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  1. If you are booking a post cruise tour through the ship, you don't have to self disembark for a post cruise tour. You will be given specific bag tags to ensure that your bags are out when they need to be, and there will be a specific meeting point, which you will be informed of, where you check in with a crew member and get an excursion sticker. You will all be escorted off the ship as a group at the appropriate time. There will be another crew member either in baggage claim or right outside the exit to direct you to the bus. The crew in the terminal will contact those on board if anyone a
  2. It doesn't yet. It was supposed to get it about this time last year and then Covid came along and the amping got put on hold until further notice.
  3. But the vast majority of arrivals have to quarantine for 10 days and I doubt if they would lift the quarantine requirement before then, so I can't see many people flying into the UK 10 days before a cruise just to spend the necessary time in self isolation before sailing. My personal opinion is that it's much more likely those cruises will be cancelled and the cruise lines will gear up for a start after that date.
  4. The potential charter would have been the 7-night Bahamas itinerary due to depart NJ on 24 April 2022 and which we now know (thanks @Sailaway Girl) has been changed to an 8-nighter. This is the final cruise of the season before the TA, which has yet to be announced. Based on the original dates of the previous cruise, the eastbound TA should have been a 12-nighter departing on 1 May 2022. You are correct about a potential knock-on effect as this will presumably mean that the TA will now depart one day later, i.e. 2 May, and will therefore have to be 11 nights rather than 12.
  5. Not booked on it but I had already noticed its disappearance from the website as I was keeping an eye on that one while watching for the yet-to-be-announced TA that I believe will follow it. It must be an added concern for you on top of everything else so I hope you find something out soon.
  6. I don't think the fact of Harmony being moved across to Europe can be used as an indicator of her Med season going ahead because she has to come over to Europe this year anyway for her five-year dry dock. As far as passenger origin is concerned, the Oasis class ships always attract a large number of bookings from European cruisers so I think the European cohort on Harmony would be substantial enough to compensate for there not being many (or any) Americans on board, especially since ships are likely to be sailing at reduced capacity. A better indicator for you would be
  7. Anthem is returning from Europe on 17 October. It's a 12 night itinerary arriving in Cape Liberty on the 29th.
  8. I'm seeing some interesting new stuff showing up this morning. (At least I think they're new, apologies in advance if I'm mistaken). I haven't tried booking them so it's very possibly they're just the test runs prior to being released for sale next week.
  9. We only have a 7-night Med on Harmony in late September this year, L&S'd from Allure last year. I am not convinced even that one will go and we will wait till final payment is almost upon us to see how the land lies. Luckily it sails from Barcelona so don't have to worry about flights because at a push we could drive there if necessary. It is unlikely we will book anything else in the meantime unless we find an amazing deal, but I am still keenly watching out for Anthem's eastbound TA in April/May 2022 and any hint of a Panama Canal cruise in late November/early December 2022.
  10. On the booking I mentioned above, where we got the $868 senior discount, we also got the C&A balcony discount and something listed on the invoice as "Savings" worth $75. And it was somehow booked as a refundable deposit even though the box you're supposed to tick for that never showed up. So maybe some sort of website glitch in our favour? Not complaining.
  11. We scored a cracking senior discount on what was to have been an Allure sailing in September last year which we booked 7 months in advance, $868 for the two of us. I think that's our first and only so far. We L&S-ed that cruise to September this year precisely because we got such a good price that it would have been a pity to lose out on it.
  12. I have just started dipping into this forum since DH and I are planning a bucket list Panama Canal cruise for our 35th anniversary in December 2022. He sailed through the canal a number of times back in his younger days as a crew member on the old Sitmar line but I have never been. I am really hoping that Covid will have disappeared sufficiently from the map by that time for our cruise to actually happen. In the meantime and taking up a suggestion I found on here, I arranged for Santa to bring me a copy of David McCullough's The Path Between the Seas for Christmas. I wa
  13. Yes, that's been yo-yoing between $214 and $194 for months now. 😞
  14. Not seeing anything any cheaper than the last dozen or so sales, so certainly not tempting me to buy anything. I wonder why they can't offer a few really really good deals on some of the stuff that costs them very little? I'm thinking particularly of onboard activities that have very little outlay for them or even some of the dining options. The 3-night dining package on my next cruise has not budged from $124 forever.
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