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  1. @EeyoreRN pretty much what @kodesthemoose said unfortunately. There is one bar that I can recall that was supposed to be open until maybe 2am or so. But I can't recall why that bar didn't work out. I will say that I good thing about the ship shutting down so early id DH felt we had the space to ourselves often and that was kinda nice with the cool breeze out in the middle of the ocean.
  2. I'm huge fan of the mouse, Annual Pass holder and a frequent drinker of the mickey kool-aid. I've done DCL 2x. The 1st time I took my mom and DD. She was about was 3 or 4. I loved it. The kids club was fantastic and I felt comfortable leaving DD there. Which means mama got some much needed alone time. It felt like a real vacation for me. Don't judge me. DD loved it too. She complained upon pickups often, lol. Worth the Cost 2nd time was a multi generational trip and DD was around 9 or 10. She liked it but wasn't as in love as the first trip. The princess thing was fading and she preferred hanging with us. From and adult perspective, my major gripe was the ship shut down early. DH and I aren't party animals by any means but it would have been nice to have some late night entertainment. A open bar, some live music a dj somewhere, anything! I didn't notice this on the 1st cruise. But the 2nd time we had family our age group with shared interest. We either had to create our own late night fun or just turn in early. I don't recall much activity of interest after 11pm on any day. Not Worth the cost I sailed the Wonder and Dream. Ship was immaculate both times. Dining was good. MDR experiences were fun. Palo was superb on both ships. Fireworks....... Worth the cost TL:DR Now I've also sailed NCL and Carnival a few times each. And I can honestly say when I'm looking at cruise prices, I never look at Disney. At this point DD is older and for us the cost is no longer justified. But If you're itching to try DCL, absolutely go for it. You won't regret it.
  3. I've enjoyed Jamman54 reviews and read them all over the course of 3 weeks. I was quite pissy when the site switched and I was in the middle of one of his B2B reviews and none of his photos were showing up!. Thanks Jamman54 and Patti. I recall GApearl stating that she would no longer do reviews due to the effort it took and she wanted to start enjoying her travels rather than stress about documenting it. I can certainly understand and I really appreciate the ones that still do reviews as it really is a thankless act of love.
  4. Same here. tried different devices and nothing. All i see are the html tags/codes.
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