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  1. From our experience, if you are dropping off on a Sunday, expect it to be crowded and slow.
  2. Your choice. Only you know your habits. Many other posts here about drink and soda package. Suggest you search out those topics.
  3. Why do people feel they have to defend either buying or not buying the package? It’s your money, do with it what you wish. 90% of these discussions are useless...I’m not gonna convince you and you’re not gonna convince me! let the counter comments begin....
  4. We did a one night (Saturday night) stay at Harbor House this past March. Couldn’t reserve directly, but did it via Hotels.Com
  5. Having a son who works on a Royal ship as an entertainer, I would think it would be a rather odd crew member who would want to vacation aboard a cruise ship. After having slept on a moving ship for 6-9 months, all he wants is his freedom! Can any of you imagine vacationing at work? Yikes!!!
  6. But isn’t that a bastardization of a LI Ice Tea, that contains NO tea?
  7. We’ve stayed at HarborHouse at Pier 21 before and will be doing it again this September. Right by cruise terminal and with lots around.
  8. Most people compare prices based on the per person per day charge. Frankly, I don’t even know what my whole package cost is, but know that at $42 pdpp, I’m happy.
  9. And don't let that boarding time influence you. It's not enforced.
  10. Frankly, I don't blame them. There is more than enough to drink, and this situation is not the norm.
  11. I know this happened to the Liberty a couple of months ago, when my daughter was aboard and they hit every port as expected.
  12. I always pas the tip across with our cards...that’s the best way not to get a receipt to sign.
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