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  1. Hi CC. Hopefully someone knows the answer. We have a party of 5 people in 2 cabins ( parties A & B in cabin 1 and parties C,D,E in cabin 2) Party C still wants to cruise even though parties D and E want to cancel. My question is, if Party C still sails as planned, will parties D and E still get their full FCC?
  2. Prob won't be around at midnight....Happiest of Birthdays Sid. And thanks for taking us along for the ride.
  3. Fit bit will be fine w/o data as it syncs via bluetooth to your phone. MFP will require data to look up ingredients etc. However, the calorie count will vary widely as preparation of most of the foods in unknown... ie how much butter or oil is used etc. You can try to keep your log the old fashioned way on the ship then when in port spend some time transferring your data to the app. I've been thinking about diet/fitness logistics myself for my upcoming cruise. Don't want to undo my months of hard work. I could drink my way way through 2000 calories per day easily.
  4. Could be race and/or age. Looking forward to @Lottacruises clarification on this statement.
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