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  1. Well, hopefully when the US does eventually re-open they will be willing to accept vaccines that have been approved by the relevant health authorities, in the same way the UK has now said they will accept EMA- and FDA-approved vaccines. I note that today's announcement also includes the resumption of international cruises so that's something to celebrate too.
  2. I think the rules are set by the authorities of the departure ports. I know MSC have been doing temperature checks and their ships depart from Italian ports. Also, if you scroll further down the Rome requirements, you'll see that passengers disembarking in Barcelona have to do an antigen test in the two days before, as required by the Spanish authorities, whereas this is not needed for passengers disembarking in Rome. It's all a complete mess. I wouldn't be entirely surprised if they cancelled the Rome embarkations altogether.
  3. From today's Guardian, online version: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/jul/26/covid-quarantine-for-britons-vaccinated-abroad-to-be-dropped [...] 'He [the vaccines minister, Nadhim Zahawi] also hinted that all travellers coming from abroad who have been double-vaccinated with a jab authorised in the UK could have their doses recognised – not just those who are registered with a British GP – saying: “We want to offer the same reciprocity as the 33 countries that recognise our [NHS] app, and that will also happen very soon.” Ministers are expected to announce th
  4. As @MommaBear55 suggested, TAP (Air Portugal) usually have very competitive pricing for flights across the Pond even when booking one-way. Note that when flying from Rome, you would have to connect in Lisbon, which is not a big deal as it's very small for a capital city airport, just one terminal (well, 2, if you count the low-cost one). There is also the option of stopping over in Lisbon at no extra charge. That said, TAP are notoriously bad at customer service when it comes to refunds for cancelled, delayed or changed flights. Although the couple of times I've had to contact them
  5. We would happy to just sail around the Med too and it's easier for us (at the moment, anyway) because we're in Portugal and (again, at the moment) don't have to worry about green and amber and amber+ lists. Such a mess. I wonder how big a percentage of the passenger load is from the UK and whether Royal are monitoring all this and would be swayed to change the itinerary. The 14-day check-in bit on the protocols really makes me think they are leaving it till the last minute to allow for possible changes.
  6. The UK government's policy is a shambles. Every time you think you're beginning to get a handle on it they move the goalposts. I'm a fully vaccinated ex-pat Brit and was hoping to get over to see my family but, like those of you coming from the US, I would have to do the 10 days quarantine too because I was vaccinated in Europe. It's a complete mess. Anyway, I hope they get their act together and behave sensibly soon enough so that you can all get to your cruises.
  7. Yes, it might. I have had that happen even before the pandemic. On our last cruise before everything shut down I was able to check in online nearly a week before the option showed up on the app. I check both every day. 😁
  8. I have not heard anything else either but we're not on till the very end of September. @Preziosa, I noticed on the website, where the full protocol is available, that it says down in the "cruise ready recap" section: 14 days before download the app and check in for your cruise. So I think that might mean they're not going to open check in until then. If that's true your check in would open on the 1st of August. I'm onky guessing though; I could be completely wrong.
  9. We have used the Best Western Plus Oceanside Inn twice and would use again. It's nothing fancy but it serves the purpose and has a very decent included breakfast. No shuttle. We used uber or lyft (can't remember which), which cost around $12 a couple of years back.
  10. Hi @Rogueperson Hope you're well and possibly planning future cruises and live reviews. Our next is on Harmony in September - 67 days from now, if it goes. I have fingers, legs and eyes crossed. I may do a live from that. Would love to get back stateside. I have my eye on one out of NJ in May but don't want to book until I know we Europeans are being allowed back in to the US. (sorry for slightly hijacking the thread @poocher )
  11. I'm so glad you enjoyed them. I'll probably re-read them myself after work and enjoy re-living the experiences!
  12. Also, here is the link to the posts I did back in 2017 about the excursions we did in Curação and Aruba that year. I'm afraid the links to the photos appear to broken now but you can still read the descriptions, if you're interested. I think that link should take you straight to the first relevant post in the thread but if it doesn't the posts in question are numbers 83, 85 and 86.
  13. Yes, there will be plenty of time. You might even want to consider having dinner at one of the waterfront restaurants in Curação. I did a similar itinerary to your first option on Navigator OTS in November/December 2018 (on that one we actually had the 3 ABC islands plus Labadee) and I participated in a live report which was started by @Rogueperson. It includes lots of info, pics and details of what we did in the ports, as well as copies of the Compass. Here is the link. I hope you find it helpful:
  14. I would do the first one. I really enjoyed Labadee and would probably not bother getting off the ship again in Bonaire. That said, if you're into snorkelling or scuba diving, I understand Bonaire is supposed to be amazing.
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