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  1. FionaMG

    Hotel Lleo

    We stayed there and liked it, although this was a number of years ago now. We liked the location and, since we arrived quite late, we liked the fact that they served breakfast until much later than most hotels, so we were able to sleep a bit later. I think it might even have been till midday. Wouldn't be much of a plus though if you wanted to get up early to go sightseeing! As long as it's been properly looked after, it's a good choice.
  2. We will be on Adventure over Thanksgiving. As non-US peeps we didn't even realise until after we had booked. We are really looking forward to experiencing this traditional holiday (and the food that goes along with it) on board.
  3. For coming back, you might want to take a look at the Carnival Radiance, departing June 11th 2020 from Barcelona to New York . As I understand it this ship was formerly the Carnival Victory and is getting such a complete transformation that they are renaming it. I have never sailed Carnival myself and I do know their reputation as "booze cruises" but I honestly can't see that being the case on a trans-Atlantic cruise at a time when schools are still in session. The itinerary looks really good, with stops in Malaga, Cartagena, Madeira, the Azores and Canada.
  4. Agree; such an upbeat atmosphere on board. The Brazilians really know how to have fun and the CD was excellent. We would have loved to do it again, and SIL and BIL wanted to do it a third time but it had been discontinued by then.
  5. Sailed her twice. Our very first cruise was on Splendour, a repo from Barcelona to Lisbon in November 2001 that we almost didn't make because DH got food poisoning a week before we were due to travel. We had to make special arrangements to join the ship on day 3 in Malaga, which luckily is driving distance for us.
  6. It was Splendour. We did a trans-Atlantic from Lisbon to Brazil in December 2007. Fabulous cruise. The ship stayed on for the season, mostly catering to the local market doing so-called immersive itineraries. SIL and BIL did it again a couple of years later before it was discontinued.
  7. Just so people are aware, while English banknotes (i.e. the ones that say Bank of England on them) are accepted everywhere in the UK, some places south of the border may refuse to take Scottish banknotes (i.e. the ones that say Bank of Scotland, Royal Bank of Scotland or Clydesdale Bank). I honestly don't know if they are legally entitled to refuse them or legally required to accept them but it happens nevertheless. So if you do get Scottish banknotes given to you as change, you're probably best to try and get rid of them before leaving. Unless, of course, you know you'll be coming back again!
  8. For longer train journeys with luggage I usually take along a bicycle lock which I use either to tether my bags together or, if it's just one bag, to the frame of the luggage rack. Obviously since your journey is such a short one it's not worth your while on this occasion, but it might be useful for you to bear in mind for any future trip.
  9. We're doing it the opposite way round. Our cruise sails from Fort Lauderdale but we're flying into Miami because we can get a non-stop flight from Lisbon. We usually book a car service. It's a bit more expensive but it's really nice to have someone waiting for us when we get off that long trans-Atlantic flight. I can recommend Larry's Limos but there are others which are also often mentioned here on the boards. You just need to take a look at their websites and see which suits your needs best. Be very careful about using Uber or Lyft because of the issue of data. Last year, when we sailed from and stayed in Miami I decided to try Uber for the first time and while the service itself worked fine I got hammered for data charges.
  10. Excellent. Thanks for coming back to let us know.
  11. We ended up having to do standby for one of the shows too because of the rescheduling. I really dislike the having to book in advance thing even if I do understand the need for it on the big girls. 😞
  12. Exactly the same thing happened to me a couple of years back. After I'd booked all the entertainment, they changed everything around and rescheduled most of them at times that clashed. 😞
  13. FionaMG

    Blue Bay Beach

    Yes, it is. I believe it's also known as Seaquarium Beach. We went on an independent excursion with Irie Tours, that did a city tour, followed by a stop at the distillery and then on to the beach for a couple of hours. The buses are right by the ship if you park at the main pier and a couple of hundred yards away if you park at the secondary one. In the picture below, which is taken from the pool deck of Navigator, parked at the main pier, you can see where the tour buses are lined up. The secondary pier is to your left as you are looking at the picture. If you prefer do go it alone, you can simply get a taxi from the white tent marked with a red arrow. Taxi prices are for the vehicle for up to 4 people.
  14. FionaMG

    Blue Bay Beach

    I don't remember it being loud even though these pics were taken at the busier end. However, if you walk farther along it becomes less busy and is probably quieter.
  15. FionaMG

    Blue Bay Beach

    Mambo beach is flat and sandy and the water is calm, almost lagoon-like, thanks to the breakwaters.
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