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  1. I think right now their target market is anyone willing to book a cruise and pay 100% at the time of booking, later cancel that booking and offer FCC's instead of a refund and hoping the customer is OK with all of that. It really seems to be the business model right now. -Paul
  2. Well this became official today, so I hope no one was optimistic and booked a European Cruise later this Summer or Fall.
  3. HAL Brand's reputation has really hit the skids, and not all of it has to do with the parent CCL. It seems like HAL knew things where going to go bad on this cruise but decided to sail none the less. -Paul
  4. Since the 1st wave keeps rising, and the 2nd wave is suppose to be worse this Fall, don't expect cruising to return to the Western Hemisphere in 2020. Be Smart, Stay Safe, -Paul
  5. We have the 7 day Mexico on the K-Dam on 02/27/21. I've wanted to change this do an Alaskan in Sept. 2021 since I think cruising will be more viable by then (let's hope). But if it get's cancelled I won't have to change anything. -Paul
  6. Sorry If some of you where hoping to cruise again in 2020, I just don't think that will be happening. Hopefully a vaccine or multiple vaccines will be widely available by Jan. 2021 and the rest of next year will not be that disruptive. -Paul
  7. Well I think Cunard and the QM2 have this market cornered, It's a lovely trip 6 nights TA, but right now you would be sailing from one Covid 19 hotspot to another. And the UK has a 14 day quarantine on new arrivals.
  8. Yea I think the no music in the Ocean Bar, while there is still a piano there is on a lot of more "traditional" cruisers complaint list. Maybe the new CEO will walk through a ship, when they get to the Ocean Bar they will ask "Oh so there's music at this venue too? Tour guide: "No we had to cut that out due to cost" New CEO "Then why didn't you sell the piano too?" TGIF Paul
  9. I would like music to return to the Ocean Bar, from 4-6 pm and the again from 8-10 pm every evening/night. Is someone collecting all these demands/asks of the new boss, but them in a nice orderly spreadsheet so the most asked for are ranked by choice? And then submitting them in certified mail to corporate? Otherwise we are just venting on another CC thread. Thanks, Stay Healthy & Sane, Paul
  10. I remember a local in Seward tell me they were devastated by the 1964 Earthquake/tsunami and their small city never really completely recovered from it.
  11. Hi- This has been in the news recently, so file it under something else to worry about. The Barry Arm Glacier could break off and trigger a landslide tsunami that would hit Whittier with a 10 meter wave rather quickly, (see map in article) TGI Humpday Everyone! https://www.adn.com/alaska-news/science/2020/05/14/scientists-warn-about-risk-of-massive-tsunami-in-prince-william-sound-potentially-within-the-next-year/ -Paul
  12. We got a 2nd email for this offer too, he have a 7 day Mexico Rivera on 02/27/21. Sure hope that vaccine is ready by then.
  13. Princess sent us a really good Casino offer so we took it for a 7 Day California Coastal 04-17-21 from our home port of SF. Still waiting for that really good HAL offer, but haven't seen any yet. -paul
  14. Yea Cruiser Bruce, It's the NCL Jewel, I checked on the marine traffic website, due to arrive in OAK on 05-12-20 at 08:00
  15. I'm thinking about contacting both Regent and Oceania and offering to be a volunteer guinea pig for their first sailings. -P.
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