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  1. Man or Man what you got a love about CC is everyone is A: An Expert, B: A Busybody, and So.....Judgmental. Don't worry y'all it will be all taken care of, and Copper 10-8, I wasn't intending on letting my nieces off the ship without me or my brother, but I did read about the options in the HAL rules. My nieces are very mature for their age, more mature than my brother in many ways, so I'm not at all concerned about them getting into any trouble on the ship and I'm sure all of us when in a cabin will make extensive use of the SB suite and people will only be in the inside cabin when they are sleeping. It is an early August run so there should be other kids their age to make friends with. For the record are cabin #'s are 6158 and 6166 so why don't you pull up the Oosterdam deck plans and see if they are "adjacent" enough for your further judgement. I guess what the say about most HAL cruisers is true, they are old fuddy duddies who hate kids and think they know what's best for everyone else. Happy Earthday, Paul
  2. Well, this has certainly hit a spark with some CC'ers. So let me provide more details: My very experienced and long time HAL affiliated Travel Agent in San Francisco, CA helped me extensively with this booking since she is a very hands-on type agent and her agency specializes in Cruise Planning and has been in business since 1955. And I have never had to arrange a cruise for more than 1 cabin and 2 people in that 1 cabin. I'm not bragging but I think she knows her stuff. My 13 year old nieces are indeed the only passengers listed on the booking for the Category L, inside stateroom. They now have their own Mariner #'s too. My Brother and I are the passengers listed in the SB cabin, both cabins have different HAL Booking #'s. I did look at the HAL rules for guests under 21 as Copper 10-8. suggested. Since they are 13 they fall into the 13-17 year old category where they do not have to be constantly accompanied by adult when on the ship: Teens’ Program (ages 13 – 17): There are no registration or sign in/out procedures for teen programming, additionally children under 16 may go ashore alone if arrangements are made in advance with the Ship's Chief Security Officer. Also my original intent was to book an SY, and a nearby I cabin but my travel agent could not find a suitable arrangement since all the I cabins on the upper floors are sold out. Believe me the price for my magnanimous generosity for my brother and nieces would have been more affordable. I have been to AK 4 times already and know the importance of having a balcony. So she came back the next day with an offer on an SB and the L right across the hall but not adjoining. The SB is an Aft wrap-around balcony on Deck 6. Even though I'm 4 stars I've never gotten to experience this unique Neptune Layout cabin and since we are going to AK I jumped at it, you get 180 degree views of the glaciers and scenery in spite of the price increase from the SY and I combo. My question is I just want everyone in my party to know that if allowed you can stop in the Neptune Lounge and get a fancy snack, drink or even use the espresso machine instead of having to go up to the Lido. As for Breakfast in the Pinnacle Grill I'm a breakfast person, my brother probably would also enjoy it but the 13 year old nieces eat like little birds and probably would not care. Since it's the exact same breakfast as offered in the Dinning Room what would HAL really care if we had a table for 4 instead of a table for 2? The 13 year old nieces are not going to drink bottomless Mimosa's. OK, I'm not trying to pull one over and get by something on HAL, a company and brand I really like and recommend to almost anyone I talk to who asks me why I like cruising so much with them. Not to mention that most likely me and my wife an have spent well over $100K as customers with the company achieving 4 star Mariner status just after 12 cruises. Not just on-board spending but at least three 15 day cruises in a suite to rack up Mariner points. Hurumph! -Paul
  3. Hi Everyone- I know this might sound like a really big Privileged People Problem but I'm treating my my brother and his daughters (my nieces) to an Alaska cruise in August. Me and my brother are in the Neptune, my 13 year twin nieces are across the hall in an inside. I'm wondering if my nieces and my brother and can be my guests to the Neptune lounge and to breakfast in the Pinnacle? My nieces are listed as "traveling and dining" with Me and my brother. My Brother is in the Neptune with me so obviously has Neptune and Pinnacle breakfast options. Thanks, Paul
  4. Hi Everyone- Not to scare the entire CC world but this Federal Judge means business and it would behoove Carnival to start respecting her in court or the entire Carnival Corp brand may no be visiting any Alaskan ports at the height of the Alaska season. https://www.cruiselawnews.com/2019/04/articles/pollution/federal-judge-threatens-to-imprison-carnival-executives-for-continued-environmental-crimes/ -Paul
  5. Hi Everyone- Experienced 4 star Mariner who usually plans and books way in advance, but now thinking of 7 day Alaska RT from SEA or VAN going to bring Brother, his 2 daughters and Mother-in Law and probably her travel companion. Anyway, should I sit tight and wait until May for Discount is July? Other questions: 1. 3rd and 4th guests free with us in a Neptune, saves some money but we will still need 2 other cabins for people in traveling party, can I get Casino Rate for those cabins too or just the one I'm staying? 2. This is complicated so I will probably use a personalized TA or a HAL PCC. How have others booked multiple cabin larger travel party cruises. Thanks, and Happy Spring, Paul
  6. Hi All- We just got off the Zaandam and had a SBP included in our fare. We found the McPherson Shiraz and the Caliterra Sauvignon Blanc to be the best $9 wines for our tastes. It was a 15 day cruise but we survived with the limited wine choices.🤨 What I still don't get about the SBP package is that when I order a whiskey or even a martini they will ask me if I want a double, and that's included in the package, but upgrading to a more expensive wine choice and just charging me for 2 $9 wines is not? I guess it might be an inventory thing. I've had the SPB 3 times now and are generally happy with it, but why don't they just up the cost a little and let you get any drink $10 or less? and one another thing, I think there was only 1 or 2 wines available in the Pinnacle for $9, it's a different wine menu than the MDR. -Paul
  7. Yes, a free lending library could be easy to organize for the avid reader's on HAL, who still prefer a physical book to an ebook on a device.. Just encourage them to bring a few books they are finished with to donate to the ship's library, high quality titles in good condition! No Junk! I started sailing HAL ten years ago and was very pleased they actually had a real library on board with decent materials and staffed someone for at least a portion of the day by an employee. Of course this staff member became the de-facto IT helper for anyone who came close to the Library, that's fine a "real" librarian should be able to handle that job too. The only really impressive Library I've seen at sea was on the QM2, it actually staffed by a "real" Librarian with an MLIS degree and I kid you not there was a line of 10-12 people waiting for the Library to open so they could get into it to get first cracks at new or interesting material for them, the Library has this waiting line as soon as we sailed out on NY harbor. And yes I'm a "real" Librarian. Paul
  8. Thanks FatCat04 for the current wines by the glass menu. So with the Elite it's anything $15 an under and with the Signature it's $9 an under? I can see from the menu where that extra $6 a glass gets you lots more choices. Just printed are AA boarding passes we are headed to Buenos Aries tomorrow and on the Zaandam on Thursday! -Paul
  9. Princess was fine, but it's not HAL and difference is a good thing. Overall I think food and ship-wide service is better on HAL, but what I really liked on Princess was the International Cafe option it's real snack-able decent food 24/7 in the middle of the ship. Also I think Princess has a nicer breakfast option for suite guests in Sabatini's they made it clear to me on my first morning, we have a menu but anything you want just ask and we will get it. As for casual lido dinning I think HAL's world market concept beats any other line I've been on including Cunard. As I get older and rounder the only distinct difference that kind of bugged me is that they still have Formal Nights on Princess and HAL has now gone to Gala nights. Also for whatever reason we just didn't feel the connection with fellow passengers we feel when on HAL. Just on thing about Formal vs. Gala night. I'm a rule follower so If I need to wear a suit to dinner I will and not complain about it, but if I can have the option of pants, a decent colored shirt and shoes it's really so much easier. I hear the "Lux" lines have all gotten rid of "formal" nights too.
  10. Hi Everyone- We are looking forward to coming back home to HAL after trying Princess (sails from our home port of SF) and RCI (Great intermarry and price for Cuba), We are 4 stars on HAL and really appreciate the attentive service from everyone on board, Cabin Stewards, Dinning Room Stewards, Bar and wait staff, Casino staff....and laundry for life! And we just feel like a HAL ship is our home away from home on the high seas. We are on the Zandaam South America Explorer next week, I'm hoping wine options have gotten better with the new master Sommelier. We also have the Signature Beverage Package which now covers drinks $9 and under. Anyway...cut to the chase has anyone been on board lately who can review the new/different wine options. We also get 50% of wine packages but when you get 15 drinks a day what's the point of buying bottles Thanks, and Happy Sailing Paul
  11. The Vista's are now showing available after having been listed as "Sold Out" earlier, so there is definitely some movement going on I guess I better call our TA to let them know we are interested in an "up sell". We listed as will take an upgrade, but I know those are two different things. Thanks and I will keep the thread up dated if need be.
  12. Is this typical for RCI or are they just not sure about continuing New Orleans departures, or what ship to use? Both NCL and Carnival have cruises out of New Orleans for 2020 and 2021. Maybe a regular RCI'er can shed some light on this, I've only been on RCI, but I think they would be my first choice over NCL and Carnival, I'm 4 stars on HAL. Thanks, Paul
  13. Thanks Tampa Girl that is practical advise I had never thought of once aboard on Embarkation day. It's the South America Explorer form Buenos Aries to Santiago sailing on 02-21-19. For months all the Neptune's and Vista's which is really just a Veranda cabin with double cruise credits, have been sold out on multiple websites including HAL's. Then all the Ocean Views sold out and the only thing left are the Inside cabins. As you know the closer you get the worse it gets having to wait for an up-sell offer that may never come. Oh well I'm going on a cruise around the horn of South America either way, it's really not a problem at all more of a concern. Thanks, Paul
  14. Hi Everyone- Have any of you experienced HAL cruisers ever get an upsell offer on a sold out cruise? I guess it would only be to fill a cancellation right? We have an assigned BB which is perfectly fine except it's not a Neptune 🤨 Every category except inside are listed as "sold out" and it's R class ship the Zaandam. Thanks, Paul
  15. Too many tourists in the world is getting coverage more than before, I remember seeing a story about a small town in NZ near where the "Lord of Rings" was shot and during their high season they get 165 tourist for every local, it overloads the sewer system and people can't flush the toilets. There are more tourist then ever everywhere. Mega ships impact ports but too many people on Earth in general is overwhelming to planet too. So enjoy your ability to travel while you can, and try to do it as responsibly as possible. I love the irony of the Sandals resorts commercials that only shows one couple enjoying the entire resort to themselves! Peace, Paul
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