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  1. Do you know if you need the premium plan to make Skype for Business calls, or will the surf level work?
  2. We took the Aerobus from the airport and got off at the University stop. It was then about a 5 minute walk - maybe less.
  3. So do we. It is a great place to stay
  4. We often use 2 different bags. One we label cold wash, cool dry. Nothing has shrunk thus far.
  5. My final payment day is next week and we had a further reduction from the one a week and a half ago. We gave up our prepaid gratuities and our deposit (only $100 each) is now non refundable, but the savings was significant. From the time we booked - about 18 months ago, our price has gone down over $2800 total. I am very happy. It does pay to check.
  6. For something a little different, We love the tenement museum on the lower east side. You need to schedule a tour; its not a typical museum. If you like walking, it is about 35 minute walk from there to the 9/11 memorial or in the other direction to the Brooklyn bridge.
  7. Have a great trip. So glad you enjoyed your short visit to my city of Pittsburgh. Loved the great pictures on your blog, especially of the Smithfield bridge. We have done that walk many times. Also, our DD got engaged on the Smithfield bridge. We also saw Come From Away this past weekend in Pittsburgh, but on Sunday. It was our first time, and loved it!!
  8. Thanks for the heads up. I just saved over $1,000. I also lost my beverage cards (total $50), but it is worth it. My air ( through HAL) was unaffected.
  9. It was not. It didn’t make sense to give up what we had in perks to change to that promotion
  10. Yes, other than the leg on Air Canada.
  11. Our flights are on United for this trip, not Delta. Sorry we typically fly internationally on Delta. I upgraded on the United site. Sorry for any confusion
  12. I just upgraded my seats on Delta to Amsterdam on the Delta website. I booked through flightease with a significant discount.
  13. I believe it is county specific not Statewide in PA. Some counties have raised seals in PA.
  14. I had to do this at the Philadelphia passport office about 20 years ago. I had my passport a few hours later. I went to the office in the morning and picked it up later that afternoon. It was an expensive trip as I had to fly in from Pittsburgh. It was for a work trip to Europe. Since then, I always renew my passport a year before the expiration date.
  15. As a fellow member of the Burg, I’m shocked!!! :'):eek: We have our black and gold for all occasions- I thought that was a requirement!!
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