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  1. That is an interesting question. I for one could go either way, with or without masks required. It seems like the people who don't want masks are more adamant than those who are willing to wear masks on the cruise.
  2. Cancelled: Regent: July 2020 Norway 20 nights August 2020 Amsterdam - Barcelona 12 nights August 2020 Baltic 10 nights July 2021 Norway 20 nights Disney November 2020 Panama Canal 14 nights April 2021 Baja 4 nights Still booked: Regent August 2021 Baltic 10 nights (hanging on by a thread - hoping PCARD's crystal ball is correct) July 2022 Norway 20 nights Disney November 2021 Panama Canal 14 nights (also hanging on by a thread) March 2022 Baja 5 nights Proposed: Regent / Scenic April 2
  3. Google "NCL letter to CDC" to see the RC blog about the letter. Don't think I can share the link. ETA: See BBWC's link to Cruise Industry News above. Much better than the RC blog!
  4. Well, I am certainly liking that prediction! Maybe my Baltic Splendor cruise Copenhagen to Amsterdam will be the first one on August 20!
  5. I would love to sponsor you! Email me, and I will send you the link and my info mjjvance@msn.com
  6. For Ambassador referrals it is a good idea to get the name and email of who ever is using you as a referral once they have submitted the form. I then forward that info to my TA and she calls and asks Regent about it and makes sure it is credited to my account. Very rarely has it appeared automatically.
  7. Also, all Alaskan cruises are "Waitlisted". Not sure when that happened. Of course not surprising.
  8. https://www.rssc.com/coronavirus-statement https://www.rssc.com/sites/default/files/2021-02/RSSC_VoyageSuspensionFAQ_021621.pdf
  9. There are multiple included excursions offered in each port. As MJ said above, they will be rated by activity level. I think the variety is very good. Once on board, each tour is reviewed on the TV, so if you find that the one you chose isn't what you thought it would be, you can usually change to a different tour.
  10. Regent has updated the website with the April cancelations: https://www.rssc.com/coronavirus-statement
  11. Hint on finding wines you like onboard is to go to the "Wines of the World" tasting the first sea day. It is usually about 10 in the morning (!) but is a good opportunity to taste some of what is always available and to talk to the sommeliers. As mentioned above, once they know your taste preferences, they can suggest (bring you) something you might like. My travel buddy prefers rose, but dry in the French style. She tried all the ones in the lounges and couldn't quite find one she liked. She mentioned it to the sommelier in Sette Mari at the end of dinner one evening, and by the time we r
  12. And if this is your first booking with Regent, make sure to take advantage of the Regent Ambassador program (https://www.rssc.com/ambassador) which will get you a $250 savings on your first booking. You just need a previous Regent cruiser to provide their Seven Seas (loyalty program) number and their email. There is a thread pinned at the top of the board to ask someone for this.
  13. Ironic! My last Navigator cruise was to the Amazon, November 2018 and my next (I hope) is the Norway/ Russia itinerary in July! You will love the Amazon itinerary and I'm sure I will love the Arctic itinerary.
  14. From what I read, those with pre-existing conditions (my BMI is over 30, which CDC considers a pre-existing condition) can not sail on the Proof of Concept cruises (trial runs), but that restriction is not mentioned in the Conditional sailing order.
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