viator's worry-free policy: guaranteed on-time return to your ship We reversed the itinerary above and toured Marseille first then headed to Cassis. Once off the ship we easily found our guide waiting for us at 9am. We said goodbye to our ship and headed out, first stopping at a lookout point that provided pretty views of the harbor.
  9. This is a great question, and to be honest I'm not entirely sure. I had read before our cruise that as long as you turn off the "green" function on the thermostat the a/c will stay on even when the IV is open. That's the first thing I did when I got in the room. Our room didn't get hot the first few days when our IV was open, so I'm assuming the a/c stayed on although I never actually checked to make sure. But after the massive heat wave hit on Wednesday, even if the a/c was working it would have been no match for long in 100+ degree heat. We could leave the IV open for an hour or so, but after a while it would start to get hot in the room. One of the things I really loved about the IV is that when it was hot we could leave the IV window up but still have a gorgeous floor-to-ceiling view of the outside and still have the extra balcony space and chairs to use. For me, with a traditional balcony if it's too hot outside that whole balcony space if off limits. I liked being able to use the IV space and the chairs all the time. But that's just me!
  10. I too love the art and the ambiance of Celebrity ships, the Edge hands down being my favorite. We're in the same boat (pardon the pun)!
  11. 06/25/19 – At Sea, the beautiful Mediterranean! (cont.) After dinner we attended the silent disco at The Club, which was quite fun. Everyone is given headphones and you can select music between three different stations. Watching everyone dance to different music and different beats is cute. I liked that your headphone lit up with a different color for each station, so you could easily see who was listening to the same music as you. Afterwards we made our way to the upper outside decks to check out the lighting – don’t miss this as it is very pretty.
  12. 06/25/19 – At Sea, the beautiful Mediterranean! (cont.) Tonight we had a reservation for Le Petite Chef, which is located at the Le Grand Bistro. By day this venue is a French bistro (for a fee), and at night this is Le Petite Chef, which is basically dinner and a show on your table. The “show” is projected onto your table from above, and you watch characters “make” each course of your meal before it is served. The food was good, it wasn’t amazing but the entertainment of the show makes the extra fee worth it (at least for us). I’m not sure if we would do this again, just because for me it was kind of a one and done, but we both enjoyed it. There is a set menu but they offer an alternate menu as well. Note that the “show” you watch is making the set menu only, so if you order off of the alternate menu the dish they make in the projection will not be the same you are served. We both selected the set menu; I included a picture of the menu below.
  13. 06/25/19 – At Sea, the beautiful Mediterranean! Today was an ultra lazy day. We were gearing up for the next four days of 7+ hour excursions in excessive heat so wanted to take it easy. We spent a bit of time at the pool, and attended the Captains Club welcome reception in Eden. They passed out cocktails and some very good hors d'oeuvres. Later on we relaxed in the room and I ended up taking a nap (a rare luxury for me). We then we headed to the martini bar for pre-dinner cocktails.
  14. 06/24/19 – Ibiza, Spain cont. Tonight we had reservations at the main dining restaurant Normandie (French themed). I ordered two starters because I just couldn’t decide between the two. The first was Alsatian Potato and Gruyere Tart (whipped herb crème fraiche) and the second was the Baked Brie Cheese (caramelized apples, port wine syrup, grilled baguette). DW had the Countryside Chicken Pate (roasted chicken gelee, toasted bread, pistachios). All were just okay, nothing special. We both had the Beef Tenderloin En Croute as an entrée (puff pastry, Roquefort fondue, bordelaise mushroom sauce). These were delicious. After dinner we spent some time gambling at the casino. We weren’t overly successful. The casino bar is nice. We ended the night once again with our IV open and lulled to sleep with the sounds of the ocean. This was the last night we were able to sleep with it open, because a massive heat wave hit the next day and progressively got worse throughout the trip. Oh well, it was good while it lasted.
  15. 06/24/19 – Ibiza, Spain cont. I think we ate lunch at Eden Café just so I could have the potato salad again! There was trivia going on in Eden while we were there.
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