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  1. I just can not even fathom the logistics of re-crewing these ships! From ship’s crew, to hotel staff, to restaurant and bar staff, to entertainment staff, to the folks that run the shops, those that take pictures, and all the rest! I’m sure there are lots of “what if” plans in place, but how much can they do before they have a firm idea about cruising dates?
  2. Our friend from Ireland, who’s been stuck on the Liberty since cruising stopped, got home yesterday. Our other friend from Manila, who had be stuck on the Oasis a d who now is on the LOS, hopes to make it home by the end on June! Pray for them all.
  3. As of yesterday, we still have two crew friends trapped on ships. Our bartender friend recently transferred from her home ship, the Oasis to the Liberty. She needs to get home to Manila as she has been since this started. She’s glad to be off the Oasis where she had many friends become sick and one die. She spent over a month in isolation on the Oasis, and although she loves the ship, she’s glad to be away from so many sad memories. According to her, her return to Manila is still ??? Our other friend is an entertainer, who was unfortunate to sign on the Liberty just before th
  4. You tip because you want to. An added benefit is you do get great service and they appreciate you appreciating their service. If you don’t want to tip, no need to, but if you want to, then we’ve found it comes back in rewards.
  5. If they were Americans they are probably home, if not, they may be stuck on the ships. Remember, unlike the waiters, room stewards, bartenders, etc, the Entertainers are not on renewing contracts. Many will have gone on to other things as their contracts have expired. I don’t think it will be as easy as some do, based on what I know from my son who has done multiple contracts with Royal.
  6. And exactly what does the Maritime Service have to do with starting up cruises?
  7. Our friend who is stuck on the Oasis off the coast of Florida posted this story on her Facebook page today: https://www.wesh.com/article/cruise-ships-thousands-stuck-off-florida-coast/32256662
  8. When talking about Entertainment...this has been a looong lay-off. I’d expect entertainment to roll out slowly. Imagine having to re-cast the entire fleet, then rehearse, and then instal the shows. I know it’s normally about a 6-8 week period in the Royal studio in Fla before the shows go to the ship, then it’s a 2 week instal period.
  9. I have yet to see any talk of the logistics of getting the ships ready to restart cruising. Imagine the logistics of starting up an entire cruise line??? I doubt very much if they'd be able to staff the entire fleet at a moments notice. Travel for thousands of ship's crew, hotel staff, bar and restaurant staff, rehearsals for entertainers...the thought is mind boggling! If and when cruising starts again, I'd expect to see it start with a few ships, with limited options on the ships and perhaps reduced staff. No doubt in my mind that it's going to be very different, whenever it starts!
  10. I trust you all realize that there are still a thousand or more crew members still stuck on the Oasis! We have a crew friend who is spending day 21 on the ship in isolation and was just informed that it’s been extended for another 7 days! She’d love to be back in Manila with her family, but she is stuck on the ship! They are not sending the Oasis anywhere in the near future for cruising!
  11. Enterprise will cost you a $150+ drop off fee.
  12. How much MORE will cruising cost as new requirements go in to effect? Less passengers, more crew support, new ways of doing the same thing???
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