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  1. Thank you! Any idea how long the walk is from the port to Barrachina?
  2. Are there any beaches recommended for someone using a scooter (she can walk short distances on the sand but would need to scooter from the taxi to the beach. I had heard Magens was good. Any idea about Emerald Beach or Water Island?
  3. Thanks for all the replies! Sounds like we either need to take the Park Service Shuttle or stay near the port. We are only in port from 4-11pm so perhaps I will look into a good restaurant near the port. If anyone has some great recs for restaurants, let me know!
  4. We will be in St Thomas (Celebrity Equinox) in March and traveling with my sister who uses a knee scooter (MS). Is there anything close to port? The accessible tour is already sold out, so we are trying to see if we can do something on our own which doesn't require her to have to scoot too far. Thanks!
  5. Traveling in a few months with my sister (MS) who uses a foldable knee scooter. We would love to see the fort close to port but I am unsure how her knee scooter will do (and how far it is). Anyone have experience with this? Many thanks!
  6. Thank you for all the replies! I love reading everyone's responses. And now I have a list of ships and itineraries I really want to try!
  7. Do any of the "newer" ships have a true promenade deck? That is one thing I absolutely love. We were on the Epic and I hated not having a place to just sit outside.
  8. I'm curious what everyone's favorite ship and itinerary has been and why. We have only cruised twice (one Disney and one NCL) and would love to hear everyone's opinions!
  9. We just sailed Epic last week and were lucky enough to make it to the island (the few cruises before us couldn't tender the boats because of rough seas...?). In any case, I was surprised that they didn't give out maps of GSC. We have been to other cruise line private islands, and usually they hand out maps. Luckily, the signs around the island and the people working there were helpful in making our way around. Also, we met a group that rented a cabana and I believe they said it was around $300, so the $315 price on the website sounds correct.
  10. Anyone know how the Epic is doing? She left PC yesterday and I am wondering if they are sticking to the original itinerary or if they needed to change it again.
  11. For those who have booked a Spa treatment while on board. Are you allowed to use the Thermal Spa after your treatment? Or is the Thermal Spa only accessed with the Thermal Spa pass you can buy?
  12. Thats what I was thinking. I just checked out the menus and it looks like $27 per day for the 3 day specialty dining will be easily covered at the a la carte restaurants.
  13. New to NCL (sailing Epic in March). We have only ever done Disney with kids. There are 3 of us sailing together (mom, sister and I), and two of us in our cabin received the "free Specialty Dining" for 3 nights. My question is, how does this work with the 3rd person if we are planning to go to 3 a la carte restaurants? Should we purchase that 3rd person the dining plan ahead of time or pay a la carte? If we don't purchase the dining plan for the 3rd person, how do the servers know which person to charge when we dine? We are all together in one cabin and paying together. Do they charge us for the person who orders the most food? Thanks for any help navigating this; totally new to the specialty dining, reservations thing since we never had to do it on Disney.
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