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  1. Hello Raphael, I have just submitted a referral request using your information; we are new to Regent sailing on the TA from Miami to Barcelona on April 3, 2020. We are paid in full so not sure if the $250 can be applied; hopefully it will work for both you and me. Thank you for providing your info. Kathy (my email is antiques@recrafters.com)
  2. Here's an except from my Seabourn DOCS CHECKLIST(package received on Monday 11/11/19) for my upcoming Antarctica cruise in December: "All guests will be required to have a passport valid for at least six months beyond the completion of the voyage with at least two completely blank, unused visa pages in each passport." Maybe Seabourn isn't serious about this.
  3. I initially contacted the State Department for advice. They indicated that if I had a problem it would be with either the cruise line (Seabourn) or Delta not with Argentina or Chile. When I called Seabourn the representative in Seattle indicated that it was possible I could be denied passage as they do stipulate six month validity from date of completion of the cruise. Seabourn said it would be better to be safe and get my passport renewed so I did. So again the issue is not with the countries being visited but the carriers (airlines, cruise lines.) I may have spoken with an unduly conser
  4. Please be sure your passport for upcoming voyages is valid for at least six months beyond the completion of the cruise. I just had to pay expedite fees to US Dept. of State and an expediting service (Seabourn@cibtvisas.com) in order to have our passports renewed for our upcoming Dec. 19 cruise on the Quest. I thought I would be OK with my passport expiring on June 11 2020 but was advised that I could be denied boarding because our cruise ends on Jan. 12 2020. Expensive lesson learned. BTW that six month beyond voyage completion requirement is listed in the Seabourn DOCS checklist.
  5. We depart on the Quest on Dec. 19; I am not aware of any health forms required to sail to Antarctica. I am however aware that your passport must be valid for at least six months beyond the completion of your voyage. Seabourn can deny boarding. I did not realize this until last week and had to pay the expedite fees to the US State Dept. and the expedite firm (CBIT) to get our passports in time for the cruise. My passport expired on June 11, 2020; we disembark the Quest on Jan. 12, 2020. This was a costly oversight but fortunately we have renewed passports in hand. BTW we sailed on the Que
  6. I've sailed on both Crystal (Symphony and Serenity) and Viking (Sky.) While Seabourn is not perfect (e.g. slow service in the Colonnade at lunch and frightfully, repeatedly under cooked hamburgers at the Patio) the Odyssey and the Quest have become our favorite ships. The MDR experience is the highlight of our day; the staff and crew are outgoing, always smiling and extremely eager to please. We've been satisfied with almost every meal; the included wine selection is good (terrible on Viking.) Most Seabourn excursions are good to very good; Viking's included excursions are basically bus pa
  7. The most recent rates are as follows: 2 hours $19.95 3 hours $29.95 4 hours $39.95 Ask your travel agent to contact Seabourn to inquire about a complimentary 300 minute per person package to see if it can be included as part of your fare. A good TA may be able to make this happen.
  8. There is a 24 hour news station out of Santiago https://wwitv.com/tv_channels/7098.htm that provides current status of demonstrations. While this is a Spanish language broadcast I was able to get the gist of what is going on. A curfew has been in place since 8 PM and based on what I understand things are quiet in the city. The Delta flight that we will be taking on January 12 after our Antarctica cruise on the Quest departed Santiago for Atlanta as scheduled. njhh - are you sailing on Dec. 19 out of Buenos Aires? We were just up in Harrisburg (Linglestown) for a family party.
  9. Port Elizabeth Bequia was our favorite stop last February. We spent several hours at Princess Margaret Beach which is relatively short walk from the tender drop off dock. We rented two loungers and an umbrella from a local for $10 US and sat near Jack's Beach Bar (http://jacksbeachbar.com). Very nice beach, not crowded. We did not eat at Jack's but will do so on our next trip. We watched the chef buying his catch of the day from a local fisherman; it doesn't get any fresher than that.
  10. We've had Sterling caviar on the Odyssey in January which I thought was a bit mushy; this has now been replaced on all five ships with Regiis Ostra. We had this on our Quest transatlantic in April; much tastier and firmer IMHO. Here's part of the Seabourn press release from January, 2019: Seabourn has announced the introduction of Regiis Ova caviar on its fleet of five ships. This new offering is an extension of Seabourn’s culinary partnership with Chef Thomas Keller through his new caviar company, according to a press release. Co-founded by Keller and Shaoching Bishop
  11. You can contact Seabourn via their website and request sealed bottles of water for your cabin. For our December cruise we have requested two liter sized bottles of spring water such as Dasani, Volvic or similar to be replenished daily. My request has been acknowledged and is being sent to the Procurement Dept for our voyage. I'm hoping we will not be charged for this; still trying to figure out how we will deal with water for the fitness center and excursions. I'm thinking I will bring small plastic bottles that I will fill from the large bottles in our cabin. These of course will ne
  12. Ship to Shore Traveler ( shiptoshoretraveler.com ) offers boot rentals for the Quest. The cost is $80 including delivery to the ship; there is also a $100 refundable deposit.
  13. FYI, the individual water bottles in the fitness center are no longer available according to a Seabourn rep I spoke with earlier today. Can anyone currently on board SB verify that?
  14. I'm hoping we can still obtain sealed bottles of water for our cabin when we sail in December. When we sailed on Viking Ocean the carafes of water provided in the suites did not agree with us. I will contact Seabourn and request bottled water, otherwise we will be bringing our own water when we board in Buenos Aires on Dec. 19.
  15. There are sample menus on the Seabourn website. Check out the tab Life on Board and then go to gourmet dining. There's a blog from the Antarctica cruise that has a link to all the menus for that 2018 voyage; patrickinarcticadotcom.
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