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  1. Pizza on HAL has always been dismal, the new Pinnacle class ships have a dedicated pizzeria called NY Pizza, so hopefully they are at least edible and stay open until 11:30 pm every night when you get the craving for a slice.
  2. Funny story about sailing without having to fly. The first time we cruised RT from San Francisco, (technically our home port) since we live 8 miles away in Oakland we forgot our passports! Luckily a cabbie agreed to take DW back across the Bay Bridge to retrieve passports and race here back to SF cruise ship terminal. (There is a law in Bay Area forbidding such behavior, you're not suppose to take the same passenger back and forth across the Bay Bridge in a cab, one-way fares only) She made it back in plenty of time but god we had this awful felling not being allowed to enter the SF Cruise Ship terminal because we just both plain forget to pack passports because we where sailing to start the trip and not flying first. What if you drove same day as departure 3 hours to the embarkation port and forgot your passport! -Paul
  3. Yea since there are only 1 or 2 Pinnacle suites on each ship....that $800 OBC "bonus" is really hard to get. To bad they are getting rid of the drink package offer, $25 non-alcoholic drink cards for kids...what if you have no kids. And we all know HAL does not have the great internet service. We've made it to 4 stars, I wonder if the laundry benefit is long for the New HAL?
  4. I went for the $250 card, really like the fact that if I don't drink $250 worth in 7 days I get credit back. I've only had beverage packages as part of an Explore 4 deal, and once on Princess also part of the fare price.
  5. Considering this right now for a 7 day Alaska next week. No beverage package included in my fare. So I think the $250 drink card will cover it. 3-4 drinks a day at between $9-11 bucks each = $30-$45 per day x 6 days =$190-$270 for the trip. Not drinking on last night. Plus you order any drink you want on the menu not limited to the Signature Price cut-off. Signature package $49.95x7 =349.65....with drink pricing limitations. Obvious choice if you still love your liver is to get a beverage card since it gives you more choices and no price limit per drink. -Paul
  6. Yea, I got the same offer but couldn't make it work schedule wise. A few years back we did get a Neptune for $599pp for a 7 day Alaska RT which was suite! Like others have said you need to jump on the offers right away. There must be really tight capacity control on these offers considering Club 21 is actually a sub-contractor for HAL and HAL is owned itself by the Giant CCL. As the gambler's always say....."better luck next time" -Paul
  7. I'm a little confused by what is an EXC guide and what is an "Enrichment Speaker" for example: 1. Panama Canal transit had an "Enrichment Speaker" on it and a really good retired professor from the Univ. in Victoria, BC. 2. Southeast Asian Explorer, had a dentist from Hong Kong, who was really entertaining and knowledgeable about the region. 3. Most recent South America Explorer earlier this year had a young man from Argentina who again really knew his stuff and was a good speaker. 4. Everywhere the Maasdam now goes it's packaged as an "In-Depth EXC Experience" so there must still be this service on those cruises. I've never experienced "Enrichment Speakers" on cruises less than 14 days. 5. Finally what does HAL do with the big "World Stage Theater" on the new Pinnacle Class ships if there are no nightly production shows...seems like a really big waste of a venue designed for "world class" entertainment. Thanks, Paul
  8. Hey- Who exactly our you? I was asking about getting my laundry done and now your accuse me of trying to defraud HAL, Do you work for them or something? Yes I have spoken to my TA about this 3 times and says it is completely fine with HAL. Other's have said they have had similar arrangements being in a balcony and their relatives being across the hall in an interior an HAL gave everyone keys to open both cabins. So once I cruise Regnig I will take I will inform you of how it went and prove myself with pictures, then you and all of your ilk on CC can just find something else to be wrong about.
  9. Yea I opened this can of worms before, the cabins are considered adjoining and keys will work for both. No I don't want quadruple laundry I might want double laundry on the first sea day only, Or just do single laundry the first 4 or 5 days.
  10. Thanks Kazu, my brother's 13 year old daughters are across the hall from us, 2 laundry bags a day might become a real necessity for the 4 of us combined. Plus we have 2 days in SEA before we board. -Paul
  11. Hi CC'ers- So here is the deal, I'm 4 stars and have the "laundry for life" benefit. My brother is no stars and staying with me in a Neptune Suite. Can he also get the laundry benefit via his Suite perks and I also get my 4 star Mariner laundry benefit? Is it just one laundry bag per cabin, per day? Let the speculation begin! Better yet maybe someone else has already experienced/tried this. Thanks, Paul
  12. Never got to sail on her, but I heard she served the fleet really well. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/21174-prinsendam-wraps-up-holland-america-line-career.html
  13. Yes, 0-72 hour weather forecasting has gotten tremendously more accurate over the last 10-15 years because of super-computer modeling. The same super computers that model potential catastrophic climate impacts due to global warming, you know scientist using their science tools.
  14. Man, where to start on your self-absorbed American Consumer Ignorance. How about here....96% of all mammals on Earth are now humans and their livestock. Over 90% of all birds on Earth are the one humans raise to eat. You can alleviate your self-aggrandizing ignorance by actually reading a factual book. Once you've learned that the current human condition on planet Earth is unsustainable you will become a better and more enlightened citizen and maybe not embarrass yourself so much on social media.
  15. Hank - Why would I or anyone else have to "stop cruising, flying or driving" just because we care about the environment and what kind of Earth we are leaving for future generations. Are you going to stop "cruising, flying or driving too? Or can you just lecture snarky on how others should live. I will bet you dollars to donuts pal my carbon footprint is a lot smaller than yours.
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