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  1. That's the menu I saw a while back! Although I'm thinking it may be safer to check with the chef the day before to ensure something vegetarian is planned. Thank you so much vtcruising!
  2. Paul, Thanks so much for posting this live blog, I'm new to your reviews but loving your style so far. I could swear that a few months ago I saw a vegetarian menu posted for the Eden restaurant, but I have been unable to find it again. Can you check to see if there is indeed a vegetarian menu for the Eden dinner restaurant? I will be on the Edge in December and trying to finalize our dinner reservations. Thanks!
  3. cricketgirl

    I Cancelled My Journey on the Edge...

    There is a large sitting area at Café al Bacio on the Edge, one can google this and easily find pictures. I have not yet been on the Edge myself, but many have stated that the sitting area is larger on the Edge than S and M class ships.
  4. cricketgirl

    Infinity verandas? Just windows?

    Thanks for this info Kearney, I am the type of person that likes to know what to expect and this information is quite helpful. Sounds like I won't be closing the bi-fold doors and may need to adjust my expectations of using the IV when in port. Absolutely looking forward to the IV, I think I am the exact type of customer they designed this for - the shade, the extra room and the added privacy I think will be such a welcome change!
  5. cricketgirl

    Infinity verandas? Just windows?

    I haven't experienced the IV yet, but as someone who prefers shade I am so looking forward to this! Can't wait to be able to relax in the shade, have extra space in the room, and privacy where my neighbors can't peep around into my balcony/room! Now if I experience extended periods of time where the captain disables the IV door I will not be happy...
  6. cricketgirl

    Edgeification of current ships

    Looks amazing - thanks for sharing!
  7. I agree that Adam is providing excellent information, pictures, and insight. Thank you - I'm devouring every word! As far as those that chime in pointing out everything they consider negative about the ship and proclaiming they will never sail on the Edge, I can't help but wonder why they bother reading this thread, much less taking the time to comment if their mind is already made up. What's the point? There's nothing wrong with having an opinion, but it's strange to me why some feel the need to publicly down the ship. Clearly others are having a great time and I would never want to rain on their parade. There are certain cruise lines and specific ships that I never want to sail on, but i don't waste my time on those boards or in those threads, and surely don't comment negatively - especially on someone else's trip report. Perhaps I'm in the minority here thinking this way.
  8. cricketgirl

    Celebrity Edge's Blocks Are In The House!

    Yes, some of the best photos I have seen. Thanks for sharing!
  9. cricketgirl

    Fantastic night watching Le Petit Chef on Edge!

    Did you happen to take a picture of the new menu?
  10. This is quite helpful - thanks so much! Thanks for this info, I may go ahead and talk to them in advance when I board the ship.
  11. cricketgirl

    Living on the Edge with vtcruising!: A Live Review!

    I second your thought about the music - the performance itself I could take it or leave it, but I would attend just to hear Florence and the Machine 🙂
  12. cricketgirl

    Mayan Ruins

    Not sure where your port is, but if it's Cozumel I would suggest Coba as your best bet. Tulum is beautiful and right on the ocean, but not nearly as big as others and there is NO shade. If you go here bring plenty of sunscreen, water, and an umbrella for shade. Chichen Itza is large and spectacular, but it is a long trip from Cozumel and is by far the most popular and the most crowded. Over the years it's lost some of it's Mayan charm and has become too crowded and touristy in my opinion. Coba was an entire Mayan city and has not yet been completely unearthed - you most likely will see archaeologists there. The ruin contains the tallest pyramid in the Yucatan peninsula. It's in the middle of the jungle so you get to see much of the natural landscape and lots of shade. Less crowds as well. Wherever you end up, have fun - this area of Mexico is gorgeous!
  13. Hi Tim, I am following along and very much looking forward to hearing your thoughts and experiences of the Edge! Are you planning on doing Le Petit Chef one night? I am very interested in finding out of you have to choose everything from ONE menu, or if you can pick and choose from the two different menus. My understanding is that there is one menu that follows the show and an alternate menu that does not. I'm hoping you are not forced to select one menu or the other, but can pick and choose from both. Also is there a vegetarian option? Thanks and have a great cruise!
  14. cricketgirl

    Problem with Infinite Veranda, on the New Edge

    I completely get what you're saying about the space being cluttered with the furniture, but one simply needs to turn the chairs around facing the cabin and the living area is instantly larger - seating for an extra 2 people. I am having a hard time understanding why since it doesn't have carpet it doesn't extend the cabin. Again, I much prefer the added privacy of an IV and the added room in the cabin (an extra 45 sq. ft. per the Celebrity website). But that's just me, and I may be in the minority. I'm hoping that's the case because maybe prices will go down for IVs and I can reap the benefits and experience them even more often!
  15. cricketgirl

    Problem with Infinite Veranda, on the New Edge

    This glass darkening would certainly make sense on the french doors to the infinite veranda (IV), as it would allow one person to use the IV and the other to stay asleep in a darkened room. As far as the IV itself, it's a perfect option for me since I always want shade. Oftentimes I can't use my balcony because it's too sunny and I don't want to burn - the IV will allow me to move my chair back out of the sun. The IV also provides extra space in the room, as the "balcony" area is part of the room, regardless of whether the window is open. I think I will much prefer the larger room. Different strokes for different folks I guess. I also LOVE the added privacy of the IV, in that individuals in the rooms on either side of you cannot lean over and peek into your veranda/room. Quite excited about this aspect of the IVs.