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  1. Koningsdam "drifting in the Pacific Ocean" the at least a 3rd officer and helmsman on the bridge I hope
  2. Remember, the OP wanted to gauge interest in HAL ever sailing out of SF again on a regular scheduled basis. The condition of the City itself and its many problems notwithstanding. I think a lot of us HAL loyalists in the Pacific time zone would like that option of sailing from SF. Just like I'm sure lots of HAL East Coasters would like to see HAL sail out of NY/NJ on a regular basis. -Paul
  3. Hmm.. not really sure what you are trying to point out here? That there is a chronic homeless problem in SF and most US Cities, or that the Cities have some staff to address the problem. Just an FYI, you are considered "low income" and qualify for housing assistance in SF if you make less than $125k a year for a family of 4. I live in Oakland, but still resent all the SF bashing going on in CC, have any of you been to Seattle, Portland or LA lately? -Paul
  4. I found this interesting, On HAL ships I've seen crew mostly officers and entertainers at the late buffet in the lido. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/25407-good-food-but-fewer-options-crew-members-describe-their-cruise-food.html
  5. Nice variety of intineraries Laminator, a circle Hawaii and a Trans-Atlantic. Are they giving you your usual Neptune Suite?
  6. they got rid of all the S's (4) and 2 of the R's in recent years which is a total of 6 ships. They have only added 1 (Rotterdam), So that is a net -5 ships. The fleet might be the right size for what they want to do with it post-covid or at least post vaccine. Oh and the Prinsendam left so that is a net of -6 ships total.
  7. Well, they only have 12 ships now, instead of 18. They concentrate on Alaska, Europe and the Caribbean. They seem perfectly happy with San Diego as their West Coast port. I don't see any of that changing. Others have mentioned that CCL probably does not want 2 lines that have a very similar in product sailing out of SF competing against each other. Princess has a foothold in SF and hopefully will offer one of their newer ships from SF in a few years.
  8. I don't think so, If they cancel you then get refunded.
  9. Yea gonna have to pace myself for sure, longest so far has 15 days. Plus this has lots of Sea Days, I think 4 consecutive at one point. I guess the Slot and Black Jack tourney will be on those days,
  10. Yep, getting to retire early has opened all the doors to cruising the world on Casino offers from various lines, HAL, Princess and RCI. Going to make 5 stars way before the wife does
  11. Oh I thought Avalon was always on, it's the Catalina, Island stop right?
  12. Hi- I'm overnighting in my home port, SF and was wondering if it's possible to bring some friends aboard who have never cruised before so I can show them around and maybe they will want to go on a cruise someday. I'm sure Covid might not allow this at the present time. -Paul
  13. Thanks JB, I got upgraded to an HH on the 4th deck and they charged me a single supplement. Still 21 day cruise for $1473 in a room with a full size window next to a life boat. Plus 4 stars means free laundry, 50% of specialty dining and entry's into the Slot and Black Jack tourney's. I checked the fares on the website and I'm saving $2k.
  14. Well just when I thought I was done booking casino offers for a while, today I got an offer I couldn't refuse. 21 Day Canal Transit from SEA to FLL this October, Free Oceanview Stateroom! A 21 day cruise with a stop in Panama and Aruba (2 places I haven't been yet). So I called and took the deal. I've been West bound through the canal, this will be East bound. Come on everyone let's keep this Delta variant under control. The agent did ask me at booking if I was fully vaccinated and to bring my card to prove it. Happy Sailing, Paul
  15. Yea I think those were part of the EXT or Extended Experience Program, they were on smaller ships with longer Itineraries, like going all the way up to Dutch Harbor. I've talk to some HAL cruise bookers onboard various ships about HAL's West Coast strategy and non of them seem to think sailing on a regular basis from SF is on the corporate radar. At least as of 2 years ago.
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